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Friday 18 October 2019

ACIDITY, A major sponsor/feeder of Stomach Ulcers

 Introduction:  One Important factor to look out for "Acidity"

Being too acidic is not suitable for your body. This condition may conceive various symptoms which cause you to suffer from them. You may think you have harmful diseases, or  weak immune system, etc. But probably the main reason for all of these is just  "acidic"  Therefore, you need to check the list of symptoms of being too acidic and may jump into the alkaline diet if necessary.

6.  Signs that your body is acidic

1. Feeling fatigued
When you have too much acid in your body you tend to feel more tired even though you get enough sleep. You still tend to be exhausted and worn out.

2. Often experience headaches
When you have acidity, you experience headaches due to your pH level being low. This is also a sign something is wrong with you body it needs to get checked.

3. Stomach bloating, gas, indigestion
When you begin to experience gas and your stomach is bloated and you have not eaten much or anything, then you should consider having your pH level checked. It shows that you have too much acidity in your stomach and it causes discomfort and at times it can be painful.

4. You’re stressed out
Stress levels boost acidity and increase chances of getting ulcers. Stress makes one experience digestive upset and acid is to blame.

5. You don’t eat enough alkaline foods
Vegetables and fruits contain alkaline. If you do not consume enough it will lower your pH levels and lead to acid forming in your body. You need to consume citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruits which help improve your pH level.

6. Your hair and nails are brittle
Too much acidity can make your nails break easily and make your hair dry and full of split ends.

7.  Having Unhealthy Skin. 
Having unhealthy skin is just one of the symptoms of being too acidic. If your nails are thin and you complain that they break easily, the cosmetics can’t help you.
 Also, being too acid cause hair fall, too.

8. Having Unhealthy Mouth and Teeth
Being too acidic can cause not only sensitive teeth but also losing your teeth. So, you may usually have tooth pain and sensitive gums.

 You need to include greens, fruits and vegetables in your diet to control your pH level. Quit eating processed foods, and foods with too much preservatives, colourings and artificial sweetener

Some Alkaline foods
Bell peppers
Green leaves
Acai berry
Goji berry

Some Acidic Foods

All preserved long shelf life foods
Microwaved foods
Ice cream
Fried foods and meat
Frozen foods
Sugared fruit juice

Fresh fruits are alkaline  But need to be eaten on their own or at least first before any other foods.  If combined with fats or other proteins, they ferment, causing indigestion and Acidity.

These oils are moderately acidic:

Oils and fats
Coconut oil
Faxseed oil
Red palm oil
Safflower oil
Sesame oil
Olive oil etc

All processed and preserved foods are acidic.

The acidic/alkaline food list ☝️.  There other local foods that are not listed here but are alkaline.  Most natural foods are alkaline, akai berry is alkaline, so is onions and various seeds and spices.  One point to note on this is that if an alkaline food is taken in excess, it becomes acidic in the body.  That is the reason we emphasize moderation.  It is one of our rules on the platform.


It all started with insomnia and various symptoms that were all  tagged as malaria and typhoid.  I was hospitalized and prescription drugs given, which were all religiously taken,  without sufficient sleep for reasons unknown probably poor diagnosis.  I added supplement to help ease the discomfort, they all performed  below my expectation.


One Miraculous vegetable still hidden to many, which was particularly helpful in the journey out of ulcer was cabbage and carrot juice, particularly cabbage juice for just few days and then subsequent steaming of this  cruciferous  vegetable which I learnt has some goitre inducing substance if consumed in too large amount is worthy of note.
"Miraculous Cabbage" as I call it is still a secret food for weight loss  still awaiting the discovery of many.
It is a fat burner that has no equal,  this is my finding and discovery while using cabbage.  Also raw cabbage in too large amount is also offensive,  Steaming is better.  Cabbage blended together with carrot and taken on empty stomach is a proven remedy for healing  stomach ulcers especially when followed by protein rich diet, best from plant source E.g is black eyed cowpea or other legumes.

2. Green plantain is Beneficial to Ulcers

This large, green, banana-like fruit is starchy a sticky in texture. It helps to soothe inflamed and  irritated mucous membranes and has some antibacterial properties to boot. Studies on rat with ulcers caused by daily aspirin use have shown that unripe green plantain can both prevent the formation of ulcers and help to heal existing ulcers. Plantain works its magic best when it’s unripe.
Recommended dose: Until human studies determine the amount that might help, use the fruit as food, in that case  green plantain is eaten by  boiling  like a potato. Avoid frying plantain, as the fat can aggravate ulcers.

Fresh Coconut was Handy

Having eliminated most delicious and common foods, I was only left With coconut.  Then coconut oil was nowhere in the market.  I could not find it anywhere so the only option was fresh Coconut since it contains the oil.  Within  six Months I was stronger and knew that I had been healed.  I also did a test which confirmed it.  Then I began creating awareness for coconut oil especially cold pressed coconut oil, in schools. General Hospitals, Churches especially Catholics and other organisations. Thank God today, almost every pharmacy and supermarkets sells coconut oil.


One thing that helped me  in the battle to overcome the problem was elimination of most foods that I enjoyed eating in other to regain my health.   Foods I eliminated urgently for 6 months includes:

1.  Bread, all biscuits, noddles, all pasteries and wheat product
2.  All Bottled drinks, tables salts, all packed foods
3. Observe Water Therapy and ensure proper hydration daily
4.  Eliminate all forms of teas, sugar especially simple sugars,
5. All forms of bouillon cubes and dried fish
Finally Healed.

Withing 6 months of observing the above, the ulcer was healed. and have remained healed till date.
One important fact I have personally observed about stomach ulcers and it's healing is that as we age some remedies that worked some yrs back may appear too sugary overtime, remedies like cabbage and carrot juice should be taken cautiously by an older adult because of sugar, remedies like whole milk works well for fresh ulcers and younger adult, but the older adult seeking remedies for ulcers obviously should not depend on whole milk as these are the yrs of arthritis and inflammations and the will make symptoms worse or cause an Onset of arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.


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