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Tuesday 9 April 2024

Reasons to Include Yoghurt in your Diet

Photo credit:  Medical News Today


Yoghurt is fermented from Milk, which is a dairy product.  The discovery and origin of yoghurt is interesting as it was said to be like an accident.  Youghurt is said to have been in existence for about 7000yrs and more people are benefiting from the numerous health benefits of Youghurt.  There are different types of yoghurt but the comment factor in all is fermentation whereby bacterials have acted on the milk, through a process known as fermentation.  I have recently returned yoghurt to my diet to help control bad cholesterol and various other reasons such as :

1.  Aiding Digestion

 The older we get. the more we need foods that aids digestion and how does yoghurt do this, by the presence of lacto bacillus which also support gut health function:

2.  To Reduce Constipation

Some Constipation may be respond until you bring in more probiotics rich foods like yoghurt.

3.  To Reduce Risk of Diabetes:

  Diabetics and pre-diabetics and other health concious persons who are finding it difficult to digest milk can include yoghurt in moderation to improve health, get proteins and several other nutrients.

4.  To Improve Skin

The skin is often affected by not getting enough nutrients such as proteins, and overtime it begins to wrinkle and show signs of aging.  Older adults can include youghurt in their diet moderately to reduce signs of aging and improve skin. 

5.  To Reduce Frequency of Bacteria Infections: 

One smart way to boost gut health and prevent it from being invaded by bacterias is the inclusion of yoghurt in the diet. 

6.  To Boost Bone Density: 

An aspect of our health we must give attention to especially as we age is incorporating foods that boosts bone density as our bones houses the heart, brain, legs and every other part of our body.  Include foods like yoghurt to help prevent incidences of osteoporosis especially in women. 

7.  Get More Protein

 Yoghurt is a source of protein which is easily accessible to our body because it is complete in amino acids meaning that the body can easily utilise the protein in yoghurt to repair and build new cells.

8.  To improve Sleep:

 I found out that most sleep problems are often due to low calcium in our diet arising from avoiding too many foods.  I observed also that each time I consume yoghurt, I sleep better and deeper.  Women and men in their menopausal years should try including yogurt in their diet to improve sleep quality and quantity.

9.  To Support and Manage High Blood Pressure:

Due to its rich nutrients, diabetics and those managing high blood pressure will benefit by including yogurt in their diet.  Experience have shown that those managing high blood pressure usually experience improved blood pressure when they started including yoghurt in their diet, all thanks for its protein, calcium and other important nutrients.

10.  For Improved Energy:

Youghurt being complete in amino acids delivers full and quality energy moreso it has not salt or transfats.

Choosing Yoghurt:  

Always ensure your yoghurt contains probiotics and that sour taste. Greek yogurt is said to be a good one however, any yogurt without artificial flavours and added sugars is okay too.  Making your home made Youghurt is easy, In 2020, we had an in-house seminar on our Wassap platform on making your own homemade made yoghurt.


Consume yoghurt in moderation, Not really an everyday food for me but if you are experiencing frequent diarrhea, then it's time to include yoghurt, if you are experiencing chronic constipation, you need yoghurt, if difficulty falling asleep, other conditions when you need yoghurt includes. Wrinkled skin, trying to lower high bad cholesterol,low energy, anxiety attacks, poor absorption of nutrients, heart problems, stomach ulcers or symptoms, poor kidney and liver function, managing diabetes, reversing inflammations such as toothache and several other health conditions.   Remember that moderation is our rule.


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