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Wednesday 2 August 2023

Mix these two and use as Massage for Nerve Pain


Many people may not be familiar with nerve pain because nerve-related pain does not just happen.  Most times diabetes pre-diabetic, those with high blood pressure often come up with complaints of nerve  pain, the pain be due to several other factors but recently I had managed a nerve injury that occurred due to high  blood pressure and possible blood sugar. I believe that complications of either of them could damage nerves as in this case. Again the location of the injury may vary with affected persons.  A recent nerve pain I managed was caused by   high blood pressure and probably uncontrolled blood sugar so if you are experiencing nerve  pain due to other causes you can also have hope that it can be cured.   Sometimes those who experience nerve pain gets worried, wondering  if this pain will ever go away? but there is  a man I had the  privilege of assisting with nerve pain that has almost recovered, I remember he often asked this question  and today he nolonger asked the question. The last therapy was a topical massage using African Shea Butter with Black Kernel oil  I thought to share it so those who are experiencing or handling nerve pain can try it. it is something very common among us. Use  for massage but before you commence with this massage here are other  top foods to include in your diet to help the healing process commence from inside while you are using the massage also.  It helps too, but  I do strongly believe that diet and  proper nutrition comes first when you come to healing of our bodies naturally.  So we must include healing foods.  Here are some of the foods to include in your diet in addition to massage if you suffer nerve pain:

Other Likely Causes of Nerve Pain:

Before listing foods and steps that led to the recovery, here are other likely causes of tingling and pains in your hands and feet:  Some studies have identified lack of B1 and B12 to contribute to nerve injury and pain. Others are emotional trauma, digestive problems, lack of exercise, Too much refined carbs which helps deplete our body of B1 and B12.  In this particular case, here are the regular foods in the diet that brought about the healing


Most green vegetables are healing foods including healing nerves.  However, some vegetables tend to contain more healing properties like this vegetable, it  is   common around us and known for several other benefits apart from lowering blood sugar, this aspect of this vegetable may not be known to many of us.   if you are going through nerve pain nerve related issues it's important to begin to include this very vegetable in your diet moderately, some people mix it and drink with some herbs like bitter Leaf Maybe while trying to use it to Lower sugar or for other reasons, but including it in your diet regularly may help to  lower your blood sugar which most in cases contributes to nerve damage I know someone who suffered a nerve damage due to high blood pressure and has recovered from it but at the beginning he was asking will this pain ever go away by the left hand side around the neck down towards the left leg.   However,  today he is singing a new song but this did not just happen one day.  Several of these foods were included as he was directed in his regular diet and gradually gradually it began to heal and he noticed it too when the healing was taking place I feel something like scratching around the area and he was convinced that the nerve is healing but the maintaining of the blood pressure and reducing of sugar in the diet was also crucial to this healing


 Cinnamon is known for helping with natural insulin production, it  is also great for heart health is great also for blood pressure for aiding digestion and for reducing yeast infestation in the body but this aspect also may not be known to many including cinnamon in the diet also helps to calm down nerve related pains or I have already stated earlier that most of these pains are due to high blood pressure and sometimes high blood sugar not controlled.  Cinnamon helps with natural insulin production and is great for diabetics and diabetes no wonder it has positive effect for those going through nerve pain including it moderately in your diet in your meals may help overtime to reduce the nerve pain.

Water leaf and bitterleaf soup:

 If you are wondering which food to eat or soup to use for your swallow,  this combination of water  Leaf and bitter Leaf soup is not something that you can read from internet or anywhere but you can always make your own preparation based on the knowledge what are live is powerful for lowering blood pressure and is easily digestible and rich in nutrients and then bitter Leaf also is rich in antioxidants now if you have not tried preparing soup with water Leaf and bitter leaf then you have to try it using a little tomatoes also the waterleaf is meant to serve as a thickner because the bitter Leaf comes with a lot of fibre both soluble and insoluble fibre so using it helps to calm those with nerve pain it helps probably,  because it also helps to manage blood pressure and inflammations.  it's a great addition to take if you are looking for things to reduce inflammations,  to nourish you from inside and reduce nerve pain.


