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Tuesday 23 October 2018

See My latest Secret to Defeating Stress and Insomnia

One common 'disease' affecting us all today is stress.  Stress knows no age limit.  Affects both young, old, babies even animals and pets go through stress today.  A bad aspect of it, is that it is opposed most times to pharmaceutical drugs.  The most effective way for me to manage stress whether physical, mental, emotional or disease related stress is still through natural ways.

When any form of stress is allowed to weigh you down, it comes with other things like insomnia which all work together to bring you down if nothing is down quickly to arrest the situation.

It is in the quest for this that I went out to try an uncommon home remedy to help tackle insomnia.  When sleeplessness continues over a few days or weeks. It is insomnia and requires urgent natural solution.

Rose Essential oil may not be as popular. as other oils.  But, I have added it to my stress bursting beauty products.

All you need is cold pressed coconut oil and  High quality rose essential oil.  If you have battled insomnia overtime, then try this simple mixture.


Cold pressed coconut oil
Rose essential oil

Mix one part of  rose to two parts coconut oil.

Use as a massage all over in the evening before bed time.  You will not only be calm throughout the night, but you will sleep well as, if you allow your mind to relax too.  It truly works. 

In conclusion, it is better to try using rose essential oil yourself so you can tell your story. 


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