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Saturday 20 May 2023

My Top Health Benefits of Tamarind


Introduction:  It is important to daily explore ways of improving our health through natural foods especially by including vitamin C rich foods like tamarind.  Here are my top health benefits of tamarind juice which I consume moderately adding spices like clove so as to avoid spike in sugar which we should be mindful of as we age:

 1. >Fighting constipation: Tamarind is great in fighting constipation especially chronic constipation, which is being unable to go to toilet for several days, making toxic level very high in the body which can cause many illnesses. Including tamarind as a juice helps to clear the waste and reduce toxic level in the body thereby improving immunity generally. 

 2. Liver Health: One of the best health benefits of tamarind is supporting liver health. It is a rich source of vitamin C which helps the liver to remove unhealthy fats, reducing cholesterol and all the free radicals that may want to suffocate the liver and prevent it from doing its work. it is a rich source of vitamin C. vitami C is one of the most powerful antioxidants for fighting diseases including cancer and other viruses.

  3.High in Vitamin C< Tamarind is one of the top sources of naturally occurring vitamin C which is readily absorbed in the body and helping to tighten the skin improving sight, improving health generally including tamarind in the diet helps to boost immunity and reduce the activities of yeast and other bacterias that attack us. .

 4. Anti inflammatory Properties: It is a great source of anti inflammatories  By this, it is able to ward off inflammations at all levels. Several inflammations occur in the body body some are known some are unknown some are seen  others are not seen but the high antioxidant level in tamarind helps it to fight inflammations and reduced those things that cause pain make us sick.

5. Anti-aging benefits< It  contains anti-aging properties and by this benefit help to reduce signs of aging this is particularly due to the high antioxidants in this fruit.

6. Cellulites: It  also helps. cellulitis this is one of the  skin-related problems that may occur when we  tend to take too much of fermented foods especially grains.  There  are some other unknown cause of cellulites but those who had taken excess  fermented grains tend to come up more with the complain. they stand the risk of suffering cellulitis on the skin.  if they start drinking tamarind juice regularly,  it usually hasten their recovery from the disease.  

7. Heart Health:  Tamarind supports heart health all because of the high antioxidants in it reducing cholesterol and all the unhealthy fats that tend to cause heart-related problems, heart attack and similar conditions, consumimg tamarind is a great addition for those who have heart related issues or who are susceptible to suffering it, may be due to excess body weight or excess stomach fat because it helps also to reduce excess body weight and overall body mass.

 8.Cold, Cough and Immune Boosting: Tamarind is another remedy that is good for cold, tamarind is great for cold, cough and asthma too, those who suffer these conditions will benefit by including tamarind in their diet moreso that it is a raw food  makes  it to work faster and absorption is almost total as raw foods are usually better absorbed than cooked foods.

9. For Weight Loss : Drinking tamarind juice  for weight loss works well as its high antioxidants ensures that a healthy weight is achieved.  Those who are aiming to lose weight can  include tamarind juice in the dietas  it helps to reduce overall body weight and mass body mass.

10. High blood pressure: It also benefits high blood pressure by including tamarind juice in their diet all due to its high potassium content and zero sodium. These two if in good ratio helps ensure a healthy blood pressure.

11.Stomach Ulcers:  It  also help  heal ulcers especially stomach ulcers.  It  is a known to be a good food for those with stomach ulcers as it contains small amount and other nutrients including vitamin C that helps speed up the healing of stomach ulcers.  

12 Diabetes management:  Surprisingly  it benefits diabetes despite its sweetness but it is better to add spices like cloves or other  blood sugar reducing spices or foods like cinnamon when drinking tamarind juice because it's actually very  sweet if taken alone by diabetics. however, it will make a great addition for diabetes management because of its  low calorie, high vitamin C and other weight reducing and disease-fighting nutrients.

Summary:  In  summary, it is important to note  that because of the high vitamin C content, use of straw is better or recommended because of our teeth it may hurt the teeth if taken frequently without the use of straw so that we do not  develop sensitive tooth due to the acids.


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