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Sunday 14 October 2018

Foods That Supports Thyroid Health

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The thyroid is actually your body's silent workhorse, it releases the vital hormones that control your major bodily functions.  This includes  digstion, metabolism, heartbeat, temperature and how you use energy. When the thyroid is weak.  It is usually difficult to know until the enlarged thyroid is seen visibly.  However some signs and symptoms usually ignored precedes the enlarge gland.

Three Most Common Thyroid Disorder

1  .Hashimono's - An autoimmune thyroid condition

2.  Hyperthyroidism -  When it becomes obvious  the the base of the neck

3.  Hypothyroidism -  An underative thyroid that does not produce enough hormones 

Signs of Hasimonos Thyroididitis


Feeling cold

Experiencing dry skin

Feeling constipated

Unexplained weight gain

Slowed heart rate

Having puffy eyes

Depressive mood

Signs and symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

Unexplained weight loss


Experiencing insomnia

Having chest pains

Sweating all the time

Feeling anxiety and experiencing your heart beating fast

Signs and symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Anxiety and unexplained moodiness

Potential brain fog and weakened memory

Digestive issues like bloating, constipation and gas

Unexplained weight gain

Feeling lethargic, lacking motivation and frequent feelings of fatigue

Factors That Affect Thyroid Health

Factors affecting the thyroid ranges from genetics to lifestyle, stress, environmental toxins and your diet.  Poor gut health plays a great part.  Diets deficient in iodine, selenium and zinc are at higher risk of thyroid problems.

The good news is that you can ensure a healthy thyroid through eating right and even control existing thyroid problem  by changing your lifestyle to include foods that supports thyroid health.

Here are 8 Foods That Supports Thyroid Health

1  Eggs

Many people avoid eggs ignorantly due to cholesterol, but research is showing that it is not actually egg consumption that contribute to cholesterol issues if only we eat right;  egg is healthy especially organic eggs. One egg contains about 20% of your daily recommended value of selenium and 15% of your daily requirement  of iodine.

2.  Garlic

Garlic is a thyroid friendly food,  It supports  blood sugar metabolism and fights inflammations.  They also balance out foods that are rich in fats and carbohydrates too,

3.  Brazel Nuts

This nut is a good source of selenium.  Studies have shown that selenium  kickstarts the production of active thyroid hormones.  Brazil nuts also provide zinc, and important nutrient that supports thyroid health.

4.  Berrie

These are high in antioxidants and supports thyroid health.  High antioxidants foods and fruits are all beneficial for  maintaining a healthy thyroid.

5.  Coconut Oil

Coconut oil does not meddle with the change of T4  to T4 the same number of the oils we use in cooking.  Coconut oil builds digestion and causes you to shed pounds. It is better not to overdo it even when consuming coconut oil.  At least not more than a tablespoon a day.

6.  Green Vegetables Rich in Vitamin A, D and K

These vitamins are basic for good well being and thyroid hormones.  Result is showing that persons with thyroid issues are usually deficient in these nutrients.  Moringa leaves is rich in vitamin A K and D.

7.  Olive Oil

Healthy fats such as found in olive oil  can help maximize metabolism and regulate overall body weight.  Olive oil  possesses anti inflammatory properties and rich in polyphenols, all which fight inflammations.

8.  Lentils

These are rich source of plant based protein and also provide iron for the body,  Iron deficiency has  been linked to poor thyroid function.

In summary, It is important to avoid Glutten and goitre triggering foods.  Glutten are found in wheat.  Foods like soy, cabbage, cucumbers are not known to support thyroid due to their high content of  substance that trigger goitre.


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