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Wednesday 21 June 2023

It was a Stroke, He survived it (Part 2)

It is the 5th day of the Stroke attack and the BP this morning was 152/77, Still working on it to sustain the drop.  Here are some tricks, foods and herbs that he has been on and that may have helped:


Take out Milk. Meat and high carbohydrates

Reduce portion of foods but increase quality so as to achieve weight loss if the person affected added weight or is on the fat side

No medications, or drugs, even multivitamins or supplements were all suspended.  My reason is because, the tension and pressure existing in the body may not accommodate additional load whatsoever.

Morning walkout became mandatory at least 20 minutes, before now.  It was not part of his lifestyle 

Proper covering especially the feet at night became mandatory too to avoid coldness which may reduce blood circulation leading to another  or follow up attack.

Proper hydration daily. In addition to water therapy, liquids  featured at least twice daily or more in the diet.

More blood thinners were introduced daily like

Garlic, ginger, tumeric, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon  and onions were mildly increased in the diet and salts removed except sea salt in moderation.

The soursop leaves tea that led to the crash was exchanged with hibiscus flower tea on the 4th day.  The reason is if you continue with soursop for too long because of the swift result, the individual may also suffer nerve issues, Pomegranate tea was introduced in moderation so as to support the nerved which soursop tea does not provide.  Also other blood pressure reducing foods.  

As continue to monitor the blood pressure, pomegranate is on ground already to help clean up arteries too because nerves were seriously affected and damaged already.  This may require further  medical investigation to determine the extent of the damage while monitoring the reading, however one  assurance we have is that if the crash in the blood pressure is sustained for up to 8 weeks, some  existing may improve and heal completely.

Breakfast usually

Starts with warm water therapy and chewed about 2 cloves of garlic on empty stomach , Light  oats, millet pap but usually mixed with Dates powder, tigernut power and sometines soaked chia seeds in side the oats but not a daily.

Midday, green vegetables with little red oil and peanut oil, local fermented condiments, iru, crayfish in small amount because its a source of sodium: 

Vegetables used interchangeably are ewedu, efirin, ugu, waterleaf, Bitterleaf, okra and tomatoes.

Before bed.  A drink of either hibiscus tea, pomegranate tea, or soursop and guava leaves  tea boiled together as tea


Mostly mornings or before the main meal of the day  are:

Green apples,  cucumbers, citrus, carrots and bananas in moderation

2 moringa seeds daily on some days, he took the moringa seeds in the evening if not taken in the morning.

Carbohydrates in the diet

Sweet potatoes with other vegetables in moderation

Unsweetened pure cocoa was also added occasionally to the breakfast because of magnesium and its a blood thinner too.

Oats and Fermented Millet 

Bananas 🍌 in moderation

Coco pure  were added  to  to the oats to raise magnesium in the body  while the fruits and particularly citrus were added to help in alkalizing the body because excess acid also contributes to complications when managing High blood pressure.   It is important to know that it is not advisable  only to focus on a particular herb that has worked but we must also focus on other aspects of herbs and foods that  will help the body regain its balance and in this case. Cucumbers, apples and citrus were used, though there are always others like celery, watermelon, but you may not always have all at your disposal.

So here are the foods that were used to reduce acid level because this is an area that a lot of us go wrong,  they focus on lowering the blood pressure without focusing on reducing acid in the body. Without also focusing on cleaning the arteries which is partly the job of pomegranate and to strenghten the muscles which was weak too. Acidic body makes the situation worse and while we are doing that we must also work to maintain the blood sugar and that was the  sense in adding soursop live together with guava leaves.  Guava Leaf lowers  blood sugar and does other works too including fighting inflammations and while balancing hormones too.   So just few leaves but more of the Soursop leaves about five or six of the soursop leaves. 

Protein in the diet. 

Here are the protein in the diet.  Back eyed cowpea prepared with pumpkin leaves, cayenne pepper onions, garlic, ginger, cinnamon organic peanut oil, red palm oil, crayfish and tumeric

Boil egg every other day

Almond nuts,  


green vegetables

fermented local condiments


Roasted Sesame seeds 

Calcium in the diet

Tigernut powder

Soaked Almond

Sesame Seeds

Chia Seeds


Calcium in the diet is also critical when managing high blood pressure

The massage has continued with a reduction in the BP which has continued which has been maintained or sustained.   Reading in the evening usually151 which is quite impressive after the evening meal and taking a glass of hibiscus tea so an hour after the meal it has come to this point and we  are sustained by the grace of God with body massage and all the other foods.  In coming days other foods and fruits will be introduced as we must continue for the body to regain its balance internally. foods that has been suggested above I believe those that are going through high blood pressure may learn some lessons from this.   Do not neglect checking your blood pressure, do not expose yourself to cold and if you do,do something fast to keep yourself warm again and take some warm tea like soursop tea hibiscus tea you can combine with guava leaf tea you can also take tumeric and ginger tea in a way to keep the body warm so as to prevent reduction in blood circulation which can give rise to complications leading to stroke.  It is also important to watch our diet and ensure we do not consume too much of saturated fat as you can see also in this case we should also not be comfortable with being overweight.   We are already aware that  excess body weight is also a factor that can open door for an attack.

Lessons learnt from the experience 

High blood pressure if not controlled can lead to complications of stroke, which is even more frightening.

High blood pressure is reversible using natural foods and herbs.

Main lessons I want to leave as a result of this is that it is possible to manage High blood pressure using natural means if you know what to do.   Do not be discouraged  and do not be afraid it is not a death sentence if you have high blood pressure, natural foods and herbs can reverse and sustain it but you need adequate knowledge and guidance too, and by the Grace of God you will surely get result not only result but a sustainable one.  Note also that there are other remedies apart from these ones used in this case


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