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Thursday 16 August 2018

20 Healthy Food Ideas to Help You Loose Weight

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Maintaining a healthy body weight should definitely be most peoples desire, however a lot of factors contribute in not achieving this desire including but not limited to:  Too much carbs with less exercise, too much simple sugars and lack of discipline.  Excess body weight has been linked to most health problems today.  It is therefore important to continue to seek healthy food and lifestyle ideas to help us  loose weight and stayed healthy.  Here are 20 healthy ideas that has worked for me over the years in keeping those extra pounds off.

1.  Avoid Processed foods: 

Too much processed foods, carbonated drinks and beverages are top offenders when it comes to keeping a healthy body weight.   Among these are processed margarines, canned foods, salty snacks etc.  They appear easily digested and we seem to love them, but they actually do more harm than good at the end of the day.

2. Include Eggs:

Boiled eggs is loaded with nutrients that keeps you fuller for longer, it is loaded with vitamins A D, E and K including protein and zinc.   Most of these nutrients work together for easy absorption.  If one egg is included regularly in your daily diet especially in the morning, you will notice that the energy and nutrients to go for the day will be available and there will be better ability to control hunger.

3.  Include Metabolism Boosting foods

These are foods that help your body process the food you ingest, such foods include, coffee, greet tea, ginger, garlic, black pepper and similar spices. They help your body burn stored fats and reduced overall existing body weight.

4.  Include Proteins:

It is important to include enough protein for bone and muscular density.  Proteins like soyabeans, blackeyed cowpea and other lentils help keep us fuller for longer and provide the body with building materials to replace dead cells.  It is also important to ensure that we consume proteins with complete amino acids.  If you fail to include small amount of protein from animal source such as eggs and occasional milk, fish etc.  Some of the nutrients may not be absorped.

5.  Healthy Fats

Healthy fats such as the ones found in avocadoes, coconut, peanuts and peanut butters, pears, olive oils and palm oil are healthy but must be taken in moderation.  When included in the morning, they help us stay fuller for longer

6.   Include Fibre

Soluble and insoluble fibre can be found in oats and some grains like millet, wheat and some whole bread are sources of fibre.  They help keep the stomach full and not empty.  As long as there is something in there, those hunger pangs are reduced.  Bananas are also good sources of natural fibres that help to provide energy that lasts longer.  It is also a source of potassium and some important nutrients needed by the body to effect repairs.

7.  Leafy Greens 

Leafy greens such as spinach, pumpkin leaves, moringa leaves and other greens are great in providing nutrients that helps keep you fuller for longer.  There are various ways to include them.  juiced those that can be taken raw or used in salads.  Leafy greens are among foods we must include in our diet daily to help reduce acidity as they are mostly alkaline in function and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

8.  Include Sardines, and other good fish oil

Canned sardines are my occasional treat as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and helps keep me fuller for longer.  However, it is important to go for versions kept with olive oil or you poor away the vegetable oil that comes with it and replace with extra virgin olive oil.  It works also that way, if  the olive oil version is not available, do not overdo it however due to the presence of oils that comes with  sardines which are mostly unhealthy.

9.  Include cruciferous veggies

Raw or lightly cooked cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and onions are great food ideas to avoid extra pounds.  combine them with healthy fats like avocades, olive oil and other foods that work together with them as they do not have calories at all.

10.  Go For Low Calorie Foods

Some low calorie foods that will help you maintain your body weight include;  fresh and young eggplant or garden egg as it is popularly called, carrots,  cucumbers, apples, beets and pinapples.

11.  Green Tea

Occasional green tea in the morning is great is switching your body to a fat burning mode.  Coffee is also great for helping your burn existing fat.   They should however be occasion treats as they are habit forming easily.  Include a little honey to increase its nutrients  and reduce the effect of caffeine too.

12.  Low Fat Milk

Adding a little milk whether low fat or full cream which ever you choose, it provide an important mineral, calcium needed as an electrolyte to keep you going and reduce exhaustion.  It is best added in morning teas after your  detox drink in the morning.

13.  Occasional Detox

Over the years, I have discovered that occasional detox using spices like ginger, tumeric, green tea, lemons, limes, garlic and some bitters in the morning helps keep fat off.  it helps prepare the body ahead of the day for the big work of digestion.  It is a smart and healthy idea  to start the day with water therapy, and mild detox which ensures that you sweat a little through the skin ensure that some cholesterol are also broken down through this detox.

14.  Include Nuts

Nuts like almond, coconut, peanuts, cashew nuts are available all through the year.  They help supply you with quality energy without the sugar.  Always be mindful of the quantity because they can actually add up calories if not taken in moderation.

15.  Bitter Cocoa

Bitter cocoa in the morning is good in boosting your metabolism and adding antioxidants available for you to stay healthy and ward off disease as you work towards your desired weight.

16.  Include Raw Foods

Raw foods are great for our health.   Apart from being natural, they are free from salt and other additives.  Popular in the list of raw foods for maintaining a healthy weight are cucumbers, green apples, carrots, eggplants, grapes, oranges, lemons, limes and pineapples.  They help preserve our digestive enzymes and reduce overall weight accumulation.  They must be taken in moderation as some are equally salty

17.  Cinnamon and honey

Cinnamon powder and honey mixed is my latest idea in helping retain my body weight.  It easy and nutritious too.  It could be taken at night mostly last thing at night.  Just half teaspoon of the paste in empty stomach or in hot water.  It could also be used on bread and other starchy foods that you enjoy including rice and other grains.  They help in warding off diabetes arising from insufficient insulin.   Try adding some to your coffee, or cocoa or even green tea.  It is also important to use cinnamon and other spices to help bring out the natural taste of your foods and stay away from bouillon cubes and other artificial taste enhancers.

18.  Coconut oil and Olive Oil

Many are confused about  the role of coconut and its products in weight loss, but from experience it is now obvious to me that all fats are not created equal, the ones in coconut oil actually helps you burn fat especially stomach fat.  I have successfully used coconut oil to reduce tummy fat, prevent ulcers and ward off infections including yeast.  It is a must have for overweight persons, however while coconut oil is used, other fats should be discontinued to avoid excess.  Olive oil helps boost metabolism and helps in loosing weight with its balance of healthy fats.

19.  Water Therapy:

The role of water cannot be overemphasized, keep properly hydrated all the time and ensure to avoid constipated.  If constipation occurs, fats begins to accumulate.  Sufficient water especially in the morning in empty stomach also help wash away toxins that accumulate and slow down metabolism.

20.  Excercise

The last but not the least is the role of regular exercise, especially walking.

Incorporating these healthy ideas will help reduce fat accumulation and stop further fat deposition.  A healthy body weight is important in maintaining total wellness.


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