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Thursday 7 December 2023

Diabetics can enjoy Rice This 6 Ways



Seasonal shoppings and plannings are  already high in the air and a lot of people are worried due to their health conditions like diabetics that they may not be able to enjoy rice like other people,  they may be forced to  eat some other foods  they may not really  desire to eat during the season but you don't have to worry especially with  rice which is one of the top foods that is often consumed during celebrations some prepare it as jollof rice some prepaid it as white rice and there are various other ways that people prepare it and with various other things such as salads items, but you do not have to worry anymore as you can enjoy your rice in  one or more of these five ways without the expected spike in sugar.

The 6 best ways to enjoy rice this Season, if you are Health Concious:

Whether you cook your  your rice as Jollof or as white rice ensure to Spice it up with ginger, tumeric, sea salt, fermented condiment like iru,  cinnamon, when prepared this way and consumed with meat. You do not have to worry about spike in sugar if you consume in moderation. 

2.  Add lots of green vegetables

 Whichever way you want to prepare your rice ensure there is lots of green vegetables and some cabbage, let the cabbage be less than the green vegetables all these are aimed at increasing the bulk of the fiber in the meal  and reducing  the overall quantity of rice during the consumption and do not forget that meat  chicken , or Turkey beef or even boiled eggs should be part of that mean to help  you to enjoy your rice without a spike in your blood sugar.

3.  Do not consume it hot

Another smart thing to do is to avoid consuming it hot, allow it  to cool for some hours before consuming it as consuming it this way has  been shown to reduce the usual spike in your sugar after consumption.

4.  Avoid Consuming late, just before bed

Do not consume late before bed, the last point is avoid consuming it late that is late before going to bed you can take it and enjoy it anytime before 6:00 p.m. and do a few walking around the home before going to bed. I do take mine between 5pm and 6 whenever and it won't affect my sugar the next morning.

5.  Use Healthy fats:  

Using healthy fat to prepare your rice is another way of preventing the usual spike in blood sugar  expected of a high glycemic grain like rice.  I like to use organic peanut oil in  most of my cookings because of its smoke poin.   Red palm oil is another good oil with good  fat but where in the absence of it most other oils may taste better like sunflower oil but in the long run most of them  do not have high smoke point like peanut oil.  Remember to avoid processed peanut oil, it bad and contains transfats.  Go for the local peanut oil pressed from kuli kuli.   Organic pean's out that is superior to most of the oils in this way, that is why it can be used for frying or for doing a lot of other cookings including soups.  so when you cook your rice with the healthy fat whether as white, use it  for your stew or to prepare your Jollof  rice, it tastes great too. In addition to tasting great, its rich in vitamin E for your heart health and wont spike your sugar.  

6.  Include Animal Protein

Avoid the temptation to consume rice without meat,  chicken,  fatty fish, or  boiled eggs because it will result in a spikein your sugar,  also avoid the temptation to have to consume rice and beans together with the hope that beans will provide the protein that you  needed they are not good combined  together because beans is high in carbohydrates and rice is also a source of carbohydrates, so include either chicken Turkey, or cow meat to give you better result in terms of your blood sugar.


Rice is a healthy grain that we all love especially during festive periods, so go ahead and  enjoy with it's health benefits, it's a great food for brain health too, helps reduce depression tastes nice too.   A lot of people always love it during the festive period.  So if you have been missing it all the while,  try consuming it in one or more of these ways  and don't consume too much, though it is difficult when you are still much hungry to stop but most times I eat till I am truly satisfied and as long as I followed the rules above, it does not affect me but in the absence of it, it will cause a spike in my sugar.  Consuming it with fish like sardines and other fatty fish works too but I tried using other fishes and the result was elevated blood sugar in the morning.  So ensure to be guided so as to enjoy your season with all the delicacies. 

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