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Monday 15 October 2018

See The Only Canned Food In My Kitchen

As for me, all canned foods, bottled drinks are banned except this one.  What is special about this food.  Why is it allowed?

If you follow us, you will realize that we advocate passionately that if you want to regain and retain your health, you must embrace whole foods and say No to highly processed foods.

It may appear difficult and sometimes unattainable to avoid processed foods 100%. It is advised that if you are health conscious, if you are battling any ailment and must conquer, you  must choose at least 80% natural foods.

As a matter of fact I avoid all canned tomatoes, drinks, juices including those in beautiful satchets.  Why?

1.  They are inflammatory

2.  They are immune suppressors

3.  High in preservatives, colouring and other unhealthy substances that suppress our immune system.

There is however one common canned food I have retained in my kitchen and that is canned sardine. Why is this and exception and how do I consume it.

1.  It is  a source of quality protein and easily absorbed too.

One challenge facing us today is how to get sufficient protein to our diet.  This is one Smart Way to include more protein into our diet. Protein is needed daily for building  and repair of dead cells. They keep us fuller for longer thereby avoiding obesity.  They also help reduce or prevent spike in blood sugar.

2.  It contains iron

It is not just iron but such that our body can access.  Quality iron.

We need daily iron for various body function 's including proper circulation.

3. It contains calcium

Calcium is needed for bones heart and is an important electrolyte.

These sardines comes Inn various source depending on the country or company.  Most are in Vegetable oils, some in tomatoes and some in olive Oils.  I prefer the canned ones in olive oil.

Where those in olive oil are not available, I create my healthy version out of the canned sardine.


The canned fish is opened and the vegetable oil the accompanied it are gently sieves away and redressed with olive oil and garlic, and cabbage.  Apply a little heat and my protein rich breakfast is ready.  I like adding one boiled egg.  With this I am good to go for the whole day. 

No issues with blood sugar

No hunger pang

No unnecessary snacking

I usually choose a few pieces of  baked sweet potatoes to go with it and a cup of coffee, honey and low fat milk

It is  source of iron easily absorbed too.


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