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Monday 10 September 2018

Five Healthy Foods To Avoid During Diarrhea

 If there is cause to visit the loo more than 4 or 5 times in a day especially when it is accompanied by loose stool, then we say it is  diarrhea.  It is common to find people experiencing loose stool  at various times in their lives, in fact out of every five persons, about four would have heard experience of diarrhea at one time or the other.  There are various things that could be responsible, most times the cause of diarrhea are not immediately known, however many have traced theirs to: 

Too much vegetables
Too much fibre like wheat
Bacteria Infections
Too much Sugar and sometimes

Whatever be the cause of your runny stool, it is important to note that treatment of loose stool in growing children may slightly differ from that of an adult.  In this short piece, we are looking at foods that should be avoided during diarrhea by the mature adult.  These foods are actually very healthy but are unhealthy for you during diarrhea

Five Healthy Foods To Avoid

1.  High Protein diet:

During times of  loose stool, it is important to avoid stressing the intestine by not loading it with too much of high protein diet.  Yes, protein is our body's building block, however when diarrhea strikes, there is need to give the stomach a little break.  Digesting and assimilating the foods we eat is one of the stomach's most difficult task.  During diarrhea, it is advisable to stay away from rich protein diets like beans, meat, eggs and similar protein as they  place more task on the intestine making the affected person feel worse.

2.  Fibre

It is true high fibre  foods have numerous health benefits and healthy for good bowel, cholesterol, heart health and many more.  However, during those times when the stomach is under the stress of diarrhea, it is better to slow down on fibre temporarily.  Additional fibre will aggravate and stress the intestine and give room to more visits to the loo. 

3.  Fruits

Fruits and and all raw foods are healthy for us and we are encouraged to eat more of them for a strong immune system.  Fruits like citrus fruits are worst offenders during diarrhea.  Avoid vitamin C containing fruits like pineapples, cherries, grapes and currants.  These are high in vitamin C, though very healthy and powerful antioxidants containing foods, however, they do not help during diarrhea.  They irritate the intestinal walls instead.  Better to avoid them.

4.  Spicy Foods

Truly I love spices, they act as antioxidants too.  They help fight cold and  reduce yeast activity, they even aid digestion, but when you have to visit the loo more frequently.  Better to avoid spices and similar foods, they really hurt.  Some of them are spices like cinnamon, peppers especially black peppers, garlic, onions etc.  Reduce their consumption until your gut is healed. They will hurt rather than heal you during diarrhea.

5.  Raw Vegetables

Raw Vegetables, like cabbage in salads are a great way to boost our immune system and ward off many diseases, funny enough they give us a wrong side during diarrhea.  They will make your diarrhea worse.  Better reduce your raw food consumption until you are healed.

Incorporate bland foods in small amounts like bananas, fermented millets and pap especially soghurm as the white or yellow corn may not favour diabetes. Get good yoghurt with probiotics.  Consume rice and rice water in small amounts.  Greet tea helps in small amount.   Green tea makes you urinate more if taken in small amount and contains antibacterial properties that helps fight other opportunistic bacteria that may want to take advantage of us during this time.  More fluid especially water in small amount helps and lots of rest both physical rest and resting the intestine by not consuming long chain foods.  If you have tried home remedy after 3 days and your diarrhea continues, it is better to see a competent physician to find out other possible cause(s) of the diarrhea.


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