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Monday 22 May 2023

Top Reasons Why I use only Fresh Tomatoes 🍅 ⁶

Introduction: Here are top  reasons why I use only fresh tomatoes instead of the canned ones and it  is actually important to always opt for natural foods and we all know the health benefits of fresh tomatoes including increasing our iron level in the body.  Though canned tomatoes is becoming more popular with some in satchets  and others in cans but many are not aware that these sachets or  packaged tomatoes contains harmful things by reason of the containers used in the packaging.  Tomatoes on its  own is a very healthy low calorie vegetable that we should enjoy moderately. 

Here are  top reasons why I have resorted to use the only fresh versions of tomatoes to cook my meals so as to enjoy all the benefits of tomatoes. 

1.   Reduce the risk of Gallstone:   gallstone is not so common but can be very very distressing when It strikes,  including fresh tomatoes has been known 2 support the pancreas and other internal organs in order to avoid the risk of gallstone which may affect us especially the older adults.

2.  Prostate Problems:   Fresh tomatoes as we all know makes a great addition for those who want to avoid ailments like prostate enlargement and similar inflammations all due to its high potassium content and other nutrients such as lycopene or if you're already going through prostate  health problems,  including fresh tomatoes in your diet regularly will definitely help you to reduce the symptoms and prevent further complications.

3.   Diabetes Management:  It is  also great for diabetes though it is a source of naturally occurring sugar but fresh tomatoes is a source of fibre it's a low calorie food and contains a lot of nutrients that support diabetes management.

4.  Cleaning of Arteries:   if you suspect  clogged arteries and you want them to clear, I have personally observed that consuming fresh tomatoes shows physical signs that the artiers are ckeared by merely including fresh tomatoes.

5.   Reduce Signs of Aging:   It helps with  the making of collage by supplying nutrients needed to make the skin  look fresher, younger and firmer.   Everyone loves this benefit as no one wants to look older than their real age.  

6.  Source of Iron:  iron I have said before that iron tablet iron capsules are not advised for older adults because of the fact that they are easily toxic when not absorbed  for various reasons. and. may even be inflammatory in  most cases.  So one of the foods you can rely on to get iron naturally is fresh tomatoes.

7. Fighting Inflammations:  Those battling with inflammations  at any level or part of the body including  cancers  can moderately enjoy your tomatoes because it has a lot of antioxidants that will reduce  inflammations which makes things worse when facing health challenges.

 8.  Supports Heart Health:   It is a great source of heart supporting nutrients, more so that it is low in calorie and a source of fibre, as a result of this, those who suffer heart issues or who want to prevent or avoid heart problems can include fresh tomatoes in their regular diet to strengthen this part of the body.  

9. Colon Health : Try including  fresh tomatoes if you need to to support your colon as this makes a healthy addition.    It provides fibre needed to clear the colon by  removing waste. When  toxins are much in the body the constipation and other toxic feelings  tend to be worse, making my system slow, but the including  fresh tomatoes helps the body to clean up or put all these waste out of the body through the  colon with the help of the fibre.

10.  Helps with Cholesterol:  it also helps in  to clearing or reducing  bad cholesterol. All due to the presence of fibre and its zero fat.   The bad cholesterol needs fibre to be pulled out of the body especially fibres like those found in fresh tomatoes it's a great source of food for those who have high cholesterol.

11.  Liver Support:  It makes a great addition for liver support being low in sodium and zero fat.  It is a good food for liver health, again it is naturally caffeine free.  it does not contain fat on his own unless  fats comes in through added oils or fries.

 12. Reduce weight:  Those trying to loose weight can also add fresh tomatoes moderately due to its rich antioxidants and low calorie.  It is also a source nutrients to helps reduce free radical activities in the body, however only when it is taken as fresh and not from cans or other packaging that introduces harmful agents in the body.

 13:  Surprisingly, it supports fight against Diabetes:  Fresh tomatoes is naturally sweet and may seem like a bad idea to suggest it for diabetics or prediabetics but surprisingly,  it contains antioxidants needed to fight diseases reduce weight gain and ward of diabetes when taken in moderation.  It is best to use only fresh foods especially fresh tomatoes if managing any ailment such as diabetes.

14;  Avoid Harmful Chemicals:  This is actually my top reason for avoiding canned tomatoes and most canned foods in my home, BPA and other harmful chemicals contamination which affects our health negatively.

Summary:  It is important to take every thing in moderation because too much of everything is bad including the healthy foods too.


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