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Sunday 9 September 2018

Try This Natural Mixture For A Good Night's Sleep

Insomnia is a problem that is fast affecting everyone today.  Children, teens, adult and the elderly are all affected.  Inability to sleep especially at night for some time amounts to insomnia.  So many factors are responsible for insomnia, here are the most common causes of insomnia:

1.  Poor Diet

Not eating right especially in the evening affects how long and well we will sleep.  It is important to know that there are foods that enhance sleep, they help the brain in releasing sleep hormone.  They are source of serotonin which plays an important role in how well we sleep.

2.  Lack of Exercise

Lack of Exercise is also a major contributor to lack of sleep.  When we exercise especially walking, the brain is again in a better position to release the hormone for sleep.

3.  Too Much Caffeine

If you engage in too much teas especially caffeine containing teas like, coffees, black and green teas.  Also bitter cola, cocoa and other sources of caffeine.  If taken too frequently over a long time.  This could accumulates in the blood overtime and begin to affect sleep.  Complete withdrawal at least temporarily could lead to an improvement.

5.  Wrong Food at Night

Many of us are not aware that some foods are brain foods and should not be taken at night.  Some of such foods include, garden egg, bitter cocoa, apples, walnuts.  These are very healthy foods but are best consumed in the morning.  There is another category, they are gas forming foods like beans, onions, and high spicy foods.  If these foods are eaten at night.  They tend to disturb the flow of sleep.  If continued over a long period will result in insomnia.

If however, all the above are in place and you still finding it difficult to sleep, then you get these ingredients:


One teaspoon of honey
One medium banana
Half teaspoon cinnamon powder

Get a glass cup, mix the Cinnamon and honey inside, add the  banana. Mix all together, and consume before bedtime.  You will sleep like never before.  Infact you will observe that even consuming them separately without mixing also gives the same effect.  If you take cinnamon and honey blend and takes banana minutes later, it still gives the same effect.

This combo is an effective remedy to defeat insomnia and all forms of sleeplessness at night.


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