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Thursday 3 August 2023

Ginger Root, Same Spice, Different Compounds



The question on whether fresh or dried ginger which is better or healthier has been on,  in my mind for a long time because I have noticed that the smell and fragrance of dry ginger powder remains strong and inviting unlike other dried powders showing that its efficacy is still there because I can smell it.   If you want to know how good or well a food is, start by smelling it our nose I believe is the first laboratory that gives us result to make a choice whether a food is edible or healthy and so if you have been neglecting this organ before now,  you have to do a re think because when you smell something and it does not smell nice there is no need to go ahead and consume it because it definitely will not be good for your body so I have observed that dried garlic powder does not look or smell  to me like fresh garlic,  while  the ginger powder  after many months or weeks it  still show signs that the active ingredients are still there and so I began to investigate and came across this article from Healthy and Natural World which inspired me to share some of the things I gained from that article saying  that dried ginger is quite potent as I thought and sometimes even more potent, the study also showed that when dried ginger also Changes but in a positive way with all the active ingredients unlike in some dried fruits and foods we need to also be aware that when a food is dried it is sonetimes different from when it is fresh when some foods are dried  there are even more powerful and more nutrient-dense like moringa then when some foods are dried they lose their nutrients so it is important to know which foods  belong to which category but good to know that Ginger powder is as Potent and sometimes even more potent than ginger  fresh ginger root I have always advocated for fresh varieties of most foods that we eat but there is always an exception so if you have fresh ginger and also have dried ginger keep your them both and  enjoy very well because nothing is lost in the dried ginger.  Here are key differences between dried ginger and fresh ginger root according to that article that I read:

Fresh Ginger:  

Most of us are familiar with the numerous health benefits of ginger like improving blood circulation reducing pain killing his and supporting weight loss fighting inflammation helping with that managing diabetes and several other benefits is one of the most popular Spice that we use at home today using it in cooking now I'm using it to make tea using it with honey as a cough syrup or mixture using it to boil our habit is right is Noble and several other ways that we consume this Spice including two in the fresh ginger root another two word of cold or cough but many of us also take the ginger as fresh now it is important for us to know the difference between the fresh ginger and the dried ginger I have been desirous to know this long before now because I've always known that there is always some additional difference when a food is dried and when it is fresh so fresh ginger is healthy and Potent is a source of powerful medicinal properties gingerol and Zingiberene.

Dried Ginger:  

Keep your Dried ginger powder, will keep mine too, also  use fresh ginger when available, their components are not the same,   it may surprise you to know that when the fresh ginger is dried and ground to powder another active ingredients is present in ginger which was not present in the fresh ginger and that active ingredients according to the study is Shogaol.  According to Healthy and Natural World "There is a Scientific evidence to show that using dried ground ginger actually increases the Potency of its health Benefits".

  6 Shogaol was shown to posses powerful anticancer properties too.

Some studies have shown that 6- Shogaol, present in dried ginger powder was superior to the other ginger compounds.

What Happens when we Cook with Ginger 

It is important to know how to consume ginger in order to get all the benefits when Ginger was heated according to the study especially when heated for a long time it lost some of its active ingredients but when it was heated for a shorter time like 6 minutes the ingredients and the active compounds increased so this means that we should not overcook our ginger as some of us often do.  It is  best to put it when the food is getting ready towards  the end of over cooking you should include in order to get more of the benefits of ginger and better still taking it  aa tea is also very good because it will not be overheated so if you have been neglecting dried ginger like myself it's time to begin to keep your dried ginger take them and still  also consume your fresh ginger because they both have nutrients to deliver they are both Powerful and the dried powder is even more powerful.   Remember that we should  take it moderately do not take too much ginger if you're on a blood thinning medication, if you are preparing to go for surgery if you are experiencing ulcer pain do not take too much so as not to get negative effect.   Too much ginger is not good , also ginger is quite hot.


In summary, continue to enjoy ginger in your meals to improve health but when using dried ginger, I like to sieve it because no matter how grounded it is, the granules are still rough and hard on intestine, it is also better whenever possible to dry and grind it yourself so you can be sure of what you are consuming.

Ref:  Healthy And Natural World


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