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Saturday 10 June 2023

Know the Difference between the Green Apple and the other Colours.

 The difference between green apples and red apples  is not something many of us seem to worry about, though  it is worth knowing.   Truly speaking, it may not seem so much  important but it is always good to  know because I have always made mention of green apples in most of my write-ups and posts.  it is because it is my own choice among the apples. the presence of malic acid which helps to destroy to destroy some yeasts activities as well makes the green apple stand out for me, besudes the vitamin C helps to  fight some bacterias.

 Consuming the brown or red apples you will observe that it  is not acidic so much when tested in the mouth as much as the green apple and it seems that it is this acidic taste that makes the green apple to stand out so when next you want to buy Apple maybe you may want to  give the green one  a try because it has something that makes it stand out from the red apples.  One is okay and best on empty stomach.  It is a brain food. I prefer it in the morning or midday, though some do well consuming it at night.


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