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Thursday 8 June 2023

Here are My Top 13 Secrets to Keeping Typhoid and Malaria Under Control



Malaria and typhoid has been on the increase recently, symptoms are usually similar,  most times systemic fever, muscular pains, respiratory cough, central headaches, but mine in particular is insomnia which I consider one, if not the worst symptoms.  and the reason for the rise or frequency of the disease obviously may be linked to our lifestyle and food choices.  Though there are good and fast treatments with drugs, but since they continue to reoccur, it becomes necessary to use natural foods to achieve a more permanent solution.  I have been a victim of frequent malaria and typhoid attacks several years ago but thanks to God and to knowledge that is available for us that the story has changed because of few changes I made to my food choices and my lifestyle generally and for this reason I have been off the hospital , checking and checking for malaria and typhoid  results that were always there in the laboratory  test results.  Here are my top 13 secrets.

1.  Consuming Raw Garlic Frequently:  

It is no longer news that garlic is a powerful antibiotics and has raised the hope of hopeless individuals like myself concerning resistant strains of typhoid and other bacteria that has been on the increase recently so I have made garlic especially raw garlic a major part of my daily foods and spices including it in all my mails and then to chew  it s raw several times a week on empty stomach  and this has helped in reducing frequency of malaria attacks and completely eliminated the need to go for antibiotics as we all know that antibiotics is not really our friend and sadly,  many people are yet to come to this awareness.   Too much antibiotics is the reason for so many gut related problems including stomach ulcers today.

2.  Fermented foods: 

 Another important addition  I have made is inclusion of fermented foods,  fermented foods occasionally like millet pap, I use it as pap once in a while and then also occasionally added to my swallow this is not the only fermented foods I use, yoghurt t is also one of it but not always the choice as it's not always available all the time.   |There are  other fermented stuff  like our local iru, ogiri, okpei, dawadawa, anything fermented is part of it as they help in populating the gut with healthy bacterias and reduce the overpopulation of unhealthy bacterias which invites typhoid and other bug to come in and attack  us.  this is one of the  food choice changes I have made and will continue to keep it as it has helped in a lot of ways especially in reducing frequency of typhoid and malaria attack.

3.  Observing Water Therapy 

Water therapy is a way of taking water in a scientific way to be able to manage a lot of ailments and it simply means taking large quantity of water on empty stomach upon waking up in the morning and then allowing it to to sit for a few minutes or 1 or 2 hours to be able to flush out toxins and clean up the system before digestion begins to take place.   I have been observing it for a long time till date it is one of the secrets and even now I am even adding occasional lemon juice in it or sometimes I add apple cider vinegar but not all the time.  Water therapy is one of the major changes that has helped me to keep frequent attacks of malaria and typhoid away.

4.  Occasional Bitter Foods: 

 one of the major changes  I have also made is inclusion of occasional bitter  foods in my diet Foods  like bitter leaf,  occational bitter kola and all the bitters that are available once in a while but do   not overdo it but occasionally.  Sometimes I use  bitter leaf in making my soup and  sometimes I  wash and chew some of  it raw.   When. I consider it necessary like,  if the sugar in my blood seems  high.   Bitter foods also helps to fight inflammations.  The presence of sugar is one of the major feeders of these bacterias that cause us to be sick such as typhoid and malaria,, when the immune  system is down these  diseases cease the opportunity to attack us.  Additionally,  inclusion of bitter foods is an immune booster there could be other bitter foods where you are may  not necessarily be bitter leaf or bitter kola or bitter melon or stonebreaker we have a lot of bitter foods even in various regions you can take advantage of the bitter foods in  any region where you are,  If you have been perpetually avoiding bitter foods, then you are not helping your body fight diseases.  Bitter foods are good for your gut health, they help the stomach to produce digestive juice for digestion and they help to starve  some of the bacteria's and boost  our immune system generally.

5. Including Green Vegetables Daily:

Green vegetable feature in my daily diet because they help to build resistance and they support liver health.  They also are  rich in minerals, so I do not leave out the vegetables even for a day,  especially in my evening meal,  that is where I consider a very important because our body works to repair new cells mostly  while we are asleep so I usually have to make good vegetable soups on a daily basis available especially in the evening to enable the body fight and provide healing for the  entire body.  leafy greens are  one of the foods I consume daily not every food should be consumed daily but green vegetables features daily  in my diet because of these bugs so that they won't overpower my immune system.

6.  Healthy Fats: 

I consume more facts especially healthy fats than carbohydrates that is one of the secrets especially cold pressed coconut oil, I do occasionally take on empty stomach, other oils I use interchangeablely are cold pressed olive oil sometimes almond oil I also ensure to include organic peanut oil and red palm oil in moderation because with the presence of healthy fats,  it is difficult for most bacterias  to survive so I use it frequently to ensure that these bugs  do not have food to eat since they feed mostly on carbs  and also feed on sugars.  Healthy Fats provides non of these, and as they are starved from time to time, some die off while the activities of existing ones are reduced.

