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Wednesday 24 January 2024

12 Top Foods that helped me heal of stomach ulcer

 Here are my top 12 foods for healing stomach ulcers. Nowadays, there are so many cases of stomach ulcers and the reason is because of our lifestyles and food consumption habits, so it is important to let us know that stomach ulcers are curable. You can be healed by changing your lifestyle and incorporating these 13 foods into your diet in moderation. I have tried it, and it worked for me.

 1. Fresh carrot 🥕 carrot is an alkaline food, as we all know that most ulcers are worsened if not caused by acidic environment in the stomach so carrot contains nutrients that helps especially vitamin A and other nutrients including iron that help speed up the healing of stomach ulcers it is also an anti-inflammatory low calorie veggie. it is best when even when blended with cabbage fresh cabbage and taken on an empty stomach before having your major meal but you must ensure that the next food should be protein rich because protein is the building block it is protein that the body needs to repair the dead cells, so combining fresh carrots and cabbage is a great combination if you want to be healed of stomach ulcer 

2 Boiled egg, boiled egg talking of chicken eggs is another anti-inflammatory food so many people have been avoiding eggs because of cholesterol and Misinformation but research is showing that boiled egg not fried egg is one of the top anti-inflammatory foods very high content of vitamin A and other nutrients including protein again it has complete amino acids is a great food for healing stomach ulcers I used it and I am still taking it. One boiled egg in a day is okay. Moderation should be the rule though it is a source of cholesterol but not bad cholesterol research has shown that the cholesterol from eggs does not increase cholesterol as we are made to believe. 

  3. Green vegetables: Green vegetables is another alkalizing foods again and they help to heal stomach ulcers whether the ulcer is gastric ulcer peptic ulcer or duodenal ulcer whichever. Green vegetables lightly cooked has so much of the nutrients and minerals to help heal stomach ulcers I prefer to take it as last thing at night prepared to take it as an evening as a dinner meal before going to bed, you ensure to add garlic. 

 4. Garlic: Garlic is another alkalizing food that helps to heal or speed up the healing of stomach ulcers when you take raw garlic in an empty stomach it help to kill bacterias that that can help or contribute to increased pain and inflammation which does not help the healing of stomach ulcers including garlic helps to strengthen the bones as well and what is alsk important is helping to reduce the activities of yeast and other fungals that may try to make the condition worse. 

 5 Cabbage:  Another food is cabbage cabbage and has already been highlighted. It goes well with carrot cabbage juice if you are overweight and that may have contributet. The excess weight may have made the ulcer to be worse, garbage will help to alkaline the body, will help with weight loss too and then when you combine it with carrot also they are great. the synergy is great for healing because cabbage is a source of vitamin K which helps to stop internal bleeding and speed up healing if it was a bleeding ulcer to help to heal it and provide nutrients needed like vitamin K heal it and stop the bleeding and other food. 

6 Cayenne pepper:  Yes, we have been misinformed all these years that the real cause of ulcer is Peppers. Yes, too much pepper, if there is too much of everything it is bad for you c but Cayenne peppers when taken in moderation is a super food for healing of stomach ulcers I have benefited from it. it could be fresh cayenne pepper it could be dry but whenever you have the opportunity make use of fresh cayenne pepper it's a great food to improve circulation it's also a source of vitamin A and it also helps alkalize the body and delivers so much nutrients without calorie. note that the absence of calorie is one of the positive points of this foods that are great when you are healing stomach ulcer it's not good to include food that are heavy and does not have nutrients. 

 7  Yoghurt:   Plain Yoghurt is another super food for healing, talking of plain unsweetened yoghurt without sugar and high flavoured yoghurt that you see everywhere today in the market but if you can get plain yoghurt non-sweet yoghurt with real live cultures I mean probiotics and take. It makes a great addition to help repopulate the gut to enable you stand against stomach ulcers and to heal existing stomach ulcer. plain non sweet yoghurt has nutrients that is easier to absorb than ordinary regular milk. So as much as many of us resorted to using milk because we were also misinformed that milk is the healing food for stomach ulcer which we tried including myself but now we know better that though it may provide a symptomatic relief something like that but it does not in the long-run provide the needed healing that we need but it provides something like a covering a covering temporarily on the face of the ulcer or the wound but it is  not easily digested and is. inflammatory. But Yoghurt is a better food because of the fermentation that it has gone through, get a good one include it in your diet if you are going through stomach ulcers.

8 Sweet Potatoes:  Though sweet potatoes  is a starchy food but is dense in  nutrition. It is anti-inflammatory and a source of vitamin A when we are talking of healing stomach ulcers we must consider seriously the antioxidant vitamins A vitamin E and vitamin C and these are the power points of these foods  that are have mentioned including sweet potatoes which is a powerhouse of most of these nutrients.

9. Cold Pressed Coconut oil:   Coconut oil which is also a alkalizing  oil is great for healing ulcers because of the healthy fats and so most healthy fats are also great when you want to heal stomach ulcers but cold pressed coconut oil is particularly good because it's a source of lauric acid papric acid and medium chain fatty acids and these are rare in nature so they help to kill bacterias, reduce  activity  of yeasts ans help strengthen the cell wall talking of the cell membrane that will help you to stay healed it is  also an easily digestible oil and then it's one food that gives you quality energy I mean energy from  real fat resource.   So include it in moderation because too much of it may not give us the expected  result.    

10  Black Eyed Cowpe:  A member of the Legumes family  one of the top foods that help to heal a lot of ailments because of its an anti-inflammatory nature and properties where precisely I love this food  because  It is a source of protein.  Protein is not so common I mean plant-based protein.   Protein is needed for healing and black eyed cowpea is  loaded with other nutrients that help  to fight stomach ulcers and stop the reoccurrence. 

11  Fermented Millet:  Fermented Millet another top foods for healing ulcers , there could be other fermented foods we already talked about yoghurt, others are on form of condiments for soups and stews.  Yoghurt is made with  milk which we know is animal-based but this millet  is a superfood when you ferment it like corn and others cereals.  Maximum of 3 days fermentation,  it does not produce gas. It is easily digestible and above all It is a source of protein.   and  contains all the B group of vitamins which is needed for energy production  except vitamins A and C so you may even have to take it conveniently with egg and then back up with vitamin C or the vitamin C food sources to help you get complete nutrients for the healing of your stomach ulcers.

12 Plantain:  Unriped Plantain. the latest people have a described is taking  the peels also and all of that but whichever way you take a ripe plantain or unriped plantain I tell you it has nutrients like  resistant starch so it's not so easy to digest but if you can blend it or find a way it's a super food you can make porridge out of it you can take it in any way. It is  super food for healing of ulcers. Moreso  it's a good source of vitamin A and vitamin B6 

13 Ripe Banana:  Banana is a super food you can take it because it is a raw food, but should be taken in moderation especially if you  are   sugar conscious. It contains  substance that helps to cover the stomach ulcer and  is easily digestible and provides strength because it's a source of the B group of vitamins.  There are other foods like Okro soup, blackseeds and water therapy that helps speed up healing of stomach ulcers.

Summary.  It is important to reduce stress and other lifestyle that may increase or reduce or delay the healing of stomach ulcers but above all besides all  these including all these with water therapy will ensure that you are healed and not only dled you will remain healed as long as you take these things in moderation moderation is our rule


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