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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Five Best Benefits of Ginger Tea

Increasing the quantity and quality of fluids that we take in on a daily basis is one secret to maintaining a healthy body,  There are so many ready-to drink juice and drinks out there, but they are far from being healthy. One naturally healthy and caffeine drink that benefits our body almost in every way is home made ginger drink.

5 Reasons Why I Prefer Home made ginger drink

1. Contains anti inflammatory properties

Inflammations are our body's worst enemy. They are the force behind most health problems including obesity.  Some foods are naturally Inflammatory, but ginger  root is not among them.  Ginger contains naturally occurring properties that fights inflammations, reduce pains of arthritis and rheumatism.  It is a great drink for the matured adult especially women who have hormonal issues

2.  Naturally Caffeine Free

It is not to say that caffeine is altogether bad for you but excess caffeine do have a negative toll on your health overtime.  If you are considering a switch from caffeinated drinks like coffee, and black teas then consider ginger tea with its numerous health benefits.

3.  Fights Yeast

If only we can reduce the number of yeasts and their activities in our body, we will definitely enjoy a healthier body.  Yeast overgrowth suppresses our immune system and makes every condition worst.  If they are not controlled, they affect everything including fertility.  Conventional drugs are used to attack yeast but, they these yeast will always live within us for that is their habitat, the only danger is when they grow unchecked through the type of processed foods we consume regularly, however a natural food/drink that naturally kill yeast and other bacteria in our body without side effect is home made ginger tea.

4.  Natural Fat Burner

Those who aim to stay in shape and burn excess fat naturally will find ginger tea a healthier choice. I have found out that it is particularly great in burning stomach fat and sending toxins away.  This is in addition to  my latest finding in  its ability to help the body remove toxins.  Ginger has become my everyday tea, due to its numerous health benefits.    Ginger Tea helps curb appetite in addition to being a digestive.  What a dual benefit, only in one food.  It helps the body digest food by helping the stomach release more stomach acids. 

5.  Improves Circulation

Another important factor that contributes to great health is good circulation.  The body's ability to carry blood and oxygen around the cells with the body up to the skin.  Ginger Tea is one food that Wil help you achieve this goal.  If you have an aged parent, encourage them to consume ginger tea regularly for good circulation which will help reduce joint stiffness and pains.  It also calms the body generally.

How To Make Ginger Tea

Get fresh or dried ginger(I prefer dried ground ginger)
Freshly boiled water
A teaspoon of organic honey
A mug
Add a teaspoon of your dried or grated ginger, add boiled water.  Then add honey to taste and for added nutrients.
Your tea is ready.

Best time is last tea at night or after your meals during the day.

Finally, if you must get the benefits, avoid packed ready to drink ginger teas, they come with too much sugar and glucose making it defeat some benefits like weight loss, yeast fighting and many other benefits.

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