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Sunday 30 July 2023

Consuming Soaked Almonds May Prevent Some Type of Headaches and improve Heart Health



Consuming soaked almond may help  prevent headaches and improve heart health with several other benefits. Almonds may not  be popular in some areas like my area but you can find them in most supermarkets or health shops.  It is one of the nuts  loaded with nutrients that benefits the health of older adults especially those that needs calcium,  those  that  needs magnesium, those that needs to support heart health and numerous other benefits.  

In my earlier article I shared the experience of a severe  headache and how it was reversed through natural foods and some changes but one of the points that needs to be noted also as a follow-up to this healing is that for some time soaked almond was absent in the diet and that was neglected but now I know that almond should be  consume moderately and also regularly in order to avoid those deficiencies with such effects such as heart issues low calcium,  high blood sugar, high blood pressure and other inflammations .  Here are more  reasons why you should  include almonds in your diet while reducing your consumption of peanuts because peanuts , because is inflammatory and there are other nuts also but including almond moderately goes a long way and supplies most of the needed nutrients that comes from that.  Soaked your almonds for about 7 hrs or overnight, it helps   reduce inhibitors and makes its nutrients available to the body.

Calcium and Magnesium 

Calcium and magnesium are called neutrons for preventing occurrences like headaches muscle pulling,  insomnia,  low energy, heart issues and many other health problems if these two nutrients s are not supplied there may  be much health issues caused by their deficiency.

Blood Sugar Control 

If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic or just trying to improve and support your health generally you can include almonds  and soaking them in order to maintain a proper blood sugar control I have been enjoying the almonds and it has actually been also helping to regulate blood sugar, against type 2 diabetes. 

Reduce Headaches 

I never realised the importance of this nut until I stayed away  from it for sometime due to the high cost and non availability and something like that never happened before which is the headache which I  earlier wrote about happened to me, right now I have learned my lessons and trying to ensure that I continue to make it a part of my diet because of its role and its density in nutrition in order to avoid cases  like headaches due to low Calcium,  Magnesium  and other nutrients.

Reduce Bad Cholesterol

High level of bad cholesterol can pose danger to our  health generally and this nut is one food that can help to lower bad cholesterol it is good to always soak it before consuming, depend on the size I prefer to take it at night you last thing at night before bed about 3 or 4 depending on how many nut taken during the day. 

Fights Insomnia

If you are having problem falling asleep or staying asleep then you need to switch to this nut because it helps the brain and head generally to calm the brain and supply nutrients needed for a good night's sleep.  I think this may be due to the presence of calcium which is also needed for this activity and magnesium too.

Brain Food.

Almond  is a good source of vitamin E which  supports healthy brain function and communication,  so soaking your almond also helps the body and the brain to use the nutrients without any form of inhibition which is usually the case with just consuming almond without soaking.

How many  to Consume 

Be careful not to consume too much, I suggest maximum of 5 or 6 if you have not taken other nuts, but if you have taken other nuts during the day, 3 or 4 are okay before bed, this is  what I take.  It supports skin and eye  health too due the presence of vitamin E.  Moderation is our rule.


It is better to reduce other nuts during the day if you intend to consume almonds at night before bed, surprisingly I had occasion to consume it at odd hrs like 12midnight when sleep was not coming and it worked too.


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