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Thursday 30 November 2023

6 Food Categories to Avoid, as you Shop this End of Year


The end of the year  is a period of Celebrations and a lot of shoppings go on and by the end of November a lot of shops and stores at home are  already filled up with goods bought for the family members, for visitors, for pets and for various other entertainment purposes.  It is also a period when most people fall sick, it  is a period when a lot of people also visit hospitals for various treatments and complaints, the reason is obvious you are what you eat.   During the period of your  shopping, there are important things to bear in mind, know things to buy and things to avoid and so in this short article, here are six items to avoid or buy less this season in order to avoid visiting the hospital and to improve your health and that of members of your family.

1.  Bouillon  Cubes:  

Bouillon cubes come in different shapes, sizes and brands and they are mostly used to enhance the taste of our meal and nothing more than this as claimed.  A lot of us have also  come  to the conclusion  that their meals are  never palatable unless sweetened with this artificial taste enhancers mostly especially Bouillon cubes.   There are very various ways to make your food palatable without using or including bullion cubes.   These artificial taste enhancers  are loaded with salt, preservatives and sometimes flavorings and other additives that trigger inflammation or suppress our immunity and that is why we should avoid bouillon cubes.   if you have already started shopping for your end-of-year celebration take out these cubes and other artificial taste enhancers and replace it with lots of garlic,  ginger, tumeric  fresh or dried, Sea salt and cinnamon.   Several other spices are great for you including onions.    These are healthy taste enhancers  that can naturally bring out the taste of your meal without any of these dangerous chemicals put together in form of taste enhancers.

2.  Carbonated Drinks:

These  drinks are filled  with lots of sugar,  chemical, and   carbon to preserve it.  The main ingredients is water and people usually rush for it to quench thirst.   They do not actually have nutritive value to enhance or better our health but a lot of people like them as a refreshment as a fast food or drink something over-the-counter you can easily or quickly use to quench your thirst but during this season also a lot of people stock  them  in their refrigerators,  in their kitchen stores and everywhere for all to drink freely including children.   These carbonated drinks are sponsors of inflammations, if you're already going through any kind of pains or inflammations you will observe that each time you take these drinks because they are usually quite high in simple sugars, your pain increases these are obvious signs that they are not healthy for you and so why stock them during the season.   Do not even give them to your children, some people say I won't take it but let the children take them no my dear if you cannot take it don't give to your children let their body start getting used to healthy foods you can make your own homemade drink using natural ingredients like hibiscus flower tea which is anti-inflammatory and you can also flavour it with your pineapple juice or pineapple barks or other natural sweeteners and stock them in your fridge and use it to refresh yourself and your family while also adding nutrition to your body instead of chemicals this and other natural juice can help you avoid the temptation of drinking the carbonated drinks.  You can also make your orange juice, you can make a lot of juice at home and enjoy with your loved ones  for the season and avoid these carbonated drinks they come in different forms, sizes, brand,  packaging and all kinds of beautiful Commercials to make it appealing to our eyes and so if you want to enjoy hospital free end-of-year then stay away or stop stocking these carbonated drinks, they are not your friends they are immune killers and  suppressors.

3.  Vegetables Oils with Transfats:

We all cook with oils on a daily basis and we need it,  it makes our food to taste nice and now that  the holiday is  approaching talking of the yuletide season the end-of-year holiday at the period of celebration a lot of people are also focused on buying vegetable oils and a lot of these oils are pushed out into the market with beautiful labels and packaging but you have to open your eyes and shine it this season.  Avoid vegetable oils with trans-fats they are stressors they are difficult to digest they also sponsor inflammations they are not your hearts friends as is often written. On some of them you syllabus like heart-friendly, cholesterol friendly it they are neither of these you need only healthy fats if you are in doubt of the oil to buy go for red palm oil you can get olive oil if you are managing any health condition because it has  better profile for  managing diseases you can also get organic peanut oil and cold pressed coconut oil around you in case you think you need oil and other oil you can also buy fish oil .  If you can't get fish oil you can get the supplement and when you must have taken your meal and you think you need some  fat, let it be only the healthy ones. Fish oil  is a good one and you can also stuck around you to support your cholesterol levels to  help your bones, your teeth, your heart too instead of these vegetable oils with trans fat

