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Saturday 27 May 2023

My Top Gut Healing Foods



One of the fastest way to recover from any element is to to heal our gut first.   Life is actually in the gut, if our gut health is healthy it is difficult  for any disease to overcome us no matter how bad our situation may be, a  healthy gut ensures proper digestion, absorption and excretion of the waste generated when we consume foods.  With  such a gut,  we can resist any infection or any attack on our health.  Having realized this truth, I decided to pay particular attention to my gut health especially when my immune system is down.

 Here are my top gut healing foods in the recent years :

1.  Cold Pressed Coconut Oil: This is one of my best oils, whenever I want to fight and recover or take  my health back,  I always work hard on my gut health  by introducing cold pressed coconut oil moderately.  It is always my first choice because it is a disease-fighting oil, it kills yeasts,  reduces bad cholesterol, and bacteria activities .  I usually take on empty stomach about one teaspoon first in the morning or last thing at night as it enhances quality sleep too.

 2.  Green Bell Peppers:  Green bell pepper is low in calorie and is also a disease-fighting food I use it also whenever I'm struggling to get my immune system back though slightly more expensive than other peppers,  but I usually go for it because our health comes first.  

 3.  Fresh Carrots: We know  carrotšŸ„• is rich in vitamin A,a powerful antioxidant for fighting diseases including cancers bell pepper is also high in vitamin A so all vitamin A rich foods are also good when trying to recover my gut but the most common and available ones are bell peppers and carrots.

4.  Okro:  Okra also  known as ladies fingers is not among my favourites but when there are issues with my gut including ulcers, I consume more okro.  Some people  soaks the okra overnight mostly for managing high blood sugar and other conditions but I usually use in my cookings, it does not really taste nice to me when soaked, except when one is extremely sick and need it to recover.  Sometimes I also as add other green veggies to the  okro soup or  few other  green veggies.  It is great for bad cholesterol probably enhanced by the mucilaginous nature of okro.

5.  Fresh Tomatoes:  This low calorie veggie is also helpful but usually in moderation.  It is also one veggie I cannot consume daily for several days, unless mixing it with greens or else, it seems quite sharp when taken alone in stews over a long time, though this experience may vary with persons, but that is how ir goes with me.    But it's low calorie and digestibility makes me go for it when the gut seems sick, or needs help. Best when it  is in season.

 6.  Boiled egg: This is another nutrient dense low calorie, vitamin A rich food I consume regularly especially when my gut needs support.  Low calorie fat free foods are best when our gut is weak and chicken is one of such foods and easily available, though guinea fowl egg is okay too but it is seasonal, comes and goes.  It is great for diabetics, reducing belly fat, healing ulcers and many other benefits without increasing bad cholesterol as was erroneously believed before. 

7.  Apples: With me the Old adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away still holds true.   when it comes to recovering  my gut, apples especially green apples are usually included,  one apple a day helps in pulling out even long standing toxins out of the gut and  removing them though the colon.  Here is  something I have also been doing to avoid contacting chemicals which usually accompany some of this much love fruits which Apple is one of them, I wash well and check the body to remove any rot or blemish.   Also we know some people spray all kinds of preservative for longer shelf life. So I very well remove part of the peels .

8. Cucumbers:  This  is another easily digestible food fruits or vegetable as some choose to call it., which helps to tackle constipation, contains no sugar,  that is one reason I love the Cucumbers  but also usually remove the peels because the peels s are harder to digest and a few times I tried taking  it caused irritation for me so I tell my followers also to remove their own pills because so many things are sprayed on the cucumber before it is matured to avoid pests, though I am aware that without the pills  I am missing out on some of the nutrients.

