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Wednesday 18 October 2023

4 Ways Our Mood Affects our Health


Our Mood and emotions  affects our health in a lot of ways.   These moods originates or are given birth by situations and circumstances in our individual lives which may not be known to others. How we feel overtime is reflected in our overall health and it is for this reason we must ensure that we are always happy  and try as much as possible to maintain a stable emotion because our immune system takes  record of all the activities whether outsiders and other external forces  are aware or not.    if you are not happy, it is going to make you susceptible to infections and attacks by all kinds of diseases.  

Here four main reasons why we must avoid unstable and negative emotions:

1.   It is an injunction given to us by God to always maintain a stable emotion.   The one that created the body that we carry knows how best it will function and so he has given us a manual regarding its maintenance and  inside that manual it is stated that we should always be happy because "A Merry  Heart  Doeth Good like Medicine"  so if you want to be happy, abd  maintain a good health then you must always ensure that there is no bitterness in you because at the end of the day it is you that will still suffer it. 

2.  Being Sad and dissatisfied affects You More Than Others:  We are the loser at the end when we are not happy when we are bitter it also will affects our Health and well-being.  In this regard,  we are the only one affected by the disease.   By this decision of allowing  negative emotion, we open doors to all kinds of ailments,  if we allow it to linger for long then it's going to affect our health at the end of the day and we are the one that will still suffer it.  We should  as much as possible we  endeavour to maintain  stable emotion

3.  It Does not Attract Positive People to us  and we miss opportunities.   It does not attract people to us does not attract favour too, there is a  popular saying that   your face is your fortune when you look moody when we  feel unhappy and dissatisfied about everything,  that wuil make us exhibit negative behaviors. we look sad,, we miss a lot of opportunities because nobody wants to associate or do things with an unmotivated or unhappy or sad person because that person may be affected also.

4.It affects our overall  decisions:  

 If we continue to be sad it's going to affect all the decisions we make in that state of mind.  it shows that we are dissatisfied about everything and that will affect our decision and in a way those decisions may affect other people around us, or we may have to do with. 


 Truly, Situations, Circumstances and current happenings, may create justification in our heart to want to  remain or stay depressed, but we don't have to.   The injuction here is that we should as much as possible not allow any   negative emotion to linger for long because it will affect our health at the long run and we are ultimately going to be the loser in it, Regarding the   challenges, we may turn back to Almighty God our creator, He  has already promised us a way out, He already made provision for that circumstance too.  He is aware of it and is going to make a way for us.  That challenge we are going through, somebody has gone through it,   somebody is currently going through it and some other persons also will go through it so you shouldn't feel that we are the worst hit because of the present moment because no matter how bad any  situation is at that moment, it is something that will definitely change .  It  is only change that is constant so we should be encouraged and admonished by this that no matter how bad or challenging that situation, be rest assured that the change is  is very close and will soon come.  Do not destroy your health because of that situation through worrying and negative emotions.


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