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Saturday 12 August 2023

Obesity, Attack Fat before It attacks you. Top Foods to Kill Fat



Obesity is on the increase despite all the awareness on exercising weight loss foods and a lot of trending issues to help reduce fat and obesity but shockingly we are having more of it on the increase we now have even childhood obesity  male obesity before now only women were mostly affected by obesity. Excess body fat does not happen overnight it is a habit and Lifestyle that cumulatively ends up as obesity.   It  begins gradually and sometimes  as a result of neglect and indiscipline on the part of the obese person.   Obesity is preventable. it all depends on the individual, a lot of people were  very fat at one time and  at another time they lost the fat because they were determined to do so.  I also happen to be in that category but  have done it successfully.    it is important also to share how I did it and some of the top foods that can help us  reduce weight generally even if itcruns in tour family. 

Why we must reduce fat and avoid obesity

Poses  Danger to our Health: 

 Being obese has many dangers or disadvantages but the most serious disadvantage or danger of being too fat is the danger it poses to our overall health this is actually to me the only reason why we must as much as possible avoid the danger of being obese.

Those at risk of obesity:

Although it runs in some families but some can also avoid it despite the gene or the family Gene of being overweight .   those people from such a family where  the father and the mother are fat it is most likely that their offspring will be fat too but something can be done.

Another people that are two risk are those that sit at a place that does not exercise enough lack of exercise can cause fat accumulation and overtime it can grow and grow until the person becomes obese.  

Food choices 

Most food that people that are fat  today right from childhood are foods that are not so dense in nutrition but lead  to excess body weight.  most of the foods are loaded with sugar preservatives flavours and all the stuff that leads to weight gain.   This is one of the top sponsors of weight gain.  if you are in the category of people who like fast foods, sugary foods,  who love biscuits bread, and all such sweet foods then you are also at risk of gradually gaining weight gaining weight until you become very fat whether you are a male or a female those who engage in this type of sugary foods like  cakes are  also at risk of gaining weight gradually.  Until it gets out of hand.

Another group of people are the menopausal women they  also tend to gain weight during the years of menopause many women add weight more because of the new life but something can still also be done.   We noticed that after the menstrual flow on the menstrual periods ends women tend to add weight so those women who are in  this category can also be aware and watch out for it and then guard against it by exercising more and including  foods that will help to burn fat.or boost metabolism.

Pregnant women also pregnancy induced fat is also another category of people that gains weight but most of the women tend to lose the fat after delivery but  other group of people do not  lose it, they continued to gain fat continue to add it from there until the clothes may no longer size them. 

Food Lovers and Heavy Eaters.

Another group of people who are at risk  are those who are frequently eating, heavy eaters  always chewing  something or eating too often also opens the door for obesity when we do not allow enough time or hours before the next meal yes this category of people will also experience weight gain which may lead to obesity if not controlled.

 Another group are those who love to eat very large quantity it is noticed and observed that most obese persons love food a lot and they eat large portions of food which is the reason usually why they ended up with obesity we have seen many of them who became so far that they cannot move again that is what fat can do some have gone for  surgeries in order to remove fat but it's something that we can do naturally without risking our lives in the surgery room.

Top Foods that Contributes to weight Gain Here are the top foods thatvsupports weight gain:

fried foods 

sugary foods 

processed foods

 oily foods 

high calorie foods 

carbonated drinks. Not exercising is one of the top sponsors of weight too.

Top Foods to Help You loose Weight

The first step to weight loss irrespective of how fat or long the fat has been with you you can still take them down by Simply taking out all carbohydrates away from your diet this is the very first step to take I tried it about 12 years ago and it worked.  Only sweet potatoes and oats were my carbs once in a while, the rest were proteins and fats and it worked.  It  is difficult though. Take out  simple and complex carbs and then you have switch on the key to losing weight because weight loss is not easy especially if the fat  has been with you for long there are also different locations of fat.   Some are around the belly and we know that there are   about three layers or locations of fat in our body.  

1.  The Essential  fats:  As the word implies, it is essential and needed at all levels in our body as they also protect other organs and bones in a way.

2.  Subcutaneous fats:  These are fats under the skin

3.  Visceral fath are found around organs, they also contribute to belly fat and is said to be the worst kind of fat location.  It takes time to break through one layer and move to another layer like the subcutaneous fat.  Varying foods and foods can be taken to target certain location of fat, for instance, boil egg targets visceral fat, also cold pressed olive and coconut oil, green apples also targets the belly fat, there are other foods, fruits and vegetables to help remove fat even at all levels.  Here are my top fat burning foods:

Apples or Apple Vinegar


Green Vegetables

Raw  non sweet and low calorie   fruits


Cold pressed olive oil

Boiled egg


Green tea


Cinnamon spice

Black pepper

Ginger and tumeric tea

Fenugreek tea

Cumin tea

Hibiscus flower tea

Low fat milk

Moringa seeds

Lemon and ginger drink 

Chia seeds


In summary, obesity is preventable and manageable if you are determined.


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