Dates fruit is rich in B vitamins making it a great addition when healing nerve pains and similar conditions.   Dates could be taken  as fruits or as powder or even the syrup is a great addition for nerve pain it's easily digestible and rich in nutrients but we must be cautious with it because it is  quite sweet so I suggest that those who are managing nerve pain can include it in their diet because it's a rich source of nutrients that support digestive health nutrients that gives you energy without raising the blood pressure, it  a is a fruit that supports healthy blood pressure and diabetics also can use it cautiously because I have noticed that it is a source of fibre and if used cautiously does not cause spike in blood sugar especially when you add cinnamon to help counter its  sugary effect.  you can  add it to some of your teas or cereals  and then  whatch as your nerve pain begins to heal.  It  is a healing food, It is also a  raw  food which are best absorbed.

Cayenne Pepper

 Cayenne Pepper which we all know as shombo makes  a great addition because it helps to improve blood circulation and to relax the arteries , you can add it to your diet in all your meals, you can also take it as tea though  I have not been taking it in this manner but those who have used it has testified of relief, it  work  to relax blood vessels also because when there is tension around these blood vessels then next thing is to  increase blood pressure,  Cayenne Pepper is a positive one  there are other peppers  but Cayenne  Pepper is  unique in a way so include it moderately if you are managing nerve pain.

Kudin Tea:  

Already  I talked about Kudin tea,  but it's important to emphasize that it showed positive effect on the person managing nerve pain so if you are going through nerve  pain, try including or drinking this tea,  you will notice a relief as I was told I am not the sufferer but based on report from the user of the tea, which we decided to try for the nerve pain. we must also remember to take it moderately don't overdo it if you do, it if you take it easy wait for  some days before you take again don't continue taking it continuously so that you won't have a negative effect or a negative side of it  about3 times a week best in the morning or at night.  it's great for a lot of other things like reducing blood sugar and then toning down blood pressure, supporting heart health, improving sleep quality and a lot of other benefits too.

Pomegranate tea 

pomegranate tea is good for those that are dealing with nerve related issue. there are other red teas that you can take because most red teas  and drinks help to clean up the arteries and help to relax the arteries too, you can also try beet root it's great too.  Most of the red fruits or drinks are great for  nerve issues just  as they are great for high blood pressure,  supports heart health, Hibiscus tea is also one of such teas it  is great  especially when you can pair it with a little lemongrass you will notice that, it offers relief because these teas are naturally caffeine-free so they support the healing of the nerve also. 

Almonds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds are rich in calcium and magnesium to support nerve health and recovery.  

For Massage:  Shea Butter mixed with black kernel oil

Having done all the above or included them in your diet you also need topical massage and sometime foot soak in the water because our feet is very important when it comes to healing of  things like nerves because it helps to support circulation it has to be at the same temperature with the  entire body when you the feet  is always cold, for instance you will be experiencing  more the nerve pain will increase so you need to keep the feet warm and then massage the feet  and make a mixture of shea butter with black Kernel oil for massage.   there are other massage  oilsthat shows positive effect but this particular one is a recent finding which excites me and I thought I should share it here for the benefit of others. to start using this oil to massage the area and you will notice a relief especially around the area where the nerve pain is hurting.

Exercising:  Remember to include moderate exercise daily in addition to the massage.


In summary it's important to exercise patience when managing nerve pain it takes a little time to heal from the experience of those I know but eventually it heals.    if you follow these things within  3 weeks  or a month you will begin to experience relief but do not expect instant magic for it to totally heal  you will notice a relief when you massage and when you eat the right food but for total healing.  it may  require sometimes 3 to 4 months because it has to heal from inside but I assure you you, it will heal, even if it takes longer.


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