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Friday 4 August 2023

My Blood Sugar Experience, true story


My High blood Sugar Experience, True Story been quite off checking my blood sugar, for over one year, especially after the disposables got exhausted. So it happened last week, my local church organized a medical outreach and I submitted myself for the blood sugar and other tests, Wao guess what,? was quite high😭. 

Neglected and Abandoned my Blood Sugar test kit.  Avoid this Error

Was not much of a surprise to me, but never knew, it could be that high. I was advised by the organizers to see the doctor, I said wait first🙆🏽‍♂️. Precisely, was 138 much on the high side, although I have been having symptoms like, poor sleep, early breakfast unlike before, and constipation, been eating bread and ... lately regularly, so it was not a surprise. Though slighly perturbed but I also said to myself, let me even test all these talk, talk about using food as medicine. So I commenced my practicals, prayerfully searched for my blood sugar kit and found it, then took it to a pharmacy on monday to buy those disposables, after paying, I told them to check it, that yesterday, it was 138, the result was 125, they asked what did I do I kept quite, on tuesday I checked in the morning, It was 96, 

The blood sugar is Controlled 

This morning, It read 85. Was there yesterday at same pharmacy to buy fish oil, one of them called me by the side and said mummy, truly speaking, wetin you do, because we de get customers here daily, one mans own was as high as 400. I said its my business, yours is oyibo drug as a pharmacist, me and you no be the same direction we de follow. I really appreciate God and restating my stand that Food truly is our medicine, but moderation is our rule.

I am not teaching what does not exist. You do not need to continue under that yoke. Mother nature has made provisions already. Only moderation is our rule. Finally finally, the blood sugar this morning is 77, and its time to stop  all the foods that contributed. Most importantly, all Glory goes to Almighty God too. 

It actually presented not much symptoms like frequent urination but remember having early breakfast few months before the rise in my blood sugar, Do not neglect to check once in a while, even if you do not have symptoms.  Some may not present symptoms or it may vary with individuals.  

Lowering blood sugar is not about a particular food or combo, but a combination of many other things. Like reducing inflammations, being active, including sufficient daily protein especially from plant, including daily vitamin C and occasional fish oil, occasional bitters, nuts, seeds and spices with positive effect on blood sugar, like fenugreek seed, chia seed, flaxseed, cumin, sycamore tea bark, cocoa, green tea etc, even okro soup and ogobono seed are all great for regulating blood sugar, you must also consider your own particular need by listening to your body. With moderate exercise. Food remains our medicine but moderation is our rule.


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