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Friday, 14 December 2018

4 Reasons Why Canned Foods are Unhealthy

Canned foods are trending especially among the younger generation, the reasons are obvious. They are handy, convenient, ready to eat, easy to take along. "Preserved" and some times tastier due to added additives and artificial sweeteners.  Despite the above, it is important to continue to educate ourselves of the health dangers lurking in those cans.

Here are 4 Reasons You should avoid canned foods whenever possible

1.Presence of BPA (Bisphenol)

A chemical used in lining the cans which are dangerous to health.  This chemical is said to cause Breast Cancer, reproductive problems and other chronic health problems.  This chemical kills rat in labouratory even in small portions.  You can use glass jars.

2.  Alluminium

Alluminium accumulates overtime with its attendant free radical attraction.  When there is too much alliumium in the body, they cause health problems like alzeheimes.  They actually do not protect the Food.

3.  Sodium

Most of these foods in cans are loaded with sodium as preservative and we know the dangers of too much sodium especially with people have a compromised immunity.  Excess sodium is responsible for many health problems including high blood pressure.  Consuming too much of the canned foods exposes us to excess sodium.

4.  Other Preservatives

Canned foods carries so many other preservatives that helps with the shelf life but not  your life.  Apart from sodium which is the most common preservative, others are added even forf taste yet unknown to you, yet, harmful to health.  Consuming too much canned foods exposes you to health problems such as:

Cardiovascular issues
Kidney problems
Breast cancer
Reproductive problems
Skin and eye irritation
Brain tumours
Gastro intestinal problems
Increased pains and inflammatory conditions and
Suppressed immunity

Most common Foods to avoid in cans include :

Juice and fruits
Grains like corns

Instead go for fresh versions such as

Home cooked cowpea
Soups like melon soup with vegetables, okro Soup, bitterleaf and ogbono soups _ these are African cuisines.

Go for roots like sweet potatoes and yams. Add fresh peppers and tomatoes to spice them up.  Use oils like coconut oil, red palm oil, peanut oil or olive oil.

Juice like:

Hibiscus flower drink zobo
Fresh oranges and citrus
Pineapples, apples, cucumbers and carrots are all fresh foods that can benefit your health instead of Canned foods

In summary, as much as possible avoid too much canned foods and varieties despite the convenience.  Natural foods are immune boosters and the contain that works together most times, because nature made them so.  Only ensure to do all with moderation.

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