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Friday 11 August 2023

Top Health Benefits of Guava Leaves Tea


 Many years ago, not much was known of the benefits of guava leaves tea.  Only the fruits were  eaten  but today research has revealed that the leaves is as rich as the fruit and particularly for managing certain elements that will be narrated in this post , so if you have been throwing the leaves away and consuming only the fruit,  here are top reasons why you should stop and start consuming guava leaves  tea as one of your immune boosting low calorie teas.

1.  Lowering blood sugar:  

This is one of the best benefits I have known recently of the uses of guava leaves whether fresh or dried leaves.   Just adding a few of the leaves in a pot of freshly boil water or just boiling  for about 5 minutes  in the water boil as you would other teaa and then allowed to cool and drink,  a glass is okay or even half a glass is enough, you will notice after few hours a drop in your blood sugar, if you have diabetes or you are a pre-diabetic, you will notice a drop in your blood sugar and you will feel better generally.  

2.  Reduces Weight:

  if you are working to reduce weight, this is one of the fastest and safest drink to burn fat  because also a source of iron.  it is great as a fat-burning tea for those who want to lose weight but there is something important you need to know which is the inclusion of rich protein diet when using this tea to burn fat, rich protein especially plant based protein provides  a great support for the muscles while the fat goes out.

3.  Balancing hormones:

  This is particularly important for women who are in their pre menopause,  menopause or post menopause years.   This tea is beneficial for so many reasons because of its  ability to balance hormones and to reduce inflammations generally in the body.

4.  Source of Iron:   

It is a source of naturally occurring iron for those who need a food to boost their iron, it is better to use natural foods like guava leaves tea which is easy to get and also no side effect just boost your iron using this tea you will notice a difference if you go and check it is a source of  non inflammatory, non synthetic and natural  iron with other nutrientsthatvwill support its absorption.   synthetic/ pharmaceutical  irons is not advised for all, especially for older adults.  

5.  Improve Sleep:   

When sleep is disrupted, healthy body is affected.  For those who suffer insomnia, this is one of the teas to embrace. I particularly love this tea for this particular benefit but you must take it in moderation.   Just boil a few leaves whether fresh or dried but if it is dried don't allow it to dry for too long especially when it's exposed I noticed that when it is exposed and been open for  more than 10 days, the effect will not be there and when the flavour is gone I noticed also that the potency is almost gone, so it is best to use it fresh but if  dried don't use it when the flavour is still there I have personally tried it in the house and noticed that once  it is no longer having that beautiful and inviting flavor it doesn't always feel good again as you take it. 

6.  Wards off Cough:

  It also fight cough,  yes I have tested it in this area too if you have a feeling of cough or time maybe have consumed something that may trigger cough something like on or some greens and you are having that tickle in your throat is better to quickly go check this thing if you have it around boil and drink it will it will work it off back it will melt away all the tears and all the a fibre or whatever that is there that is trying to give rise or to trigger the cough it works specially when the cough is just about to take off it also kills

 7.  Improves  Oral  Health:

Oral bacteria is a health problem often neglected by many.  Many bacteria that attack us while we are asleep actually reside in the mouth, drinking guava leaves tea or using it as a mouth rinse will reduce oral and dental issues, such as mouth odour, tooth, and gum disease.   Besides the tea tastes  and naturally comes with its own good flavor.  Additionally has natural antibacterial properties.

8. Anti diarrheas' Properties:   

 Diarrhoea is one of the ailments that is so difficult to find a home  remedy  when it strikes.  It seems easier to manage constipation than to manage diarrhoea especially for older adults, like diabetics ans prediabetics.   Yes.  younger adults can easily find home remedies   but this tea  is known to contain natural properties that kills bacteria s that  may make diarrhea worse. Sugar which is often also destroyed by the tea is one of the major feeders of diseases.  

9.  Fights Acne and Blackheads:

  Yes acne and blackheads is not only for young people, before now I used to think it was only younger people or  teenagers but now I know that older women also are affected by acne and blackheads this may be due to hormonal effects or activities  drinking a few cups in a week may help reduce cases of acne and blackheads especially in mature adults.

10.  Fever

When a fever is suspected . boiling and drinking this tea may help reduce severity especially when combined with lemon grass  The combination works well at the early onset of  malaria or feverish conditions:  when you add a little to lemongrass it works very very well to reduce  fever and to strengthen the immune system again.


  In addition to the above, it has numerous other health benefits such as relieving indigestion, signs of aging, reducing bad cholesterol, supporting liver and gut health generally, it is however good to take moderately/  Because too much ,may destroy the positive health benefits of the tea.


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