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Wednesday 8 November 2023

Your Kidney Present these Symptoms when in Danger

 Our Kidneys and liver are working daily to eliminate wastes and harmful materials from our body.  It seems that while the liver focuses more on fat metabolism, production of bile and several other functions, the kidney tends to focus on fluid.  It is therefore important be alert and understand when the kidney sends us signals indicating that it is in danger.  Do not neglect such signals, early detection and attention will prevent complications.  Here are commons signals or symptoms experienced when the kidney needs help:

1.  Infrequent urination 

2.  Little amount of urine whenever

3.  Problems when urinating

4.  Urine that foams much all the time 

5.  Swollen  ankles, joint, legs especially around or close to the feet

6.  Frequent itching 

7.  Bad or metallic taste in your mouth

8.   Problems sleeping 

9.   Frequent loss of appetite

10.  Frequent muscle cramps

11.  Usually tired

12.  Puffed up eyes

13.  Pains at the lower back towards the waist.

Here are common foods to include in your diet if you suspect kidney disease:






Omega 3 food sources like fatty fish

Lots of water and other fluids containing fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, watermelon 🍉, apples or apple cider vinegar 


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