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Wednesday 29 November 2023

8 Top Caffeine Free Herbal Teas to help you loose weight



Excess body weight is gradually becoming a global problem,  the men are  affected too.  Before now it was common to see  mostly women with excess body weight but today because of our lifestyle and food choices, you will see women, both old and young, youth and even children that are overweight and so it is important to include some fat burning foods daily especially teas since they mostly have  zero-calorie, such  teas  can help us loose weight in a healthy way.  starving ourselves or avoiding food is not really the best way to loose weight, the best way in my view is to eat healthy balanced diet,  reduce your carbohydrates,  engage in exercise and include low calorie teas that can help to boost your metabolism and they  also will help you to maintain a healthy body weight as they will also control your cholesterol levels. Most of us are familiar with black tea, green tea and some common teas that have caffeine like coffee,  these are all good even when you are trying to lose weight but all the adults who are conscious of their health and for those who are already managing health problems it is important to control the amount of caffeine in their ,diet because it has its  own side effect and it also contributes to anxiety attack that may not be good for those with ailing health already, especially the older adults.

Here are 8 common teas that you can easily consume to help you lose weight without adding caffeine to your blood.

1.  Fennel Tea

 Fennel seeds is a healthy  naturally caffeine-free seed that you can brew tea out of it.  It helps you to lose weight without side effect like adding caffeine into your body, it is also a source of iron,  calcium and some other important nutrients.  it can easily be brewed  using the dried seeds  or the ground dried seeds powder.   It is best to keep the seeds so that it will last longer for you if you are using the seed just take a handful like half teaspoon of the seeds and brew it in freshly boiled water, sieve and drink.  Take it  once or just be sipping it during the day like up to three times you can take  it in the morning because it helps to activate digestive juice it is also good at night I've tried it both times because if you had  and the tea before bed, it will help to digest your food so you will have no  digestive issues which may interfere with your sleep.

2. Oregano

 Oregano is a powerful  herbal tea with anti bacterial properties, antifungal and antimicrobial properties that  helps you to burn fat in a very healthy way.   it reduces viral and bacterial load and keeps you warm.  If you are warm inside,  it is rare for bacteria infections to overcome your immune system and most importantly also  oregano tea helps to reduce acne it helps reduce acne and even cholesterol. I  particularly like the Oregano tea  because of its antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties.  if you are someone that is always having bacterial infections, suffering typhoid and all the stuff it's good to include this tea in your diet as  it also helps to burn fat in a healthy way while  strengthening and boosting your  immunity. It is also a source of vitamin K which is very good especially for those suffering stkmach ulcer.  Most dried yeas  are quite sharp.  Oregano tea is also sharp  and hot but the presence of vitamin K helps it to reduce things like internal bleeding or prevent bleeding from stomach ulcers which are common with such teas.  The caution on caffeinated teas is becausd they can be too hot to even hurt the intestine.   I like to take the tea before going to bed because of its natural detox properties.  it also seems to have some muscle  relaxant at properties  and it has a calming effect generally on the body.


Thyme  is often used in cooking by many people, and others to season their food their solstice but many are not even aware of its other health benefits being a source of iron in your helping to burn fat aiding digestion several other benefits and additionally you can even make tea out of the dried leaves as most times Time comes in dried leaves and the dryness does not affect the security light the most dried foods time is very common you can still see time around can you still make tea out of it because only if you want Amy to lose weight and that is actually the best way to take it so that it won't come along with oils and other things I'm a correct bring in cal to your diet if you want to lose weight with time you can just make or bring your tea out of it as it is naturally caffeine-free to and it's also in Cannington

4. Rosemary 

Rosemary is another strong tea that is great for weight loss, so those who are aiming to loose weight can also make tea using this herb. It is a common Spice used in  sauces, it is also used in cookings like soups and stews but when you are trying to lose weight with this herb, it is best to make tea out of it so that you get the best result for your weight loss because when you try to mix or add it to other foods, it will add calorie,  though you can still use it in cooking and still achieve some result and other health benefits.   but still make tea out of it because it is the tea that will  help you burn fat without adding calories to you, It is great for those who are also having frequent infections as it  helps to ward off colds and boost your immunity generally. 

5. Cumin seeds

Cumin is another  great seed that works to lose weight while keeping you beautiful and youthful.   It is easy to make tea out of it, you can use the seed which usually look like the fennel seeds or you can  grind the dried seeds to powder,  and then make tea out of it and take it.  It  is particularly helpful if you are experiencing Insomnia you can also make this thing before bed to help you sleep as most times the unhealthy fats are actually burnt while we are sleeping. Cumin is also a source of iron and other minerals that boost immunity.  It is a calming tea, which  helps you to burn unhealthy fats without adding caffeine to your blood.

6.  Tumeric 

Tumeric is another great tea that helps to burn fat very fast. specially when combined with ginger and  combining ginger has been known to help its  full absorption I prefer to use the fresh tumeric, Although the dried tumerix powder is also potent but in the absence of the fresh  one you can use the dried ground powder to make your tea.  Remember that it is also a powerful anti inflammatory that particularly supports liver health and reduce inflammations generally in the body, it a great tea after a workout or hectic activity like shopping that may trigger inflammation.   Quickly make tea with fresh tumeric and ginger and you will be surprised at the result, definitely no need for analgesic. If you can have access to the fresh one  it is better  to use it .  If you want best results jujust crush one large root or 2 medium sized fresh tumeric root .  It  is almost available throughout the year and then put in a cup  your crush your  fresh ginger as well sometimes I like to add the pinch of cinnamon to  add to the fat burning effect because cinnamon powder also have fat burning properties and helps  to speed up metabolism and has other benefits so sometimes I like to add a pinch of cinnamon and then you cantake it with a little honey if you like honey but for diabetics is can go like that especially after an oily meal or at other times works better when good fats like coconut oil or olive oil is added or taken after or before the tea.  Sometimes I do add a little milk but only occasionally as it tastes quite nice and helps prevent injury to stomach ulcers.  because it's also a digestive aid it will help to digest your food fast and cleanse your body it works like a detox as well

7. Ginger 

We know Ginger with Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and particularly for those women who are have stopped childbearing they can benefit by including this anti-inflammatory spice to avoid ovarian cysts and other inflammations and even for younger women they can take ginger eithef the fresh or dried to help reduce painful menstruation. make tea out of it and then use it frequently especially to burn  belly fat.  It  is great for overall inflammation reduction and then particularly targets belly fat which makes it a good tea for those who want to prevent or avoid onset of ovarian cyst which is common among menopausal women too.

8.  Soghurm tea 

Soghurm tea is made from Soghurm Bicolour and  may not be known to many people but it's a great one without caffeine you can take it is it helps enrich your blood  cleanse your blood and then because of its  zero calorie content helps you to lose weight as well most of these teas are naturally caffeine-free.  Most times people try to lose weight but they depend only on coffee, coffee is a great one also but because of its  caffeine, those who are managing some elements already should be careful with coffee because the caffeine has its own side effects  because of the caffeine such as anxiety attacks, poor sleep especially when consumed frequently.


If you are really working to lose weight,   you need to also engage in moderate exercise especially outdoor activities, reduce overall carbohydrate consumption, and then ensure you are always properly hydrated, Most times you feel as if you need food  may be it is  actually water that your body is asking for. Including these teas will also help to speed up your metabolic rate and then give you a healthy weight which will also boost your immunity because  excess body weight is an immune suppressor and it also triggers inflammations.

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