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Sunday 18 November 2018

11 Health Benefits of Tiger nuts

Tiger nuts is a common fruit  in Nigerian market.  Usually coming from Northern Nigeria where it used in producing delicious drinks.  The mallams hawk them on barrows making it look cheap and common.  However if you are a health conscious person.  Do not bypass or overlook these tiny nuts when next you see them. It is a milky and tasty  fruit with numerous health benefits.  Here are  more reasons to include these tasty fruits in your regular diet.

1.  Easily Digestible: 

Tigernut is ready-to - eat and an easily digestible food that could be taken anytime of the day.  It is rich in antioxidants for disease fighting and good source of energy too.

2.  Cures erectile dysfunction and support fertility

In the world of alternative medicine , tiger nuts have been shown to be very beneficial in improving the problem of erectile dysfunction.  It is sex helping food that benefits both parties.  It provides nutrients that Supports quality sex life including zinc. Those with fertility issues will benefit by including this nut.  It makes a better drink when combined with dates and coconut ground together and the milky juice pressed out.

3.  Regulates Blood Pressure

Another interesting aspect of Tigernut is its positive effect on blood pressure.  This is probably due to its high content of potassium, calcium and other nutrients with no fat.

4.  Helps digestion

Chewing a few of this nut about 30 minutes after meal helps ease digestion.  Better to consume few nuts in between meals.

5.  Kills parasites

Another health benefit of Tigernug is antibacterial properties.  If you suffer infection frequently, then it is better to add  tiger nuts amongst you foods

6.  Probiotics effect: 

If you dislike milk or for health reasons would not take milk.  Tigernut is a good milk if crushed and pressed to get the liquid out.  You can add it to your teas and similar drinks and it is also known to have probiotics effect by helping your gut stay healthier and digests foods better.  Probiotics foods like yoghurt and other fermented foods help increase good bacteria in the Gut which helps with a stronger immune system.

7.  Increase good cholesterol:

Consuming Tigernut may help reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good ones.  Ensure to take natural and organic Tigernut than processed and bottled easy-to- drink juice as they may come with added sugar and preservatives.

8.  Rich in antioxidants:

Tigernut is rich in antioxidants which helps you stay strong. It is particularly high I. Vitamins E and C.  These powerful antioxidants helps our body fight diseases like cancers, cold and helps us stay strong. Being a raw food.  Diabetics may benefits if they consume it in moderation considering that it is sweet and contains natural sweetness.  It provides nutrients that the body can easily access which will benefit the elderly folks and persons with diabetics.

9. Non meat protein Source

Protein plays an important role in building bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood, and hence is one of the major nutrients of the body. Tiger nuts are one of the richest sources of non-meat protein that supplies plentiful of energy essential for carrying out heavy work all through the day.

10.  A source of Rare Arginine

A rare micro nutrient arginine is present in good amount in Tigernut.  Those with clogged arteries will benefit by consuming Tiger nuts in moderation as this nutrient is required to relax and clear clogged arteries.

11.  Good for your Heart

It is also a source of magnesium which supports healthy heart.  Those who complain frequently of chest pain may benefit by eating of few of Tiger nuts whenever it is available to support their heart health.

Tigernuts is sweet to taste and the temptation to consume too much is always high.  Moderation is best when consuming any healthy food, same applies to Tigernut.  I prefer taking the nuts in the evening as it helps me sleep better making it a good for people who suffer Insomnia.  Try consuming Tigernut and share your own experience with this healthy fruit.


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