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Saturday 5 August 2023

What you Need to Know about Ulcer (part 1)

What is ulcer?

As we are all aware, it is a wound in the stomach depending on where the wound is located.  That is where you will have the pain.  We have peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer, stomach ulcer, etc. whichever  one.  Our main  concern here is that, it is a wound and gives us pain.  There are anti acids and other blockers recommended but in most cases, it is best to use natural foods and solutions for a sustainable recovery.

As already stated, ulcers simple means a wound, however depending on the location of the wound.  There are 3 popular locations:

Types of Ulcers:

1. Gastric ulcer:  this develops inside the stomach
2.  esophageal ulcers:  these develop inside the esophagus
3.  Duodenal ulcer:  these develop in the upper section of the small intestines called the duodenum

Common Causes

One science-based cause of ulcer is traced to the presence of certain bacteria.
 1. A certain bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori  (H. Pylori)  could cause an ulcer to develop especially with a suppressed immunity.
Other causes of ulcer, though may not be science-based, but are known to cause or aggravate ulcer are:

2. Too much medication:  

when we take too much medication especially antibiotics.  The healthy bacteria that should protect us are destroyed along side.  If you know this truth, you will stop antibiotics and depend on fresh garlic for all cases of infection except in life threatening situations where  it is proven that only antibiotics can save us but I have not met such case since I got this knowledge.  If you are in this category.  Then it is time to stop.

3. Too much Caffeine and caffeinated beverages.

Caffeine is a stressor.  They are found in some teas, coffees, bittercola etc. Too much, frequently could lead to to ulcer or hurt an existing ulcer.

4. Too much fasting:

 when the stomach is left without food for a long time, if this is consistent, overtime, the hydrochloric acid begins to eat on the walls of the intestine which cause a wound to occur depending on where the wound occurs, that is the location of the ulcer.

5.  Lack of Probiotics

Probiotics is simply talking of fermented foods. These includes:  foods like yoghurt, ogiri, iru, dawadawa, pap, Ijebu garri etc.  All foods that are kept for at least three days/night for bacteria to act on it are in this category.  When consumed regularly, but not too much (If too much, it is an immune suppressor) the healthy bacteria in our gut will always outnumber the unhealthy ones.  As long as the ratio remains like that.  It is difficult for ulcer to occur.  So we should always include these fermented foods in our regular soups and stews and thereby protect ourselves and families from ulcers.  While those already having ulcers will get healed and retain their healing also.  These fermented foods also improve/increase food absorption in our bodies which all work to give us strong immunity against stomach ulcers and similar conditions.

6. Stress

Yes, too much physical and mental stress especially when it is prolonged will affect digestion, absorption of nutrients, and production of stomach acids which cumulatively cause ulcer.  Digesting
 food is a huge task, if it continues for a long time, the stomach walls could be wounded coupled with poor absorption,  ulcer could occur.  If you are in this category. It's time to rest and take life easy.  God himself according to the Bible rested on the 7th day.  He is only teaching and showing us the necessity of resting.

7.  Too much spicy and hot foods. 

 This is a bad habit that leads to ulcer if practised for a long time.  Spices are good but ensure to add sufficient protein.  The Hausas eat their own with suya and other animal protein.  They have this wisdom already. Yet we must be careful of too much spices without protein buffers.  Overtime, ulcer could be the result. If are in this category. Time to retreat

8.  Too much pain killers

 Ibuprofen for a long time could cause ulcer too

To be continued in
part 2


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