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Saturday 20 May 2023

How and Why I Returned Rice to my List of Foods

Introduction: If you are prediabetic or have a family history or diabetes, rice is one of the foods you try to avoid, by avoiding rice especially unpolished local rice or brown rice makes you loose out on all the health benefits. you will actually continue to avoid foods and its endless until you acquire more knowledge on the way out and besides, rice is one food we enjoy eating apart from its numerous health benefits. 

With a family history of diabetes, I deliberately avoided this food for some years but recently found a way to return it to my list and here are some of the reasons of How and Why: so if you want to enjoy your rice without the expected spike in blood sugar, there are several ways you can do it and  that is what I have been doing lately.   Here are some of  the ways I consume my rice without the expected rice in blood sugar:

 1.   Chia seeds:  I take soaked chia seeds  before the rice  meal or after the meal, usually half a tablespoon soaked for a few hours or just 1 hour is okay. 

2.  Cinnamon powder:  While cooking my rice, I usually add a sprinkle of Cinnamon powder to my rice especially towards the end of the cooking.  It has nutrients to support the body with natural insulin production which supports type 2 diabetes.

 3.  Cloves:   I also take some cloves.  Cloves is one of the spices that shows positive result when it comes to managing blood sugar.  I have personally tested it and found it really works, this is in addition to other benefits including fighting viral infections, strenghtening bones too.  

4.  Adding  My  turmeric, ginger and cinnamon  {Anti inflammatory mix}: I  sprinkle or add to the white rice or to the jollof rice.  This home made combo is highly anti inflammation and the synergy of these three spices that fights inflammations helps make my rice diabetics friendly.

5.  Lots of Leafy Greens: Adding plenty of green vegetables and also  ensure that there is chicken or enough protein in it makes it less likely to affect blood sugar negatively.

6.  Using Healthy Fats:  I usually prefer the unpolished rice or brown rice which has a lower glycemic index using only healthy fats  when cooking your rice also helps  in blood sugar management I prefer to use my organic peanut oil or sometimes coconut oil in small amount in absence of coconut oil you can use the red palm oil in moderation.  Olive oil is good but does not stand heat like peanut oil though both are almost similar in terms of profile.

7.  No Frying it:  Remember  that frying your stew is not good for diabetics,  pre-diabetics or if you are health-conscious you should  not fry your stew, do not use artificial taste enhancers or bouillon cubes.   Use only natural ingredients, sea salt, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, ginger to bring out the natural taste of your rice adding local condiment fermented condiments like our local iru or fermented locust beans or whichever fermented foods you have around you,  adding it will also improve the protein in the diet making your rice well friendly for diabetics and prediabetics.

 Summary:  These are some of the ways I consume my rice lately and here are some of the reasons why  I decided to return rice again,  I noticed that rice is a great source of serotonin which is needed for the brain when you needed sleep especially for menopausal women each time I consume rice, It helps improve my sleep I normally sleep perfectly and refreshingly too.   I also normally feel good energy because it is  a source of B group of vitamins  which is needed for energy generation and other nutrients.  It  does not  clog arteries it does not contain resistant starch like some other starchy foods so if you have been avoiding rice, here are some of my reasons why it's back in my list.

Additionally, it doess not produce gas , or cause gas, easily digestible too.  If taken in moderation   it is relatively moderate in terms of calories so remember that moderation is always our guide and our rule so take moderately and you won't have or notice that spike in your blood sugar. 


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