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Wednesday 7 June 2023

This is my Best Vegetable for Blood Sugar, Ulcers and Reverse Aging



Day by day research is coming up with evidence that most natural  foods can actually give us permanent cure and solution when it comes to managing some ailments, we have all the time  blamed several factors for our challenges but we now know that we are actually what we eat most of these  conditions are caused by food choices and lifestyles.   I just recently found out that this simple vegetable often neglected is great for managing blood sugar,  helping heal stomach ulcers, and making the skin look youthful, I am talking about okra popularly known as ladies fingers.

Here are my top latest reasons for including okra as one of my most regularly consumed vegetable among the veggies though I didn't use to like   soups with slippery mucilage before now,  but today because of what it offers and the support to my health and well-being I have chosen okra as one of the top veggies for the following reasons:

1.  Managing Diabetes:

 Although the case of  diabetes especially type 2  is something that every older adult should beware  of.   It is not necessary to wait to be diagnosed of diabetes before taking precaution and choosing our food carefully,  More so, if you have a family history of diabetes or you are more than 45 or 50 years old,  then you should get enough  information on how to manage blood sugar and begin to apply them on daily basis because whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, or whether you have the family history or not your insulin response  is declining day by day and that is why we need to include foods that help support our insulin response and resist diabetes as much as possible.   Okra is one of such foods I have found out lately,  because of the nature of this vegetable which is unique among others, I think the mucilag helps to cover the intestine thereby  preventing sudden spike in blood sugar.  Some persons do soak it and drink for extreme cases of diabetes, while  some testified  soaking it with garlic but merely using it to cook regularly gives result and that is how I I have been using it.   Add it to your  soup and then you will notice that your sugar level will not go overboard when you consume it but they pair with other ingredients and spices as well I also do include garlic in all my soups and stews.  Always consume  it with less carbohydrates and you will  notice that your sugar is always normal and  you will feel okay and strong.

 2.  Managing Stomach Ulcers:   

Those who are looking for natural was  to heal and manage  stomach ulcers  should also try  including  okra because it provides relief instantly especially if you do not overcook the okra and you are careful not  to add  much of spice,  you will feel relief .  When you take okra if you have a fresh ulcer wound, it always hard to find a soothing food but okra is one of them.   I  have experienced it before, it becomes almost difficult to find a food that can calm your tummy without stressing you  and besides it is a is rich in calcium,  low calcium level  seems to make almost every health condition worse and that is the case with many of us. Just using it to cook regularly can even give result.  It is the way I have been using it most of the times, though  in extreme cases of other conditions people soak it overnight as I have heard or learnt and then include garlic or other items  but when you use it  to cook you will observe a relief and a gradual healing that will last. 

3.   Calcium Rich: 

Calcium is an important electrolyte that we need daily, therefore, any food that is a rich source of calcium should  be embraced because of its importance in the body and how badly we  will need it even at all levels.  For brain support heart health,  we need calcium for daily activity and it is for this particular reason I'm in love with okra as part of my regular vegetable and besides that each time I consume soup made with  okra I normally have a good night sleep and sleep that will last indicating that  calcium is supplied. On several occasions,  when we have low calcium, we have to wake up at night and may not be able to go back to sleep that is often the case with a lot of people unknown to them.  if you suffer all such experience try cooking with okra with other veggies most likely,  you will notice that was your sleep will be sustained and because the sugar also is controlled high sugar also may be contributing to such an  interrupted sleep when you can no longer go back to sleep but you didnt know why sometimes several other things including low calcium in the body,  abnormal blood sugar levels, including high blood pressure and this particular vegetable is good in all of the these that is one of the reason  I am  loving it and I can't just stop.

4.  Dealing with Yeast Overgrowth 

Often times, we want to reduce the number of yeasts in our bodies, but  it is often a mistake when we try to destroy these yeasts  with drugs especially antibiotics, it is better to reduce their number and or reduce their activity than  trying to eliminate them entirely which is a mission impossible.  Including okra in your food regularly or adding it to your soups  will  not only starve them but  help reduce their number when you starve them,  this is one of the smart ways to do it  by reducing sugar in your diet and including foods that will feed  your healthy cells such as okra most of the yeast will die off after being starved for sometime.   In addition to helping reduce their number,  okra also helps to feed the healthy cells and provide a healthy gut environment for the healthy cells to survive as a matter of fact it is not always a soup  I used to love though a lot of people testify their  love okra soup but I am forced to love it  because of my health and  health benefits it offers.

5.  Maintenance Healthy Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol usually give no symptom to  many people but it is necessary to always embrace foods that will help increase good cholesterol levels because high cholesterol is dangerous to heart health and the  entire  body because most health complications are re enforced by the presence of cholesterol blocking the arteries  or attaching to some valves preventing the heart from pumping blood freely.  it could also lead to heart attack in some cases or stroke so it is good to include foods like okra in our diet to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and not allow low density cholesterol to overpower the good cholesterol which may pose health challenges to us.

