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Saturday 26 August 2023

Latest Update on My Corn nuts


 My  Corn nuts as I prefer to call it  is actually a home made fermented nuts made from yellow corn, dry fried with spices as a snack for diabetics, prediabetics and other health conscious persons. 

Getting a perfect healthy snack for older adults diabetics and even those with high blood pressure has not been an easy task  and it is in the search for such a snack that will not raise blood sugar that will fibre, energy with natural nutrients with no added transats,  help reduce cholesterol that will support the eyes that will be  low in calorie and supports health generally that brought  the idea of the fermented corn nuts.   Yes this particular snack may not be popular among many people but putting knowledge to work has made it to be, what are the benefits of this snack and what are the latest update that I think we should know my Corn Nuts . here are the type of corn to use and why.

Yellow Corn

Corn is a popular Grain and one of the cheapest before now although no grain is cheap in terms of cheap as at today but we are more concerned about the nutrients in it.  Corn comes in varying colours anf can be used to prepare food for growing children such as pap it could also be mixed with other healthy protein-rich seeds or nuts to make healthy snacks too.  Such as the corn and peanuts called dankwa, or some type of  kuli kuli. It makes a great food for helping to wind up children as a grown up but in addition to this, it is used to prepare some cereals for all kinds of individuals first cereal like Corn Flakes and other kinds of corn products. However,  the idea of corn nut is as a result of research and knowledge on how to incorporate such foods into the diet of the health-conscious particularly diabetics and pre-diabetics to be able to provide essential nutrients without affecting the blood sugar yellow corn as we all know is a source of the Beta carotene which the body converts into vitamin A supporting the eyes the skin and several other benefits but this is not the interesting aspect of this  corn 🌽 nut. thr interesting part of it is the fermentation and why must it go through fermentation,  it has to be fermented for 3 days in the water or maximum of 4 days and in this case I had to use it to make it to four days .  the better idea  is to allow the bacteria's to act on it and that is the essence of fermenting foods and for easy digestibility,  for the assimilation of the nutrients by the body and for several other benefits and to provide probiotics for the gut I have actually been using it since mid 2022 till date and been trying to improve on each batch.  This time, the idea is to make it softer during chewing.  There are times, when we desperately need to chew something, this snack is made for such times.

My Experience Since Using My  Corn Nuts

I actually began to use this nut which is homemade sometimes in 2022 been fermenting it and then dry frying it at home on several occasions but over time I noticed that it is usually hard when consuming or chewing it is hard so I thought of something that will make it soft at least naturally after the frying I also added a few spices like cinnamon to also help with reduce its effect on blood sugar if any

I have been  adding some spices like ginger powder, cinnamon powder. Cayenne pepper powder, was  still lightly hard yet, then the latest one was to drop some sprinkle of cold pressed coconut oil on it while frying to see the effect and I want to report hear that the production came out well and softer too. the addition of coconut oil and also to provide some form of oil for the nut when chewing to aid its digestion and provide more immune support from coconut oil because they require some amount of fat a little to avoid the harshness on  the intestine and to make it easy for its  absorption even when the person chooses  not to add any other or because usually people will pair  it with peanut or any  other nut as a protein to boost  its nutrients but in this case. I neaded to sprinkle it  while frying to see the effect towards   softening it and it worked.  The outcome was a better and softer production as you can see in the image you may have to also do it  using normal coconut oil instead of cold pressed.  

Here are how I enjoy the corn nuts.

With these latest additions. It is not only tasty but it's easier to chew and can always present  the temptation  to eat large quantity.  Since I started consuming it, I've not ever experienced something like cough that you would expect chewing rough foods like it. It  sounds cranky and dried like that and you may expect things like cough or itchy throat consuming such snacks,  heart problems and some other unpleasant feelings but I'm glad to report that I've never experienced any such why consuming the My Corn nut and it does not also lead to increase in blood sugar because I usually consume it with a little other seeds or nuts like  peanut for added protein sometimes a little cashew nut, occasionally African breadfruit sometimes a little  any other protein-rich  you think  or consider okay to pair it or just chew it alone since it is now soaked with a little sea salr, and added spices and coconut oil. It is filling and digests easily  does not form gas, because of the fermentation.  I have been taking  since 2022 without any effects instead of any negative effects where are some of the things I noticed.


