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Thursday 18 October 2018

Easy Detox for Healthy colon and Flat Tummy

It is Important to continue to work to improve  on our health using natural foods especially as we age.  Papaya is a very healthy and delicious food which has been difficult for me to enjoy due to its sweetness, however I found out recently how to enjoy my pawpaw with its numerous health benefits and that is by adding honey and cinnamon and at other times you add oats for a better Colon cleanse and flatten tummy.

Cleansing the colon helps it work better supporting its function as one of the main cleansing body organs, and thus boost overall health

Let us look at  a detox shake that will help you eliminate toxic and fat deposits from the body, and supply it with the needed nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

The shake is delicious, simple and completely natural, as its main ingredients are papaya, cinnamon, honey and oats. Papaya is a highly beneficial fruit that offers a myriad of medicinal properties, including:

Papaya Health Benefits:

Boost the immune system
Improve heart health
Help in the case of diabetes
Prevent arthritis
Treat vitiligo
Beneficial during pregnancy and for the baby
Increase lactation
Treat wounds


Half cup papaya
Half cup oat (cooked)
Half teaspoon  cinnamon and honey paste

Mix all together and enjoy using spoon to scoop

Benefits of this shake include:

Strengthen the immune system
Help weight loss
Treat hypertension
Improve heart healthThe shake offers numerous other benefits as well:
Lower risk of heart disease
Improved skin quality
Whole body detox
Reduced stress
High energy levels
Blood sugar balance
Fatigue and tiredness treatment
Treatment of gastric lesions
Lower cholesterol levels and clean arteries.

Remember not to overdo it, as it is very delicious.  It is best taken in the morning on empty stomach after your water therapy as it will help your bowel move after taken it. 

Ref:  www.kingdemic.con


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