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Wednesday 12 December 2018

Healthiest Foods During Hot Wheather

Did you know that some foods are best consumed during the heat.  Nature even provided them so.  The reason obviously is to help ward off some ailments and keep us healthy.  If you live in Nigeria, you will find the weather so hot between November and March months. 

Here are the healthiest Foods to continue to keep you. Healthy during these months:

1.  Water:  Water is number one healthy and wellness foods with no side effect as long as it's pure clean water.  During Hot weather, best foods are hydrating foods and water is number one. A hydrated body is calm, strong and resistant to infections.  We know the role of water Inn eliminating toxins, transporting nutrients, cleaning the inside and many more.  So go take more water especially in the morning upon waking up.

2.  Apples:

Apple is aa healthy aacnd hydrating food to take during hot weather, contains a little amount of vitamin C, but high I fibre and other nutrients that helps keep us relaxed and healthy during hot Weather.! I love green apples especially mid day. They also heeklp in flushing out to inns that suppress our immune system

3.  Pineapples:

Pinneaples are great during the heat.  They are very hydrating and rich source of vitamin C.  Vitamin C is a powerful antiodantt that  helps neutralize free radicals that make us sick. Not only the inside but the bark also.  The bark could be used is preparing another healthy drink when boiled with hibiscus flower tea (zobo) the bark serves as the natural and healthy sweetener when cooked with zobo.

4.  African star apple :

African Star Apple (udara) or agbalumo Inn yoruba language is a rich source of vitamin C Calcium and iron.  It available during this seas and nature knows why it is so.  You should take a add vantage of itt vitamin C content to boost your immunity.  But you must take with moderation, because it is acidic on contact. Though an alkalining food.  Others are:

5.  Water melon

6.   Cucumber
7.   Pawpaw
8.  Tiger nuts
9.  Golden melon

10. Carrots 

11.  Bananas, 

12.  Coconut water 

13.  Oranges and other citrus fruits

Remember that moderation is our rule


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