It deals with constipation especially chronic constipation when you consume it moderately with some nuts  and then take enough water,   noticed a better gut health and bowel movement it's great for constipation because of the fibre and the fermentation of it.

Supports Gut Health:  

As we all and well call fermented foods are good for gut health because of the presence of the bacteria.  I mean  active bacterias in the fermented food and this is mostly with grains so it's expected that this particular snack is loaded with live cultures bacteria.  As it is  expected in all fermented foods

 Support digestive health

 Provides support for the digestion and then it helps make it easier for our digestion abd for absorption too Thanks the activities of bacterias due to its  fermentation.

Supports brain health:

as well all sorts of nursing some matter of fact and all the nutrient that helps to support the brain and you will notice it when you take it out and put it on 10 minutes or so addition to supporting brain health is support the skin helps because better carotene also helps with skin and body converted to vitamin A helping with College information and this is also noticed and noticeably in this particular food and other benefits is the eyes is important to support our eyes are nothing when I when I noticed some itching and other issues having exhausted my last reply had to quickly grow and start the process of another one no one will talk of fermentation formation takes days this one takes like 4 days is usually on the fourth day and the most food today we consumed her fast and the faster foods are not the best because we may not have the patience to wait for a whole 3 or 4 days and after that you start to fry and on a low heat and all of that I'm going to add all these prices are all this so it's a process that takes long and these days people don't have patience for a food that takes time to prepare like this or allowed to ferment and this is actually the best and this is what the body usually will need from us and this particular food is there a super adDition for all individuals because of it's positive effect on the health generally

It also has a positive effect on cholesterol:

This is due to the presence of fibre so you will notice a feeling of wellness and then because of the bulk nature of your  stool,  most of the cholesterol are also dealt with with this benefit of bulking the stool in addition the fermentation of the Corn makes it a food in a way that you can consume it at any time too.    it it has never posed any problem  in the morning afternoon,  or night. Though  I actually tried it at all times and noticed that it does not really matter but the least time I consume it is at night because of the fact that it still settlea as fat. I don't like  consuming at night because I do not want weight gain.  

How To Prepare

After frying it with the addition of spices like dried ginger,   cinnamon powder and some cayenne pepper powder usually these spices are there towards the end of the Frying it at the beginning or the middle of the find the coal coconut oil is added it does not really have to be cold pressed coconut oil you can use any coconut oil but I use compressed since it's all I have I don't have the other hot pressed oil so I normally added about to hang up phone in there or almost about half cup full 2 or one tablespoon of it and then keep trying until when is getting brown then I will add the spices the ginger powder.  the Cinnamon powder, and cayenn pepper powder during frying that is towards the end.  During  the fermentation I have also devised a way to add some sea salt on the second day this is also to aid digestion to help to and it is also in the effort to see a way to soften  too and to improve overall digestibility  adding some sea salt the second day  of the fermentation to continue to ferment while I was changing the water and that means that there was no need again to add of course the Rocky sea salt will not be easy to be added even if you want to add it so that will not need to add any salt anymore too after adding the salt to allow you to take it a little quantity to sink into the system so to give it  better taste  too.

Storing my Corn Nuts:  Usually allow the fried corn nuts to cool and store in bottles. Not plastics, no need for refrigeration.


With this latest update the addition of coconut oil I think we can expect those of us who want to try to expect a softer version of our corn Nuts it's the brainchild of this  site  admin and our group that I found I decided to put  knowledge together on my own based on the knowledge of what other things can do and so you see beautiful snack that you can enjoy  at any time of the day in order to boost health instead of snacking on bread, biscuits with all kinds of processed foods that helps destroy our immune system only remember that you must consume moderately because moderation is our rule.


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