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Monday 7 May 2018

Health Benefits of Dates

Dates are part of the fruits of the dates family.   They appear to be among the earliest fruits cultivated in ancient times in Middle East and form part of their staple diet.

Dates can be eaten fresh or dried.   In Nigeria it is found mostly in the North.    Before now people did not consider dates as an important fruit until education and awareness,  thank God for the internet.    They can be chopped, candid and added to various recipes, I like to chew on dates when my stomach becomes sensitive, and wouldn't  want any hard food oils etc, in extreme  constipation, I add  some dates to peppermint tea  as sweetener and it breaks every barrier to loosen the stool.   This effect may be due to the presence of soluble  fibre in the fruit.

Health Benefits of Dates Fruits

1.  Proteins:  Protein is the building block and an indispensable  aspect of our daily diet.   Many folks are not bothered about what they eat,  all they  want is something to fill their stomach.  Dates contain good proteins.   I have had to chew on dates some at an odd hour of the night about 12 midnight  and it went well without any issue.   Not many foods or fruits can go at that time.   The more reason,  we should always have dates at home.

2.  Potassium:  It is an important aspect of the body 's electrolytes  and contributes to the way the heart works.     It is also a source of magnesium,  manganese, all these working together for a healthy heart.

3.  Source of Sugars and B Vitamins:  These are for quick energy,  the more reason It will make a good food for people after fasting to supply essential nutrients,  energy and fibre which prepares the stomach for major digestion.  Dates  fruits are great for convalescent, people who are recovering from a major ailment,  it is good to avoid foods that tasks the stomach like oils and fats and start with dates until the patient picks up again.

4. Healthy Weight Gain:  So many posts and remedies  for weight loss.   Yet there are individual  who desires to add a few pounds.   In this circumstance, date fruits works to add those pounds in a healthy way.   If however,  you desire to retain your weight,  then eating it with cucumber will work to keep your weight steady.

To be continued


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