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Tuesday 6 June 2023

Why I prefer Yellow Corn and how to enjoy it


Corn is a seasonal food  and  come varying colours, depending on the soil,  yellow ,white and even black and purple colours but I prefer the yellow corn and the reasons are purely due to its nutritional content.  Here are my top five reasons for returning to yellow corn after taking it out of my diet for a few years.  the reasons for making the decision are also given below:

 1.  B Group of Vitamins:  Corn is a source of B group of vitamins for energy, fibre , and some form of sugars,  the yellow corn is special  particularly because it  is a source of beta carotene which makes it stand out and preferred by the health conscious persons  including myself.   if you are thinking of  natural foods with fibre, B vitamins for energy  consider adding  yellow corn in moderation because it is also high in sugar but yellow corn is a source of niacin and Beta carotene which benefits the eyes.  There are five top  reasons why I prefer the yellow corn and how best to enjoy it.

2.  Source of fibre:   Fibre is needed for a healthy digestive tract and also to help clean the colon,  it helps aid digestion and help to moderate blood sugar levels and this is particularly important for pre diabetics and diabetics:  it is a source of good fibre which should be included in the diet of all health-conscious persons especially those managing diabetes.

3.  Beta carotene :  b-carotene is actually great for our eyes and this benefit is one of the main reason why I have returned to yellow corn after deciding to take it out because of its effect on blood sugar especially when consumed in large amounts so but considering the fact that the eyes will continue to degenerate if we do not give it support or consume foods  to support it:   Being an important organ of the body, I had  to go back and start consuming this food but this time I add some protein or healthy fats like peanut, or peanut butter, coconut,  cashew nuts,  or some other nuts to help it  balance the sugar and not to affect blood sugar while also benefiting from the Beta carotene found in the yellow corn.  we will continue deprive ourselves of important and rare nutrients like this if we continue to eliminate every food, we consider not so appropriate for us. 

4.  Tackles Constipation:  \If only we can get rid of constipation by removing those toxins that tends to choke healthy cells if allowed to stay for longer in our system.  \I consider it a good health decision to embrace any food that can help achieve this goal.  It is for this reason also that I rescinded my decision about corn but however narrowed my choice to yellow corn.  

5.  Antioxidants:  Yellow corn is also rich in antioxidants,  and  antioxidant helps to neutralize free radicals and particular to support our energy product and boost our immunity  being a source of other. antioxidants apart from Beta carotene which the body converts to Vitamin A.  It is also a source of niacin which supports brain health.  Avoiding corn because  of  sugar will surely rob us of  nutrients like this  I suggest that older adults should consume yellow in moderation in addition some other healthy fats to support their brain health an that is what I do.  Some prefer to eat it with beans but I prefer going with nuts  because beans can  cause gas and being a source of fibre too, may require extra water for digestion  and beans may not have as much minerals as nuts.

How Best to Enjoy it:  

Take as Roasted, boiled or Fermented fried corn nuts.  You can check out my post on corn nuts It is worthy of note that  corn generally is a natural food that  should be taken in moderation including the yellow corn, it is also a food that should be taken cautiously because of its effect on blood sugar"   it is better to take it as Roasted, boiled or used to make corn uts as I do so as not to leave the fibre out.  Taking it as pap which may older adults prefer will take out the fiber, though it may feel smoother in taste but will not have a better effect on blood sugar. 

Take it with nuts or other healthy fats :  I actually prefer to take it with  few peanuts, cashews or roasted sesame seeds for better blood sugar control and for added protein because protein is the building block.  Besides, it  makes it taste better and also with added nutrients to it because most nuts are richer in  minerals and some nutrients which are not present in the Corn so it is a good addition to make in our diet if you are considering making healthier changes.  Consider including the yellow corn in particular because of the yellow colour and then pair  it with other foods or nuts as I do:

Take it Moderately:  The problem with consuming seasonal foods like corn is too much, if only we can control the portion, the health benefits will amaze us.  So another best way I enjoy it to stay safe is controlling the portion.  One medium soft corn with a few nuts is okay and  when  enjoyed in moderation it helps support colon health, reduce bad cholesterol, Tackle constipation and  tackle constipation generally .

Allow Few Days after each consumption:  Another way to avoid spike in blood sugar is to allow days in between before going for corn again.  if you consume it today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Cumulatively, it will lead to blood sugar increase and weight gain because it is one food that can make you add up fast too,  those who are looking for foods to help them add weight can consume corn or its derivatives regularly for weight gain, weight gain will not support fight against diabetes or other ailments.  

Summary;  It is important to embrace all  natural and seasonal foods in moderation 


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