6.  Weight Loss 

Interestingly,  this food is great for weight loss too, if you take okra soup regular, and you are losing planning to lose weight you will notice that you  will hardly feel hungry on time which is a tool that supports weight loss, in this way,   it regulates blood sugar in not making you feel hungry you will lose weight because you won't have the urge to always be munching on something this is very interesting when you are considering food choices to make in favour of weight loss. Obesity is gradually on the increase and loosing  weight  is a major challenge today .  A lot of people have weight issues because of our lifestyles, food choices too.   Include okra in your food  regularly is a positive step in meeting up with this challenge.  Use it to make soup and other vegetables and eat enough moderately and you will notice that there will be a gradual and healthy weight loss in a few weeks . Okra keeps you fuller for longer  that you won't have any need to munch on anything .  I think this  sound encouraging to weight watchers.

7.  Constipation 

Okra is also great for constipation especially when you combine it with onions and other low-calorie vegetables it works well to provide fibre which is needed to help pull out toxins out of the colon and this supports our overall health when the colon is cleansed and there is no constipation issue then health is guaranteed because toxic overload  is one of the worst immune killers.   When these toxins are trapped in without going out,   combining it  with other vegetables helps  provide sufficient soluble and insoluble fibre also which comes from other things added , you will notice a feeling of wellness when the constipation is  dealt with, so if you feel constipated regularly try adding okra with other vegetables.

8.  Beautiful Skin:  

No one actually wants to age too fast this is my own finding,  I myself don't want to age too fast.  For this reason okra has become part of my regular diet,  though it is a seasonal food but whenever it is in season I try to enjoy it as much as possible and even looking for a way to plant it and allow it all round the season in my garden this is what I am considering or see whether the dried ones can be as potent as the fresh okra because I do see the dried versions also hoping to give it a try one of these days though I know that fresh versions of everything are always the best and okra cannot be left out.   In the  absence of the fresh okra I may still try the dried okra which are usually available around here I believe it will still have a few nutrients left in it.

9.  Asthmatics:

Though I am not an asthmatic, what I have heard from people who tried it for this purpose in moderation is that it reduced the frequency of attacks so in this case if you are asthmatic you may try to include it in moderation because I have not personally used it for this purpose but I'm sharing this because of testimonies I've had that it improved may not be the cure though, but as long as our immune is supported and inflammations reduced, there will definitely be a positive result in all facets of our health including asthmatic conditions  With those who have not tried it before,  there is no harm also in trying you may give it a try if you are asthmatic and give us your feedback.

10.  Eyes Health:  I have also personally experienced improvement in my eyes health each time I consume okro soup with lots of onions and added waterleaf and little tomatoes and cayenne pepper.  You may give it a try too, you  may notice a reduction in your eyes pressure especially if you read  and write a lot like myself.

11.  Supports Good Health Blood Pressure

Being  a source of magnesium It supports  good and healthy blood pressure levels , makes a good addition for those who are managing high blood pressure because it is a good source of magnesium, good source of iron,  vitamin K and other  amino acids that are needed to help regulate blood pressure. it is important to include good sources of magnesium if you are dealing with blood pressure,  potassium also and soups like okra is a great addition ,  Being a source of too, it may help also to reduce cases of anaemia which may occur with people who are avoiding a lot of food for health reasons so okra is a great food if to  reduce cases of anemia,  high blood pressure and then other health conditions like bone problems too,

11. Summary:  It is important to note that,  this healthy food should be consumed with caution also, I have tried to consume large quantity of it and the experience was not a sweet one.  it is even very worse when you consume large amount of okra soup  with other resistant carbs or hard proteins,  it goes well with easily digestible foods like fish, onions, cayenne peppers , garlic, fermented condiments like iru, ogiri etc.  

Moderate Portions : You must consider the moderate portions when consuming okra in your soup, Never overdo it, because you wont like the experience. 

Avoid consuming it as a late Night Food:  This is an aspect you must guard against when consuming okra because you wont also like the experience, it is best consumed at least 3  or 2 hours before bed, it will keep you till morning unless you have need to any fluid before bed but not any solid or carbohydrate again.  Okra is too loaded to carry another food along at night.

Avoid it with large resistant Carbs:

It is also important to avoid consuming it with large amount of carbohydrates,  that is my own advice when consuming this medicinal veggie.   Best consume okra with foods that are less likely to contend with okra during digestion because it works slowly  and does not give room for large starchy foods.  For those who like to take lots of swallow like eba, foo foo, they should reduce the quantity when they are consuming okra soup with it so that you will get the benefits because the focus should be on the nutrients  loaded in the okra soup and not in the swallow as some of us  usually do.  If you consume ladies fingers the right way and quantity, you confirm that it is one of the healthiest among the veggies


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