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Thursday 19 October 2023

Have You Tested waist Pain? Here is Simple Drink that Helps


Have you experienced waist pain before? there are various causes of waist pain and it is easier to say that other paints are more distressing until you experience one which is a very distressing situation when it comes and  it's not easy to find a remedy, as the pain is at the waist where your hand have no full control.   

So many things may be I suspected as a cause of waist pain and of course waist pain  is an inflammation but sometimes, the cause is may not be easily traced.   Depending on the location of the pain, kidney disease may be suspected ,,it could be as a result of other infections too,  much fat  in the body could also cause it.   lifting heavy objects,  stress,  certain inflammatory foods,  too much protein in the diet,  too much iron that is not absorbed,  and several other  and sometimes even the type of bed or chairs we use at home could also trigger waist pain which I've experienced before if you have experienced a severe waist pain the first thing I suggest you do is to begin to search for the real cost of that waist pain because it is not okay to point fingers on any disease without diagnosis,  here are most common causes of waist pain and  a simple remedy that worked in this case, before the remedy, here are Most common cause of waist pain:

 1.   Overweight: 

 Too much body weight can place much stress on the waist bones cause wear and tear leading to waist pain.  In this case, first move is to try loose weight.  

2.  Frequent common  posture:  if you are engaged in a daily activity. Could be business or whatever involving or requiring a particular daily posture, it could trigger waist pain, the solution here is to change or adjust 

3.  Too much Protein in the diet

   whether it be plant based or animal protein, they place strain on the kidney and other organs and most times the excess waste produced during protein digestion triggers waist pain.  The solution is to reduce protein in the diet. Especially soyabeans, legumes and other sources.

 4.  Much Peanuts and other Nuts

 Peanuts is high in omega 6, iron, protein and comes with weight, if consumed regularly in large amount, weight gain and waist pain kicks off.  If you suspect this to be the case, then stop or reduce nuts generally.

5.  Warning Sign of Kidney disease

Some waist pains may also the onset or may be a warning sign of kidney problem depending on the location of the pain. but it is always best to start to give it attention not to neglect it before it spreads or turns out with other complications.  If home remedies fails. Proper diagnosis may be required.

6. Your Sleeping Bed or Chairs

A type of bed you are using to sleep especially older adults could start  waist pain and in that case it is important to change the foam and entire bed where necessary older adults  better use orthopedic foams  which are harder for better blood circulation.  Improved blood circulation could prevent waist pain or reverse existing one.   

7.  Too much acids in the body:  

This can also trigger or  cause a waist pain so when we experience waist pain, the first and best thing to do  is  to begin to look around maybe it's what we are eating too much or too processed foods which comes with much acids.  If this is the case, we must stop the acids by staying off processed  foods.  

8  Too much carbohydrates:  

This covers too much sugars in the diet too.  If we are consuming too much carbohydrates, then we need to reduce it due to the waist pain

9.  Malaria Symptoms or Typhoid:

These  that can also trigger a waist pain which  could  be due to inflammations, in that case, treating malaria may resolve it using  herbal or  pharmacetical drug. 

10.  Caffeine:

Caffeine in the diet can reduce calcium in the body and then onset of waist pain could start and in that case it is okay to take off or reduce caffeine in the diet such as coffee, teas, and other sources  especially older adults so that our bones also be preserved and try to include calcium and  magnesium-rich foods in the diet.

11.  Cow milk

Milk may look like a growing food for growing children more than when older adults also engage in too much milk it also leads to build-up of acids and inflammations and could also trigger a waist pain so in that case if you suspect waist pain, It  is important to begin to seek other calcium sources like chia seeds and other plant-based calcium sources chia seeds , fennel seeds, sea salt and other bone supporting foods. 

12.  Low level of Omega 3 fats 

  This often overlooked but not including omega-3 foods in our diet could trigger waist pain.  Sardines, walnut, and other fatty fishes are good sources.  but must be taken in moderation too because moderation is our rule.

 13.  Lack of Calcium or other Minerals

This is very common amongst women, we must engage in moderate exercise in addition to including calcium rich foods in our diet.

One Remedy that worked for me:

 A tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water before bed.  As the last drink.  It Brough me relief before day broke and moved my bowel easily reducing the waist pain generally.


There are several other remedies that can help relieve a waist pain including massaging but  the above remedy actually relieved my waist pain.   Waist pain that may have been caused by maybe acids or whatever but it actually brought a relief and that drink is apple Cider  Vinegar with the mother. just one tablespoon of apple cider in warm water before bed was what I did which was not a common or regular thing but in this case I thought to try it because apple cider  has a positive effect on malaria it has a positive effect on digestion and I thought that poor digestion can also fuel the waist pain or any other disease so I thought that taking this apple cider may also help to aid and speed up digestion in case it has a link with digestion which is normally the case because life is in the gut.  Most diseases also have a link in the got so I tried it one tablespoon of the Apple Cider in warm water before bed while the pain was distressing and paining and actually brought a lot of relief and good bowel movement in the morning and there was a lot of relief but there is something about apple cider I do not think it is okay to continue the apple cider for a long time because it's not a bone supporting drink it does not contain reasonable amount of calcium or rather it may even reduce bone density in a way because of how it operates like a blood thinner, If you try it.  let us know by commenting if you tried it and it worked but not for long term I think it may work for a short-term while we try to include other long-term Solutions like including magnesium-rich foods including calcium rich foods which are long-term and if there are other causes like too much protein will need to also withdraw them from the diet so as to I have a permanent relief of the waist pain. 

In all cases if the waist pain persists after we have tried home remedies it's always good to go for a check-up because kidney disease also may start as a back or waist pain.  Early detection, gives us upper hand against any disease.


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