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Saturday 9 June 2018

13 Foods That Supports Your Liver

As we already know, the liver is an internal organ doing so much for us.  If the liver fails to do its work of metabolizing fat, detoxing and other functions, the health of the individual begins to fail.  It is therefore important that we support this vital organ by eating foods that helps it do its work.

Here are 13 Foods To Support Youe Liver Health

1.  Fermented Foods:

Fermented foods provides the liver with beneficial bacteria that supports digestion and detoxification,  These foods include fermented millet, soyabeans, yoghurt, condiments like fermented  locust beans and other foods that undergo fermentation.

2.  Dark Green Vegetables

If there is one food we should eat daily, let it be green vegetables, this category of vegetables are rich in sulfur and other compounds like the presence of chlorophll which are beneficial to the health of the liver

3.  Garlic, Onions, Leeks 

This is another category of vegetables more easily digestible and rich in sulphur and compounds like allicin in garlic which all benefit the liver.  It is important not to overcook your onions so as to get its benefit. 

4.  Coconut Oil

Before Now, we were made to believe that coconut oil was bad in every way, but today more and more research is confirming that coconut not only benefit your health externally both also your liver's friend.  It does not clog arteries, it does not accumulate in the liver like other oils, instead it possess antiviral and antibacterial properties that help reduce inflammations around the liver.  Additionally it is not acidic and its easily digestible. It does not stress the liver like other oils.

5.  Avocados

This healthy fat is high in monounsaturated fats, oleic acid and glutathione.  These are important the health of the liver.

6.  Berries

Berry fruits are red in colour and contains phyochemicals including anthocyanine which may help inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells.

7.  Cold Pressed Olive Oil

This is another health fat that supports liver health. its has a good profile, they contain anti inflammatory compounds that helps our liver stay health and reduce oxidative stress and damage.  It is better not to heat the oil and that will cause free radical activity and reduce its potency.

8.  Organic Eggs

Eggs are high in quality protein and source of other vitamins like E, which supports liver health.  The protein in egg has complete 8 amino acids which helps liver detoxification.  Organic eggs laid by local chickens are better.

9.  Soyabeans

Well processed soyabean powder is a source of lecithin, which are not found in most foods and they support liver detoxification.

10.  Herbs and Spices

Herbs  and splices are great for detoxification, however when taken in excess, they hurt the liver as well.  herbs like ginger, garlic, cinnamon,cumin, fennel, cardamom, cayenne pepper and tumeric are beneficial herbs for liver health.

11.  Bitterleaf

This local and home grown herb is great for cooling the liver.  It helps the liver remove excess fats and sugar which both weaken the liver.  It important to include occassional bitters to our diet to support our liver.

12.  Grass Fed Meat

Liver damage may occur due to absence of protein and too much spicy food.  however proteins from animals, goats, cows that are grassfed are helpful for liver health

13.  Oats

The presences of proteins and B group of vitamins makes the oat a good liver support, making the liver strong.  It also makes detoxification easy for the liver.

Other foods that are helpful for the liver includes whey protein, flaxseed, chiaseed,sardines .  These are sources of omega 3 fats which helps reduce inflammations around the liver.  Too much stress and caffeine  hurts the liver


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