 9. Cabbage cabbages another fat-burning food that is not Known to many as another food that is rich in vitamin K rich Alicia suspect if I suspect that something like ulcer is showing up some feelings like that and it attacks and then I just have to include cabbage moderately because it's high in sugar so I normally include it for a few days and I stop the content is her younger adult can take it but other adult should be wear of sugar another food is onions Conan's is another super food for recovering got held for me because it helps also to use a prebiotic food just like cabbage to is a prebiotic helping to feed the Elder gods the healthy bacteria is he have to feed them so I took it lightly put a plenty of it in my mouth and before whenever I feel my God said is under attack attack cause constipation as well another food is 

10. Chia Seeds:  This seed may not be popular with some people but since I began consuming it.  I am really loving it, though it does mot taste nice but when recovering health is what matters, I go for Chia seeds, usually soak for a few hours about half tablespoon or a teaspoon and half and consume in the morning before or after breakfast since it lowers blood sugar too.  I really recommend it for diabetics and prediabetics.   Since it reduces sugar in the blood, It makes the seed even more beneficial  because sugar in the body is one of the top feeders of disease so it helps to reduce the activity  of bacterias and supplies uncommon nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and even protein.

11.   Garlic:  Garlic is another food often  used whenever I want to recover my gut health, and already know  that is a superfood when it comes to  fighting bacterial especially the resistant strains of it.   I eat raw garlic  on empty stomach or two or three cloves  and these days I Chew and swallow  it instead of just  chewing since it is quite hot.  This is  in addition adding garlic  in my cooking to enhance the taste of my meals and other benefits:  Mostly ripe bananas, in moderation, because riped bananas are eaten raw.  I take both  the unriped and riped bananas,  they are both great for gut health and boosting immunity.  Being good sources of B6.  However. I take more of the unriped these days and the riped bananas less frequently though I try not to leave it entirely out of my diet but with caution because of its sweetness.   

13.  Avocados:  avocado is a seasonal food we all know is a superfood and  dense in nutrition too. With powerful ant inflammatory, antifungal and anti diabetic properties. most of the time I use it moderately to to heal my gut because it is packed full of healthy fats. vitamins and  nutrients that fight disease and resist infections.

14.  Sweet Potatoes:   Another food is sweet potatoes I love to take it whenever I feel my moon system is under attack or not, it is one of my favourite carbs especially the pupple sweet potatoes. though its not so common here.  Sweet Potatoes is rich in Anti oxidants Vitamins A and E, also potassium and fibre which all support gut healing and immune boosting generally.  It also does spike my blood sugar which I take in moderation with other greens.

15.  Black Eyed Cowpea:   This  is a form of beans in the Legumes family and rich in protein which is more easily digested when compared to most legumes.  It is also good for managing blood sugar and blood pressure in addition to providing nutrients for gut healing.  I usually cook it with onions, garlic and sometimes add green beans and little red palm oil, cayenne pepper and it taste great.

16.  Fermented Foods:  Fermented foods in moderation especially millet or soghurm are great for gut healing as it helps increase the number of healthy bacterias, hoevet we must beware of consuming too much fermented grains because it eventually gets converted to sugar.  Yoghurt is great too, but it is better made at home because most supermarket yoghurts are filled with flavours and sugars which are bad for our gut. However, if we can find a good supermarket yoghurt with live cultures and low in sugar, its okay too, but I hardly find a good one.  Plant based in always my first choice for gut healing.

17.  Bitter Herbs: I have also noticed that sometimes,  all the gut is asking for is little bitters.  In that case, I always go for bitterleaf, sometimes I boil the washed leaf and take as tea or use to make our traditional "Ofe Onugbu" Occasionally, I also chew bittercola.

18.  Cayenne Pepper:  This is one of my everyday pepper and healing foods.  Cayenne pepper is for blood circulation and contains nutrients like vitamin A, in addition to these, it is a yeast killing food.  Too much yeast sometimes reduces and weakens gut health too but peppers like cayenne kills off some while improving blood circulation which makes nutrients reach all the organs resulting in healing.  

Summary:  There are various other fermented foods and bitters, greens and other foods that helps restore our gut balance, if there is anyone,  you are currently using, kindly drop at the comment, someone may gain from it.  In all, moderation is our rule.


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