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Saturday 17 June 2023

Here are my Top 7 Healthiest Fats to kill fat



If you have been looking for how to burn fat or lose weight then I have these 7 foods for you. It is always easier to accumulate fat than to lose fat. Loosing fat requires a lot of discipline exercising , and then moderation in your diet,  including controlling the portion but it also requires understanding what actually can kill the fat. It is easier to accumulate body than to kill it as I put it , Usually when fat has already settled in the body it is always difficult to melt them or dissolved them, they  just stuck to the body and to the walls of the intestine.   We all  know the dangers of  excess fat and body weight.  Excess fat and obesity is already becoming a global problem today. I happen to be in this category of grossly obese and overweight persons before,   but understanding the principle of losing weight has helped me and here are the top 7 foods if you want to lose weight and keep it off because it is one thing to lose the fat and another thing to keep them off. 

Some people go to the gym and take off fat and then after sometime they are back again with even twice the size, some also try to fast, I mean abstaining from food for sometime which is okay but after a few time they are back again to the same size or even more but  here are the 7  foods and tricks you should incorporate into your diet if you have the problem of weight gain or  overweight as was my case.

1.  Boiled Egg:  

Yes, you heard me right boiled egg  is one of the top foods for weight loss.  It is low in calorie and rich in nutrients this is one of the reasons why I recommend it for those who want to lose weight especially belly fat. if you are looking for how to lose weight you must also look for fatty foods that can keep you fuller for  longer    Foods that are loaded with nutrients that can keep your body in shape.  You must avoid foods that are high in calorie despite being high in calorie some of them are even nutrient deficient they don't have significant quantity of beneficial nutrients needed by the body on a daily basis but egg is one of them but you must ensure not to  boil the egg you can porch it but do not fry it any method of cooking that introduces additional oil or fat into  your egg will defeat the purpose and you will not loose weight but rather gain weight because it has its own natural occurring cholesterol and fat which research has shown does not increase bad cholesterol

2.  Cold Pressed Coconut oil

Cold pressed coconut oil is one of the top foods for those who want to lose weight.  Cold pressed  coconut oil is not only a metabolism-boosting food but it is a disease-fighting food it is high in saturated fat we know but these are beneficial fats.   it is a source of real fats that occur in nature.   it is a source of lauric acid, papric  acid and medium chain fatty acids and little omega-3 fats.   These are fats for disease-fighting, these are fats that boosts metabolism they are fats that does not clog  arteries, Additionally, unlike others they do not also increase bad cholesterol.  I have tested cold pressed coconut oil for burning belly fat it is particularly good for stubborn belly fat.  If you desire to burn  stubborn belly fat, you will benefit by including cold pressed coconut oil take it on empty stomach about half tablespoon on empty  stomach first thing in the morning after your water therapy or last thing at night before bed it also helps improve sleep quality and quantity.  if you try it for about 2 weeks you will notice a reduction in your belly size but you must also beware  of other oils and fats in your diet so that you do not continue to consume them in the same quantity and amount as this will  increase overall oil and fat in the body thereby defeating the purpose making you not able to get  expected result.

3. Avocadoes

Another top oil and fat is  avocados.  Avocado is  one of the nutrient dense foods.  Though it is very high in calorie but it is also very dense in nutrition.  The profile of avocados is not easy to find in other fruits because of density of nutrition, it is able to burn fat not just belly fat but overall body fat and body mass.  Consuming only  avocados is enough, because  it is a food on its  own as I often will say some of us like to take it along with bread or with other starchy foods as some people say they eat it with potatoes, yams, bread or other starches, but  know that if you need this food to burn fat for you just consume it alone.  If you must consume it with any  other food let it be low calorie foods of veggies like the cucumbers ,apples or eggs which has more protein than the avocados but don't pair it with other calorie-dense foods, majorly carbohydrates and sugars if you need to get results if you need it to deliver as a fat-burning food you must eat it this way

4  Cold pressed olive 

Cold pressed olive oil is another food or oil with good profile for fat burning.Does not only increase metabolism but also reduces bad cholesterol some parts are made worse by the presence of bad cholesterol which makes the fat even difficult to be melted cold pressed coconut oil has leak good profile of monounsaturated polyunsaturated and all kinds of fat that is needed in the right amount for body functioning and then to help destroy the unhealthy fats which makes us fat generally.   include 1 tsp of cold pressed olive oil in your diet do not cook it .  Do not cook with it as long as it is cold pressed but just take it on an empty stomach I always recommend it on empty stomach so that it will have direct contact with the fat and then to burn it since the fat are usually stubborn fat and  not easy to pull out from where they have stuck onto the walls of  the stomach  so you need to take it best on empty stomach to help it to deliver result.

5. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish or  fish  oil like those found in sardines salmons, Titus, mackerel and other similar fishes  or fish oil  capsules are great for those aiming to burn  fat generally.  These categories of fatty fish are great for burning fat and reducing cholesterol too.  In trying to  burn fat  we need to understand that we  need fat to destroy fat  in a healthy way.  We  do not need to abstain from food totally as some of us do because the body will suffer for it you.  All you need  do is to  abstain from unhealthy fats,  you need to abstain from carbohydrates, need to  reduce   too much sugary  and processed foods but include healthy fats.    Healthy fats  can help you to burn fat faster while  ensuring you do not miss out on important nutrients.  I prefer to use sardines without the oil, or fish oil  in this regard  and occasionally fresh  Titus fish in my cooking. 

6. African Walnut

 African walnut is a seasonal nut but a source of  healthy fats it's  particularly rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which is great for heart health.  It is also a source of vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant for heart.   So if you need to lose fat especially the unhealthy fats like cholesterol which  is an unhealthy fat,  this particular food is particularly good in breaking down  and destroying  bad cholesterol so you can include it moderately in your diet especially when it is  in season.  5 or 6 in a day is okay.  Remember that it is also a blood-thinning food I have used it on several occasions and noticed that when you consume high amount of it, it  is not going to be pleasant with you so you have to consume it moderately and best consumed during the  day is okay and the best  time is  morning or afternoon because it is a brain food such foods I recommend to be eating in the morning or during the day so that you will have a good night's sleep,  you have a quality sleep so that it will have circulated  down to the brain or else it will work the other way.   I observe that most brain  foods when taken at night instead of helping to improve  sleep it will disturb it other such fools like yam,  garden egg that I know to be brain  foods when taken at night they deliver just the opposite result.  So take your walnut moderately at the right time and you will notice a reduction in your size because itv also helps to prevent the urge to want to eat frequently.

7.  Almonds

Almond is another  nutrient-dense food which contains healthy  fat profiles that helps to burn fat  reduce cholesterol and helps you stay fuller for longer and in doing this the overall body mass is reduced but you must take it in small amount if you take in large amount, you won't enjoy it.   if you ignore the size and take too much you will not like the effect because they are tiny, I mean  not so large in size  but very dense in nutrition and these are qualities of foods that are used in burning fat.   I usually like to eat it last thing at night because it is  able to keep me full till day break and waking up with a smaller size.   Remember to always soak your  almond for at least 7 hours before taking it as I do mind and take not more than 5or 6 in a day   depending on the size and your size.   It is a good source of calcium and magnesium too which supports heart health.  

Calcium and  Magnesium is particularly good for those with high blood pressure who may have been avoiding other inflammatory foods  like peanuts they can switch to  almond in moderation because of its heart supporting nutrients and blood pressure and supporting nutrients.  It is also   great food for those with diabetes those who are managing diabetes can also enjoy this nut.  like I usually like to take it last thing at night without any spike in blood sugar in the morning .  It supports good sleep due to the presence of calcium and magnesium if you take the right amount after soaking.  The soaking and removal of the peels makes for easy digestion.


In addition to the above facts  there are several other foods that can help you if you are  looking for how  to lose weight in addition to moderate exercise, examples are: Apple cider vinegar, fennel seeds tea, cumin tea,  green apple fruit.  cucumbers,   cabbage is a good fat burner but it comes with sugar so you have to eat cautiously.  All Green vegetables too, moringa seed too are good for those who want to burn fat you can also include fruits like oranges in moderation, lemons and lime.  All  the citrus family are good for burning fat but you must take cautiously. but the best way to lose fat and keep them off for good is using healthy  fats as stated above because they will also help to support your heart health which is also very important when we are trying to lose fat you must also be conscious of our heart health so burning fat off and  keeping them off is the essence of using healthy fats to achieve result.  Moderation is our rule.


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