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Friday 19 October 2018

Just Found a new Way to Enjoy black Seed As Tea

Here are some benefits of black seed

One perfect way to improve health and total wellness is to continue to explore ways of taking in nutrients with little or no calorie, with no fat and yet loaded with beneficial nutrients.  Black seed is one such food.  

Have actually been using black seed oil in very low amount with positive effect on my health, but recently tried using the ground black seed which I made into a paste with honey,  stored in a jar and started taking  half teaspoon of this paste in hot water on empty stomach first thing in the morning.  The water is allowed to boil as in other teas.  Then put my black seed and honey paste and allowed to cool and drink.

Usually taken on empty stomach after my water therapy in the morning.

It is my latest found fluid to kick start my day more so, it is naturally caffeine-free and yet energizing.


Hot water
Half teaspoon of black seed and honey pastes
Put in a cup, pour the boiled water and allow to cool and your tea is ready.  For variety you can steep in ginger and milk if you desire.  But it is best for me taken only with honey. 
Here are some  known benefits of this tea:

Anticholinergic (modulates nervous system)
Interferon-inducing (boosts immunity)
Leukotriene-antagonizing (supports healthy respiration)
Tumor necrosis factor alpha-inhibiting (fights cancer)

Other Ways To Use Black Seed

There are plenty of ways to use black seeds. There are so many ways to add them to your life.
1. You can take black seeds plain
2. Eat a teaspoon of Nigella sativa along with honey;
3. Combine milk and black seeds and heat it until it starts to boil. Remove the heat and allow to cool; drink.
4. Simply heat it with water. Strain and consume.
5. Sprinkle on pastries and bread
6. Grind black seeds and mix it with milk

I believe that taking black seed tea regularly with the synergy of organic honey will no doubt help ward off numerous ailments. 


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