7.  Staying Away from Much Processed foods 

Staying away or reducing too much processed foods is one of the major decisions I have made over the years that has helped me survive and 2 and will continue to survive frequent attacks of malaria and typhoid. Too much processed foods provide enabling environment for these  bugs  to survive.   Most of the  processed foods usually  come with much sugar,  artificial flavours and several other additives which serve as food for the bacteria's while starving the healthy cells of nutrients it is for this reason I have reduced to the barest minimum my consumption of processed foods.   Taken out most  foods with flavours and colourings is one of the toughest decisions to make because these foods are easier to buy from supermarkets and stock at home.  They also seem  tastier but I have to take the decision, this also includes all carbonated drinks and beverages staying away from canned foods most of the canned foods like  canned  tomatoes have been taken out of my diet because these are inflammatory and  immune suppressors and the oil also help to feed inflammations which support diseases in the body.

8.  Reducing Caffeine in my diet:  

while many people try to avoid caffeine  and caffeinated beverages, majority are not even aware why they are avoiding it.  Caffeinated foods. drinks and beverages  in addition to aiding inflammations, deprive our cells  of fluids  and this helps to feed the existence of bacteria and viruses. When there is sufficient fluid  at the cellular level, these bugs hardly  survive.   It is always a plus for us so staying off or reducing caffeine and  caffeinated stuffs and beverages is also another tough decision that I had to make because I love them a lot. all kinds of teas,  I love taking it green tea, black tea coffee, and all of the others with varying flavors however, instead of not taking teas at all.  I now go for teas from fresh nature's leaves like  mango  leaves,  lemongrass tea,  lemon and ginger tea and others.  

9. Sufficient daily protein 

Yes, Sufficient daily protein is something I try to get daily.  As much as possible ensure that I get daily protein everyday because protein is the  the building block.  most of these  bugs and bacterias feed on carbohydrates and sugar but when you take sufficient protein in the diet they  hardly survive and the body will have materials to work with instead of food for bacteria  in the form of carbs and sugars which is always our habit.   Majority of us eat more of processed foods, white pastas and all kinds of sugars that helps to feed the existence of these bacterias I have also made my decision to include daily protein, more of plant based like soyabeans. Some, other grains , vegetables and all kinds of proteins not just only plants but also include occasional meat, fish, sardines and other varieties for completeness in amino acids

10.  Anti-inflammatory foods 

inflammations help to support and feed diseases, I therefore as much as possible monitor what I eat and ensure that I take less of inflammatory foods this includes bread,  fried foods, transfats from most vegetable oils,  biscuits and of course white pastas, avoid all high calorie foods that are lacking  in protein.   I take more of the anti-inflammatory foods in form of some unsweetened natural fruits cucumbers, carrots, take more of seeds, spices and those things that will not support inflammations in the body because that is the beginning, it  is the precursor of most diseases.

11.  More of Nuts:

Yes, all kinds of nut, I  always have them around me including African breadfruit,  whether it is  is a nut I cannot say, but  usually have it too roasted, peanuts,  cashew nut, almonds,  and all kinds of nuts which  I take them from time to time to ensure that I get adequate minerals in the body because when there is mineral deficiency diseases tend to thrive.   Walnuts also when, it is in season.

12. Focus on Vitamin C, Occasional  Supplement

I also focus on vitamin C rich foods because it is one of the most powerful antioxidants,   in addition to vitamin C foods since most of them come with sugars I do occasionally supplement with high-potency vitamin C especially as the years goes by when the insulin activity is also reduced and I have to be aware of sugar in my fruits so in order to meet up occasionally with vitamin C,  vitamin C Supplement to help neutralize free radicals and also ensure to take Natural  foods rich in vitamin A such as  eggs,  green bell peppers, sweet potatoes  and several other foods that are good sources of Vitamin A, |E, C and D.    I work  more on my immune system, because as long as the  it  immune system is strong is difficult for these  bacterias to overcome us.

13.  Use Essential Oils:  

Using essential oils blends with any carrier oil like cold pressed coconut oil or olive oil is something I will recommend to older adults to help improve health, boost immunity and reduce inflammations,  they are more natural than most pain killers I see around.  They could be used for steam inhalation, massage or general body use to reduce the activities of bacteria and viruses  that make us sick and that is what I do and it has helped improve  my health generally and reduced frequency of illnesses and infections.


In addition to the above, moderate exercise, avoiding late meals, try to rest as much as possible, getting adequate sleep is also something I am forcing my elf to improve on.  Without enough sleep almost everything goes wrong, irrespective of the amount of healthy foods we consume.


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