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Sunday 13 August 2023

Have you ever Heard this Ugly Side of Fennel Seeds?



A good number of us are familiar with fennel seeds and do take as tea too.  I love to take most times because it helps to boost  digestive juice production.  It also helps tackle constipation.  If you are trying  to fight weight gain, it helps also  and it's a source of calcium it has also  almost zero calorie and helps boost metabolism.

This Ugly Side of Fennel Seeds Shocked me

Fennel seeds has  been one of my seeds and I do also recommend it to people who are managing diabetes and who want to lose weight but there is an aspect of fennel seeds which is new to me after reading recently from the website of and it really pulled my mind and I thought also to share it here and that is the compound found in fennel seeds   known as a Estragol.  I have also  taken a little extra  time to read some other websites to investigate and know more about the compound.  It is really interesting to note that they all seem to agree on this point.  The Seeds have a very strong flavour which helps with the people who are going through or  experiencing mouth order or mouth odour as it helps to reduce such experiences and here we have this compound which is said to be found in fennel seed in a good amount and several other studies have now also confirm that the compound Estragol and found in this seeds  has some carcinogenic effect as some rats that were tested with it also developed liver cancer.

It Remains a Healthy Seed that Should be taken Cautiously.

It is  actually an  an eye-opener for me and it's something that really touched me but not too surprised because every healthy food must have its ugly side too.  It worth sharing here though not so deep but, it  is what hearing.   There are several other research and compounds that are found in various seeds also but as we talk about the health benefits of these seeds,  it is also important to highlight some of the dangerous compounds in them to help us take them moderately, the information is not to scare us or to make us to avoid the seed completely as  a lot of other seeds have various compounds as research says that are also not healthy or may prove dangerous if taken in very large amount too.   one thing I have known about the seeds that seeds are very  rich in nutrients powerful too, they are tiny but  are powerful and should be consumed moderately we should not look down on the seeds and then begin to take them in large amount, an example is fennel seeds. Cumin seed is also another healthy and calming seed with numerous health benefits but honestly if you take too much, you wont live the seed again even without knowing or reading about any study or research on it.  Fennel is one of such seeds,   my view about fennel seeds however is to continue to enjoy it in moderation.  

My Position Now

Also talking to myself is to reduce its consumption.  It  is good to remain in the diet as I have been enjoying it specially in aspect of constipation and in the area of reducing weight but we should also not make it to be too frequent three or  four times a week may not be too much in my view and it is also important to know that running away from fennel seed is not the reason for this post but to encourage us to be moderate  in its consumption. 

Not only Fennel Seeds, but others too

Itb is not only with fennel seeds but with all others it is  because most seeds including basil, cumin or  even vegetables have one thing or the other that are also protecting the seed or  other vegetables not to be consumed too much so whichever way we should take this seed moderately because they are rich in nutrients including fennel seeds.  It is a great source of nutrients like calcium,  iron and I also enjoy it but  also know that without reading this article I've always known that whenever I take it too much it's not always pleasant to me.  Our body usually inform or communicate us of these dangerous compounds even before scientific inventions, laboratories and researchers came up.   Moderation should always be our rule  with fennel seed and with all other seeds.


So don't be scared about fennel seeds.  continue to enjoy it moderately especially for those who need to lose weight,  those who need to fight constipation, if you are looking for to boost your iron,  calcium or dealing with mouth odour, it has  several other nutrients. However, in view of the liver cancer which the rats that were tested developed, I will advise those dealing with liver issues or even liver cancer to avoid the seeds or reduce its consumption.   but I will apply a little caution  more with this knowledge that I have added and will continue also to share such experiences that has to do with most of the ugly sides of some of our healthy seeds, nuts and other foods as well.  Moderation remains our rule when consuming any food.



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