4.  Refined Table Salt

Yes, this fourth one may look like a surprise to many but it is possible for you to stay away from refined table salt for this season even if it's to give yourself a treat and look for a better salt that is not acidic like white refined salt.  You can go for  sea salt or Himalayan pink salt because salt is so important in our diet it is also something that a lot of people are already stocking and buying to stock  in their kitchens to use in cooking why not look for seasalt with over 82 micronutrients instead of just refine table salt  that looks more appealing to the eyes but has just  2 nutrients as against 82.  We believe in prevention you can go for a better salt.   if not all the time but for this season and then have a taste of it to see what it looks like, you use it to cook,  it brings out the natural taste in your meal without adding chemicals, it has several other benefits including supporting your body with the micro nutrients that  it needs for a strong immunity.   Due tonits numerous health benefits, you need to have sea salt always at home it's an electrolyte and sometimes you may need it also as a home remedy during this season.  It  is a home remedy for a lot of things including chronic constipation, weakness, oral problems, toothaches and oral problems you can use it to gargle with warm water so it's one of the foods that you also  need to keep around you this season as you shop around go for sea salt instead of refined table salt.

5.  Canned  Tomatoes 

Canned tomatoes is another canned food,  much more convenient to buy, to use and to stock but truly speaking they are not your friends too and so you need to buy less of them and if possible avoid stocking canned  tomatoes during the season go for only fresh tomatoes you can buy the fresh tomatoes blend or grind them and stuck them in your freezer if you have in plastics for as long as two weeks or there about instead of buying canned tomatoes because this canned tomatoes  have this chemicals from the cans as BPA and they are very dangerous for our health if you are  already managing any  disease you should stay away from canned tomatoes because they do  not deliver what we expect of this healthy food.  Our much loved  healthy low calorie vegetable.   but this time you should avoid  buying and stocking canned tomatoes.  Some are in  sachets.   Additionally, you will be having more of sodium,  more of these chemicals that leaches from the cans and from the plastics and whatever package they have used to stock it they are not our friends though,  they are convenient as much as possible go for fresh tomatoes, fresh peppers instead of buying this canned foods that are also other canned  foods also several of them that are in the  market are loaded  with salt and salads creams. Avoid them, avoid  canned vegetables and even canned soups and mayonnaise,  they are all inflammatory  as much as possible stay away from these can foods because they are not our friends, reduce their consumption as much as possible or  avoid  them to keep you and family free from  inflammations or reduce existing inflammation if any.

6.  Noodles and Pastas

Noodles, pastas, spaghetti, macaroni are  the other category of foods to avoid as you shop around because these are not natural foods. Children seem to love them because of easy preparation and sometimes because it is what their parents thought them to eat.  some of them may be fortified but they are all inflammatory and does not support our immube system.   Some of us buy cartons of these noodles which are the reason why most children have developed appetite for them but you can make a decision this season not to stock them in your stores at home and reduce their consumption by replacing them with natural healthy  foods like sweet potatoes, plantains, bananas and other healthy foods like yoghurt  for the children instead of noodles, pastas and  biscuits You will be making a good decision to avoid these foods for yourself and for your children because they are immune suppressors.


Finally,  it is possible to go to market with your money and still  buy something that will hurt you with your money.  Fresh Foods are best for you.    Go for fresh meat if you are buying meat,,go for fresh fish if fish or  you can go for fresh chicken.  It is better as much as possible to always  go for fresh things or  Fresh Foods this season in order to suppress the chance of contacting disease or sponsoring or feeding existing diseases.   Remember to take more water and to continue to observe water therapy, more fluid and moderate exercise for a lovely and joyful yuletide season

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