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Thursday 7 September 2023

29 Health Benefits of Soyabean powder (cont.d)

We continue on our 29 Reasons why need more dose of well processed Soyabean powder in our regular diet. We listed 10 in the last post today the benefits shall be concluded.
11.  Soyabean powder is good in addressing iron deficiency anaemia due to its high iron content.
12.  It is a great food for growing children especially from ages 8 months and above when their protein and calcium requirement is high.  It is better to mix it with other carbohydrates foods like pap, bread, indomie etc.
13.  Soyabeans boosts immunity for HIV/Aids and sickle cell survivors.
14.  Soyabeans powder is also rich in antioxidants which helps to renue and revitalize major organs of the body thereby retarding aging.
15.  It is a source of rare omega 3 fatty acids which contributes in pain reduction.
16.  Insomnia:  sleeplessness caused by vitamin deficiency will benefit by drinking a cup ow Soyabean in warm water especially towards bed time.
17.  Vitamin E is abundant in Soyabean powder making it a heart friendly food.
18.  Source of fibre:  As per dieticians recommendations, our diet should include 40 grams of dietary fibre everyday.  Soyabean powder provides enough daily desired dietary fibre.  The fibre has the property of holding water, behaves like sponge and facilitates easy free smooth bowel movement, thus soyabean helps free bowel.  Helps in alleviating piles.
19.  High in energy.  Women during pre and post menopause usually experience weakness.  Including a good Soyabean powder as part of your regular diet will increase energy level and make those years worth living.
20.  Repair and Cleansing:  Soyabean is good cleansing food for major organs such as the heart, liver and kidney.
21.  Lecithin found in Soyabean is beneficial for our liver health.  Not many foods contain lecithin.
22. Managing complications in hypertensive and diabetes:  People in this category can rely on Soyabean if well processed. 
23.  Reduces Bad Cholesterol. Those with high cholesterol can rely on Soyabean being a plant based protein, with high fibre content.  It reduces cholesterol. 
24.  A rich source of protein.  It is one of the richest tested available source of protein and other important minerals. 
25.  Soyabean powder is good in magnesium and manganese which may benefit blood pressure if taken in moderation.
26.  Pregnant/ Nursing mothers.  Pregnant/nursing mothers need high nutrition and Soyabean powder is a good and affordable one. 
27.  Soyabean powder is good for Men too.  Men do challenge of prostate in later in life and vitamin E in Soyabean is a good support.  Though it should be taken in moderation to boost the health of men and prevent cases arising from lack of antioxidant vitamin E. 
28.  Soyabean powder is good for athletes.  They will benefit by taking Soyabean due to its high protein content. 
29. Finally Soyabean is a source of zinc, which boost fertility too. 
In summary despite all the listed health benefits.  Soyabean is inflammation in nature and this demands that it be taken in moderation to avoid negative side effect.  If taken in excess it can cause pain instead of curing it.  Never forget to go for we'll processed Soyabean because of its phytate content which could make it toxic. 


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