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Friday 20 October 2023

Six Tricks to Help you Loose Weight and keep them off


Overweight is becoming a global problem but obesity is the extreme side of being overweight and its found in children,  young people and  older adults.  It  is very common these days especially among the youth mostly because of lifestyle, such as  sedentary life,  not exercising enough, choice of food they eat and many other factors but there are smart things to do to help to keep our weight under control if you  have that gene in your family line.   Although there are  some people that  cannot be overweight no matter what they door eat.   but  if you are in that category of people with family history of being overweight then you must read this article and get some s mart ideas and tricks to help you to stay fit because obesity itself opens door for sicknesses and diseases and so before it gets to that point we must work on it,  attack it before it attacks us.  

 Here  are six tips to help you avoid being overweight in case you have the gene.

1.  Avoid Early Breakfast

Avoid starting your breakfast early by this I mean early breakfast can also contribute to weight gain and if you noticed that you are really hungry very early in the morning and it is frequent,  then it may be an indication that your sugar may be high especially for  mature adults and then you need to check it and besides that, delaying your breakfast helps your blood sugar to drop if it was even high upon waking up it helps your body to burn some fat before fresh ones comes because early breakfast is being suggested by a lot of people but if you are  an obese person or battling with weight gain, if you are working to reduce your weight as much as possible you have to avoid early breakfast.  early breakfast in my view  is any  breakfast that  you have earlier than 3 hours of your waking up that's an early breakfast if you wake up for like 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. you're already having your breakfast that's an early breakfast in my view but if you have your breakfast  say 10:00 a.m after  waking  up by 6:00am  and you had your breakfast 10:00 am  that is ok  thing from 10:00 is  okay I Believe by then the body would have exhausted the stock that was left overnight while we were  sleeping and then your fat storage commences upon your breakfast so your breakfast is important don't rush for breakfast all the time except for occasional cases when you just want to or you just feel to take something but then you must also be careful what you are taking because if it's something that can contribute to Fat storage,  it  is going to affect you and continue to increase your weight.

2.  Consumer larger and richer meals in the morning or noon:

When eventually you decide to have your breakfast and you are even to work on your weight it's important to consume very well but you tend to take ensure that it is rich and dense in  nutrition and as much as possible ensure that you are full because if you are not full, there  is tendency to continue too much or pinch on unhealthy foods in between meals and consuming aor chewing in between meals during  will destroy your goal of maintaining a healthy body weight consuming healthy foods which comprises of your carbohydrates, your oils and fats or proteins in the morning keep you Fuller for longer.  Although some people prefer heavier meals in the evening but that won't help those who want to maintain their weight or loose weight.   You can also apply this trick if you are aiming to maintain a healthy body weight or you have problem of excess fat storage in your body it's a trick that works.

3.  Avoid late Meals

Another popular idea is to avoid late meals.  That means a lot of us are already aware of the harm and danger late  Meals poses to our health and not only to health but to our fat loss effort especially for those of us who want to lose weight it's going to destroy your effort if you continue to engage in regular late Meals, Late meals in my view  is  any meal  after by 8 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. if you consume anything heavy or as a main course, after 7:30 or 8 p.m. regularly, then weight gain is sure to come.   Though  there could be a few exceptional days and  occasions but making it a  regular occurrence or habit will not only affect the health of the individual, but  will also destroy the goal  of maintaining a healthy body weight

4.  Take a Natural fat Burning Drink Before Bed

Another trick that works is though may  not be so popular is taking a fat burning drink as your last meal before bedtime many people may not be aware of this but try some natural drinks like Fennel tea, Soghurm tea, ginger tea, Hibiscus flower tea,  cinnamon tea, fenugreek tea, pomegranate tea,  there are several other drinks that does not contribute to weight gain like apple cider vinegar, occasionally is a good drink tea, one tablespoon in a glass of  water before bed that can help you achieve results this trick works anytime you observe that you are increasing in  weight, you can use this trick to  stop it. These drinks work and  helps to burn fat while you are sleeping because  most of the fats are burned and also stored at night, if you do not drink a zero calorie tea to control the fat, they build up while  one is asleep and you woke up feeling that you are light but you are actually not,  you actually may not be truly  light because so many works fats  have been stored but  you may be feeling light because your body have rested and so you may not  know and that wouldn't give you the opportunity to really understand what has happened overnight.  Try it,   it works,  you will notice a drop even if not and if not a very noticeable drop but you will notice that there is no increase in the existing weight that you're trying to maintain.  There are several other teas you can also give a try like cinnamon tea. can also have it banana peels,  it won't allow fat storage but it will give you a good sleep and a good night sleep also support fat loss or fat burning.  

5.  Consume Root Vegetables instead of Simple Carbs or Grains.

Consuming foods like root vegetables with resistant kind of starch can help you achieve your goal of loosing weight if ever you want to consume carbohydrates you definitely need them for energy. Most of them are good sources of vitamin B group and then you need energy for your daily activities and so if you can avoid the simple sugars you can have all the processed carbs and insist on only carbs that are resistant there are several of them even bananas.  Riped bananas or unripe plantain,   edible cassava even, the usual swallow in moderation.   they are all complex carbs including  garri flakes, sweet potatoes and several other of them including  cocoyam are  all complex carbohydrates so we can take them moderately whenever we want to do so I do not suggest that we should stay off carbohydrates completely in order to lose weight but have to make a choice and do not consume too much of it because once you consume large amount frequently they begins to tighten the line of of weight gain which you will also notice.

6.  Exercise Daily Moderately

It is not a news or something strange to talk about the role of exercise in weight loss whether you are trying to loose existing weight or to avoid additional weight gain, the place of exercise is very important as it also helps to improve our overall health and so this trick works. Ensure that you  engage in exercising weather around the home weather, it is jumping, walking all kinds of exercise that will involve the entire body  so if we walk 35 =40 minutes today it's okay some other days we can do more than that but at the minimum ensure  that you move.   The more you move the more calorie you lose and the more calorie you lose the  the less tendency to be obese and so try the sticks and you will notice that you won't gain weight despite whatever you are eating or the fat gene in your family line.  You may not really gain weight and and existing weight will be reducing  if you apply these tricks.  


Discipline is also required in all of the effort to loose weight, and nobody will do it for us.  We must resolve and discipline ourselves regarding foods and all unhealthy habits generally.  It is achieveable.  I was weighing between 100 and 110 but worked it up to 75 and now between 80 and 82.  Still working to bring it down to 76, though that makes me appear too skinny.  It is achievable if you are determined and disciplined.


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