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Tuesday 23 May 2023

When to Boil Soursop Leaves as Tea and Drink


Here are some  occasions when you can buy or pluck some soursop leaves tea, fresh or dried boil  and drink due to these numerous health benefits: 

1.  Treating cancer:  Thanks to its high  antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties.  One of the fastest way to kill a disease is to starve it, Soursop leaves tea is one of such foods that Starves cancer and similar diseases because it has zero calorie, no sugar, salt or caffeine.  It also Starves yeasts which also help feed cancer.

2.  Stomach ulcer:   it is also great in managing cases like stomach ulcers because it has no caffeine and it helps to reduce pains also that may be due to the stomach ulcers and if bacteria are worsening it, can also reduce their number. 

 3.  Infections and Parasites:  If you are managing infections of all kinds, and it is frequent, Boiling few leaves of soursop whether fresh or dried leaves locationally to drink may help reduce frequency, mostly due to it's antibacterial, antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties that are naturally occurring.

4.  Managing High Blood Pressure:  High blood pressure is common these days and a lot of people are on medications but many are not aware that common tea made by boiling about 5 fresh or dried leave of in a cup of water and drinking can help lower their blood pressure. It is becoming very popular among those suffering high blood pressure because of its efficacy efficacy in  bringing  down blood pressure and preventing complications arising from frequent rise in blood pressure including kidney related diseases 

5.  Arthritis and Gout:   Arthritis those is common amongst  older adults , usually associated with wear and tear around the joints.  Being overweight may increase the risk, some are  genetic.  Gout is also a type of arthritis caused by build up of uric acids crystal in the joint.  Diet high in purines, usually meat , seafoods or obesity can predispose us to gout.  Certain medications such as diuretics can increase the riskof gout by increasing uric acid levels in the body.  Whatever be the cause, those who suffer arthritis and gout  have also testified of positive results while drinking soursop tea so taking this thing occasionally will reduce inflammations and reduce symptoms of gout and similar conditions generally.

6.  0steoporosis:  Osteoporosis is a disease common amongst women, a kind of  sudden cracking of the bones and it usually  occur during the menopause years, low calcium is often fingered as part of the cause especially leading to complications, low calcium and other minerals that supports supports bone strength makes Osteoporosis worse.  Also excess body weight and mass.  Soursop tea has shown great benefits in this regard also as women who are drinking soursop the  tea have testified lower incidence or lower cases of menopause issues  or bone related problems.

 7.  Menopause Problems:   Women at menopause do have a lot of health issues. complications and all kinds of ailments  most of them due to weight gain which follows the menopause and comes with its own challenges but including soursop tea occasionally will reduce weight gain  and other reduce  most ugly symptoms during menopause such as constipation.   I have personally experienced it that  whenever I  take soursop tea it helps to cle my colon and releases constipation.

8.  Control Diabetes:   We all know thatc when the body is not able to produce insulin as it is  expected, then type 2 diabetes is on ground.  Type 2 diabetes  affects men and women alike but  appears common among older  women.  and including a low-calorie tea with anti-inflammatory benefits and other antioxidants like sour tea goes a long way in reducing cases of complications of high blood sugar in both type 1 or type 2 diabetes.   It has shown positive results with   those who are taking the tea 

9.  Managing Fibroids:  One of the most frequently occurring sicknesses among  mature women is fibroids a lot of women also have testified of positive results regarding the fibroids especially after taking the t several weeks and then going for the test they have realised that the growth have not only reduced but the symptoms also that accompany it including paint have also reduced so a lot of people have also been aware that

10.  kidney Problem:   Those who suffer kidney disease have also benefited by drinking soursop tea this also extends to bladder related issues and are you passing of urine or less urine you can also include it one of the powerful points of this thing is that better it is naturally caffeine-free and then it has a low calorie wait and this are the strong points that makes it able to find it has no sodium or sugar these are the things that helps to fight disease and they're all in this one particular thing it's also got supposed god helps those who suffer gut issues in digestion and leaky gut malabsorption syndrome and all such problems also have shown positive results when they started taking soursop leaves tea it also helps to boost immunity generally why do you not love this

11.  Anti Aging Benefits:   I have personally noticed that each time I take soursop tea, I do usually feel good.   I feel well and  strong and  my system is free, when I go to the loo,  I usually  notice an improvement in my skin look, usually  looking more youthful and  more vibrant because the soursop tea.  It help to clear a lot of things out of the body which cause disease for us.

12.  Conclusion:  it's important to also highlight that those who have low blood pressure should take this  tea cautiously because it is very important in reducing blood pressure so we have noticed that those who have normal or usually have case of low blood pressure have observed unusually and on inadequate level of the blood pressure which is not at the healthy point so we should take it cautiously especially if you are  in this category.  You  should beware  of soursop leaf tea and take it once in a while taking it frequently may  drop your blood pressure which may require even treatment to bring it up again.   Moderation remains our rule.


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