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Friday 16 June 2023

Cancer Cases on the Increase?. My Thoughts Part 2

7.  Poor Nutrition: 

Before now nutrition was taught in schools,   children began to know the importance of nutrition while they were  in Elementary schools but today most of these things have been taken out of our curriculum unless you are going to the higher college or university to learn nutrition or all of that which in my view shouldn't be so because before we get to college or universities the damage must have been done already to our  body if we have been eating poorly and what does eating poorly mean.  It simply  means  not consuming  balanced nutrition.  Some people do not consider protein in their diet I have  always reminded us that  protein is the building block but a lot of people I see around  eat some type of combination of foods that surprises me.  I mean  combination of two carbohydrates foods together by a mature adult, the more  shocking  aspect is that highly educated persons are involved too. We  need more education and enlightenment. What you see around and the reason may partly be due to lack of government participation and support  if they knew what damage this type of food combination  can cause I am sure they wouldn't be doing it.  A lot of people eat whatever comes their way they don't consider mineral composition they don't consider healthy fats,  they don't consider  the presence  of protein for building new cells they don't consider vitamin C they don't consider anything they just eat so when we eat like this, the body suffers and our body is smart in a way because when the nutrient is lacking in one aspect or one part of the body it goes to search for it somewhere else in the body,  it must get it somewhere and when that happens, the other one begins to suffer and as long as we do not bring in food or  nutrients from food to supply what is missing,  if it continues for a very long time the other cell may begin to  die because, the surviving cell has taken up what it needed to survive and that is what I think most time that causes cancer too. 

Most times, we   usually continue bringing in more sugary foods,  more carbohydrates in our daily diet, then surviving or dominant cell which may be the Cancer will be growing fat and while  healthy cells are dying because we are not bringing in new healthy foods with   the nutrients they need to stay alive most of the things we are bringing in as starch, carbohydrate, sugars are chemicals and all of that so these  cells begins to die, because they are being starved  while the unhealthy cells are being fed fat, oh!what ignorance.   So as they grow, they cause inflammations and you will begin to feel the pain because they are not ordained by God to do any job in our body. They begin to manifest their works and grow till they destroy the life of their Host.    They will keep going until the cancer is diagnosed and you  begin to look for how to cut it off,  and of course most of them when you cut off, because they have  become very strong starts growing again as long as food is coming in and that is why I pray that God will keep us, everyone of us and Grant us the Grace to stop feeding diseases through  what we eat sometimes because  of food  craving.   We are all in it together  I am  a victim of what I'm saying, imagine still chewing  on biscuits occasionally,   on bread, still munch on some of the unhealthy foods even though we know that they are not good for our health we still take crave for them. May God grant us the Grace to abstain totally so that there will be no room for cancers in our bodies that's My Prayer.

8. Toxins in the Environment: 

 You will agree with me that, there are too much toxins everythwere, even the air we breathe in and that is why it gladdens my heart a little that there is this global awareness on  climate change and planting of trees at least to help restore some of these things that are gradually going out of our environment due to  too much modernization to the point that the trees that helps to give us fresh breeze, oxygens, most of them are not even in the environment anymore and so you discover that those  that live in the suburbs or villages where they are closer to nature,  trees and grasses tend to enjoy a healthier body, they tend to grow older when you look for a very older,  aged women and men are mostlt  our villages you will find them.  What the city offers is mostly toxins in the village they are closer to nature they are closer to pure water, they are closer to trees and breathe in better oxygen than than yhosevpf us in the cities, where we have  los of machines bringing out fumes, generators everywhere especially these days.  Our  so called  electricity is  nowhere to be found, we therefore  inhale all these fumes whether we like it or not.  Vehicles all over,  hold ups, everyone pumping out his or her own toxin into the same very air that me and you are breathing so what do you expect I am also tending  to believe that if we find a solitary environment to stay where we have trees and other natural vegetations I am of the view that it may make a better and safer abode.  it is better,  if you have opportunity to own a building there, so that we can age graciously and avoid  cancers and all kinds of diseases that come with toxins. Engaging with nature  and  in  more natural activities.   My view  is that this  may also  contribute to decrease in the growth of cancers today.

9.  Stress:

Though this may seem like an unimportant point but you may not understand  the place of stress unless you have experience the extreme form of it before.   

It was my experience based  on stress that has made me  add this point. Extreme stress  causes insomnia,  and prolonged insomnia leads to breakdown of immunity which also  causes high blood pressure, causes high blood sugar, brain damage,  inflammations and all kinds of  ailments including cancers. No doubt, there is too much stress in our Society today despite all the efforts being made to reduce stress but surprisingly the more efforts are  made to reduce stress by providing refrigerators and things to preserve our food, airconditioners, fans, washing machines and other things to make us relax,  providing electronics and other gadgets that can help us relax and reduce stress.  but shockingly the more these efforts are made, it surprises me that the more stress is on the increase it even appears that some of them are adding up to more stress, example is  something like social media and Internet.   

It gives me a lot of concern seeing growing children, teenagers and adults engaged in all kinds of social media activites like taking  night bundles which takes off the sleep hours thereby increasing stress.  We tend to spend more hours on the screen than is expected or allowed because we want to get a living or a source of survival from what we are doing so we do exceed even the recommended hours for screen time. Some other people also go through some  kind of marital stress a lot of people have committed suicide, which may have started as a kind of mental stress, truly speaking suicide appears to be  on the increase,  because of depression a lot of people are highly depressed even young children in schools have taken their own lives because of depression and stress so how do we solve this problem of stress it affects health in a lot of ways, psychological stress, physical stress, emotional stress,  financial stress, social media stress, family stress in children stress,  because children of today are not like the children of yesteryears when children were so obedient to their parents and their parents could easily guide them but today what you know they can "Google it  they usually say"what do you think you want to tell them they even tell you they know more than you so all these things poses danger and stress especially to parents so the increase on the stress brings also frustration and when people are frustrated nothing works even when you eat well the food  does not seem to work so the end or resultant effect is having tendency for growth, inflammations that could degenerate to cancers.  May God help us in this regard because it's something that many of us cannot just  easily  get out of it.

10.  Ungodly Life: 

Departing from our source. From our maker has even compounded our problems.  There are some diseases that come upon us because of our ungodly life, the more we live our lives carelessly,  the more we provoke God and the Holy Book declares, that God is angry with the wicked every day.  It is wickedness to depart from our maker and engage in the things He has admonished us to abstain from.  God's anger can also open door of diseases and dreaded ones like cancer.  May God heal those who are already in the pains and grant us grace to live a life worthy of Him so that sicknesses and diseases will be far away from us.  


We can reduce the risk of cancer and other inflammatory conditions by imbibing healthy life, avoid toxins as much as we can, such ones we can control like smoking we can control that, reduce use of chemical product, eating healthy, exercising and maintaining stable emotion.  The other ones in the environment  if we cannot relocate to a less toxic area, we trust God to do those beyond us.


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