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Wednesday 16 August 2023

Fatty Liver Disease. Top Foods to Help Reverse it




In my view, Fatty liver disease as it is often called  is not really a disease but is a condition where there is much  that is stored around the liver usually common among those who take lots of alcohols.  Fatty is quite common as it usually does not present with troubling symptoms until it has advanced, apart from alcoholics. it can also be found amongst healthy persons, talking of people who are not indulging in alcohol known as non alcoholic liver disease.  The disease is  also more common amongst those who are fat and heavyweights who are have extra body weight and fat.  Apart from this category of people,  I  have  also been  seen amongst very slim people surprisingly with very fatty liver when test was carried out on them,  though  fatty liver disease may not be felt by most individuals as in like feeling like headache but when it is there,  the immune system will be low and the person will usually be sick because the liver is not functioning at its best.  The metabolic  rate will not always be fine with individual so it is important to deal with it.   Fortunately it is reversible .   Once you suspect or you are diagnosed with fatty liver it's important to follow or begin to include these foods and stop the causative factor the thing that caused the fatty liver should be stopped  immediately.  

Common Causes of Fatty Liver

 Fried Foods

So many things could also be responsible especially consuming fried foods.  Apart from alcohol. Another fast way to gather unwanted fat around the liver is frying your food.   

Fatty foods especially Animal Protein 

If you are consuming too much cow meat. Goat meat, milk and such foods regularly and in large amount, Fatty liver  may begin to accumulate.

Soyabeans Extract ( whey protein)

If you look around the supermarket and some shops you will notice some proteins extract from soya beans known as whey  protein, a lot of people consume it even in large amount without knowing its effect on the liver soyabeans  is a very high protein food and  nutritious too but it also naturally comes with lecithin and isoflavones this nutrients are said to  support the Liver detoxification and cleansing of fat when they are consumed naturally as the real soyabeans comes with nature and not taken in excess.   it is also  a great addition but because of the high amount of protein in soya beans when the whey  protein extract is taken, some of the naturally occurring ingredients in soya beans that supports removal of liver fat to avoid fatty liver which mother nature may have put their may have been removed and that is why I often advise and suggest that food should be consumed the way they come in nature instead of removing it as an extract whatever is taken as an extract I do not recommend or suggest or see it as healthy because something may be missing in that extract, example is coffee beans when caffeine is taken away.

Too much Cholesterol:  

Cholesterol comes from many  foods we eat such as  vegetable oil,  red palm oil and several other oils that come with cholesterol so we should beaware of too much oil in our diet especially the artificially manipulated oils known as vegetable oil or transfats.  we should be careful with them because too much can also lead to extra fat around the liver if you are suspecting fatty liver or you have been diagnosed with fatty liver , it is not something to beat your heart, All you need do is just for you to determine and make slight dietary modifications and the fatty liver will go back or reverse to healthy liver.  I have also personally experienced fatty liver,  several years ago and it was reversed then,  Here are the top common foods to include in your diet if you suspect fatty liver and before we move to the top foods if you are indulging in alcohol you have to stay away because it can also cause fatty liver.  Other causes of fatty liver includes too much Processed foods and foods with flavours. Colourings and preservatives, like bread, biscuits, cakes, pastas too. 

It is one of the most common cause of fatty liver, if you are  also consuming fatty foods like fried foods,  frying your eggs and other stuff you need also to stop if you want to avoid fatty liver someone mat  also look fat physically but when the test is run, the liver may not be as fat as expected. but in most cases those who are fat  most  commonly also have fatty liver but there are few exceptions to this.  

Common Foods to Help Restore Fatty Liver


Tumeric contains naturally occurring anti-inflammatory and ingredients that not only Burns fat but fight inflammations around the liver.   it isc one food you should consume if you suspect fatty liver and remember to always add a little ginger or black pepper to your turmeric to help it absorb properly you can take it as tea or add it to your meals but taken as tea may deliver more and faster result.


