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Friday 1 December 2023

See why Tumeric is the only spice I use in soups and teas


Some 10 years ago not much was head or known about turmeric we know garlic we know Ginger and other spices but not much though it has been in existence but recently turmeric is becoming a familiar name in most homes because of its ability to fight diseases and numerous other health benefits.  I Began to use Tumeric for a few years now and since then it has been  the only spice I use to add to my  soups and also add in my tea with  ginger tea or lemongrass. it goes well with ginger and lemongrass and occasionally I add a little milk why I  occasionally feel like adding a little milk is  because  tumeric is quite sharp, lemongrass is quite sharp and ginger is quite sharp so whenever I'm consuming sharp foods together I consider it necessary to put a buffer by adding  a buffer like a little milk to avoid triggering feelings of stomach ulcer or hurting the intestinal walls which needs protection and need to be pampered and so recently I have developed much interest in this spice  because of the way it affects my health positively.   Here are some reasons why I use it almost daily in my cooking and use in teas as well.

Improves Blood Circulation 

Improving circulation of blood to all the body parts and cells is very important every day and here is one food that does it well with no calories or fat indeed that is tumeric  I usually pair it with ginger  several times in the week.  It is a great boost for those who are having pains and inflammation, menopausal women who have issues with circulation you need to start including the spice in soups and teas in order to reduce menopausal symptoms which comes with poor blood circulation and other unpleasant feelings  tumeric  belongs to the same family as ginger but I usually like to pair  it together because  research has shown that they work together and Ginger helps its full absorption some prepare to pair it with black pepper but I prefer to use ginger and I'm doing very well with it.

Fights Inflammations 

It helps manage and  fight inflammations at all level, it is one of the biggest challenge we have being able to reduce level of inflammation in the body  some arising from too much sugar consumption, some from fat accumulation and some are even caused by bacteria and so we need to include foods that not only fight bacteria but fights the inflammation and one of the top food spices is turmeric.  Turmeric is a great one when it comes to warding off inflammations and reducing accompanying pains some of the inflammation comes with pains so when  you experiencing pains, you can just make a tea with turmeric adding a little ginger or black pepper whatever you desire but you must be cautious when pairing two foods that are sharp together because of signs or feelings of stomach ulcers it may trigger such feelings like  ulcers pains or the one that has already been  healed may also be working for a come back.

Supports Liver Health

This is one of the best benefits of turmeric.  It is a great  support for  this important organ that is involved in fat metabolism and oils doing other jobs as well.   We need to support it with foods like tumeric that  will help to reduce fat in the liver it will also help to destroy some bacteria,  viruses and fungi is as well.

Reduce Blood Pressure

I also personally noticed a drop in blood sugar when we consume turmeric,  ginger and maybe lemongrass I also do  add turmeric,  ginger and cinnamon on some occasions as tea and it's normally also shows drop in  blood pressure because all the anti-inflammatory foods also has a way of toning down blood pressure and tumeric is one of such top anti-inflammatory spices and the effect of this  is to reduce high blood pressur,  high blood sugar and other inflammatory conditions.  We know that inflammation actually helps to fuel disease and makes condition worse or cause complications so any food that helps to fight inflammation is always a boost for the health of the individual and that is why I always include it in my soups and then take it as too as well

Taste Enhancer for Soups and Stews

It is also a powerful kitchen taste enhance for my soups and stews.  You do not have need to look for bullion cubes or other artificial taste enhancers.    if you have tumeric powder mixed with ginger powder and add cinnamon powder it's a great test enhancer and offers  a boost to our health as well and it helps to manage a lot of other conditions when you pair these three together and add to your soups and stews, you will surely notice an improvement in your  overall health your blood sugar and  in your blood pressure and your immune system generally.

Aids Digestion:

Aging and supporting digestion is another aspect of this spice that I love so much as we age and get older our digestive system is slowed down and most times may need assistance and support, so adding to your  in the  soups  or taking them as tea after the meal is also a great way to support digestion and that is one of the reasons I use it daily because our food must be digested for it to be absorbed and because this is an important part of our life I use it daily,  it helps digestion and then in the process is also help to support colon health by not allowing the food to stay long it helps to move the bowel as a matter of fact so that the waste  goes out i good time. In this  sense it supports  detox and helps the body to move out the toxins. and it all begins with digestion after the food is digested and is also carried around through circulation which tumeric is also involved in and then at the point of excretion also the ability to push your stomach to move and then push the colon as well is very important in maintaining a healthy body because without a clean colon. We cannot enjoy a healthy body.


Tumeric offers a lot of boost to our health in almost all areas, such as brain health, heart health, reducing aging, improving sleep, warding off cold symptoms and numerous other benefits but we must still consume moderately, too much is bad and may hurt the kidney.


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