 We know that garlic is a powerful antibacterial antifungal and antibiotic Spice that helps destroy bacteria.  Itv is known for its Allicin and sulphur content which is a super food for the liver and not only the liver but also the heart. if you suspect fatty liver you can begin to chew garlic like two large  cloves in the morning or include more of it in your meaks or even use it as your own taste enhancer as it also helps bring out the natural taste in our meals.


 close is an antibacterial antifungal and anti-inflammatory powerful Spice that has so many nutrients especially those that support liver health and destroys bacteria so if you suspect that you have a fatty liver you can begin to chew some clothes like two or three clothes after 30 minutes or after starting meals to help to reduce the load and the stress on the Liver as it will also kill bacterias that may want to cause complications

Green tea:

Green tea is known for its polyphenols and other powerful nutrients that helps to burn fat not only around the body but also liver fat, it is effective if you take it moderately remembering that it  is a source of caffeine and caffeine is not good for our liver so when you are consuming it do not take it too frequently or much but when you take it more lately it's a great addition for those with liver fat and will not allow that extra fat any  around the liver.


Cabbage and  other cruciferous vegetables like onions broccoli cauliflower, kale  and all such vegetables are also good for the liver health you can ferment your cabbage or just let it hit a little it's okay that way  but I do not recommend too much of raw cabbage because it has effect also on the thyroid, so putting it a little or fermenting it as some do is okay because it helps to remove fat, it  is a fat burning food and all other cruciferous vegetables are also in that family you can include them moderately to reduce liver fat. if you suspect or that you are diagnosed with liver fat.

Green Vegetables:

 All green vegetables should consumed regularly  and infact daily as this may prevent liver fat too especially as the last meal of the day.  if you suspect that you have liver issues then include more green vegetables in your diet you can take some raw, but do not take much raw vegetables. 

Beetsroots :

Beetroots taken as tea or as a juice is also a super food for the Liver if you suspect fatty liver and you can find beetroot you can make juice out of it because it's quite sweet you can add cinnamon or other insulin helping Spices to reduce its effect effect of sugar also but it's great for liver especially those who are dealing with fatty liver. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

 Apple cider vinegar is also great to add one tablespoon to your water therapy I do not suggest too much of this apple cider because it's not a bone supporting drink so you need to take it moderately, I like to suggest 2 or 3  days in a week, it  is okay not daily because it does not support support bone strength judging from my own observations usage and such food should be taken cautiously so that you do not start feeling symptoms of reduce bone mass.

Cayenne pepper 🌶 :

 This  is  also another super food for the Liver that can be included in moderation in our meals to help the liver remove fat we already know a lot about it sour, you can  use dried Cayenne powder or fresh cayenne  pepper should be added in our mail or taken as tea to improve blood  circulation generally.

Lemon Juice 🍋 

Lemon juice in our warm water therapy in the morning is another great way to support liver detox and remove fat but again we should also take it moderately.  Like it  shouldn't be everyday as some people do suggest. Though if you feel okay taking it daily, no problems.  Just remember that too much of everything is bad. and even too much of lemon juice is also a stressor  to our deliver so let's not overdo anything.  Just take it include lemon juice half a lemon is okay in your warm water therapy in the morning to help to continue to remove fat from the liver and avoid fatty liver.

Omega Food Sources like Sardines:

Omega 3 in fatty fishes like sardines are great for reducing fatty liver.  Include fish oil or sardines in moderation  to your meals.

Cold Pressed Coconut oil

There is also an important aspect or belief that people who are avoiding fat for instance will not get liver fat.   No, I do not agree with this standpoint avoiding all kinds of fat may even lead to liver fat what may reduce liver fat is including healthy fats like cold pressed coconut oil which does not clog arteries, cold pressed olive oil and other such fats but it is a mistake or an error for you to begin to avoid all kinds of fat because you want to throw out fat from the liver that will give a reverse effect because you will be surprised to notice that your liver fat may be  increasing and the reason is because, the healthy fats in coconut oil helps the liver produce bile to help detoxify the body and does not clog arteries like other oils.  It does not also get stored in the liver like other oils.


Being diagnosed with fatty liver should not give you much worries because it easily reversible if you are willing to make the necessary dietary or lifestyle changes.