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Sunday 22 October 2023

12 Health Benefits of Neem leaves tea



Neem leaves is one of the top teas  that helps to support health and boost immunity generally a lot of people are not friendly with bitter foods but bitter foods are actually good for us especially for our liver health and general body immunity.  Neem Tea  popularly known as dogoyaro has been used for many years in  managing a lot of ailments including fever although many people are not using the remedy for various reasons, may be because it is a herbal remedy or does not actually eliminate or manage severe cases of malaria.  In  chronic cases of malaria you will not have to depend completely on Neem leaves tea  but for healthy individuals it can effectively prevent diseases at the earliest age and boost immunity in order to avoid disease and that is the purpose of this article I have actually used the Neem leaf tea  at some points  and found out that it  is one of the immune boosting teas we should consume occasionally especially as it is naturally caffeine free.

  Here are some of the top health benefits of Neem leaves especially when taken as tea.

1.  Aids Digestion:  

Most bitter foods support the production of digestive juice by the our stomach and Neem leaves is one of such teas.   The tea aids digestion and that is exactly why occasionally taking Neem leaf tea will reduce cases of constipation, bloating and other gut related issues.  If you suspect that your digestive system is  slowing  down, you can also prepare the tea to support your digestion.

2.  Oral Health:  

The tea also helps to destroy bacteria that cause oral problems, gum disease and bad breath,  if  you are suspecting or having oral problems,  you can easily prepare  it as tea and take,   without adding any milk you don't need to add milk anytime you're taking it to help to destroy germs that cause oral  problems.

3.  Reduces Diabetes Symptoms

 It is great for lowering blood sugar,, being a bitter food and we know that all bitter foods are good for blood sugar and therefore they are good for diabetes and pre-diabetic can take it before meal or even after meal in order  to help regulate blood sugar and reduce or prevent diabetes.

4.  Purifies Blood :  

It is also a great tea when you suspect that the blood is too thick or too toxic you can take the tea to help clear the blood of toxins it also helps to improve colon health by the bowel  movement.  I  have also personally observed it if you are experiencing Chronic constipation you can take it and it can help to reduce constipation  and clear the body of some toxic substance and materials from the body.

5.  Intestinal worms:

It   is also good for reducing and killing off up some intestinal worms and parasites because it has antibacterial properties, antimicrobial properties and even antifungal  properties so if you suspect that there are bacterias, parasites and or  overgrowth of yeast and fungus drinking this tea can help to reduce their number and discourage their multiplying in   number and then kill off some of the yeast  as it does not even provide food for them due to its bitterness because they all thrive and feed on sugar.

6.  Support Liver Health

 Our liver is the main organ responsible for metabolising fat and a lot of other activities including production of bile and several other  jobs  it  does a lot and so sometimes when there is too much unhealthy fats or else in the diet and other factors including stress it is necessary to include bitter teas like meem tea as it will help to destroy some bacteria in the liver and also reduce inflammation generally and then help to burn off  some of the fats or support the  liver to burn off some of the fats.

7.  Supports Eyes Health:

 Neem Leaves has a lot of antioxidants that can help to support the eyes as a matter of fact,  consuming the tea will improve our eyes  health reduce much pressure on the eyes as it also helps to reduce insomnia most times resulting from stress which usually  affect the eyes  if you take the tea during the times of insomnia you will notice an improvement in your sleep. 

8.  Strengthens Teeth and Gums:

Neem tea also supports  oral health, as it  is also able to strengthen teeth and gums preventing gum disease and such other inflammations orally.

9.  Reduce Gastro Intestinal Problems:

Being  a bitter food makes it a great support for those who are having gastrointestinal problem, low stomach acid and bacterial infections it helps in reducing a host of problems relating to the gut health and therefore help to support gut health in a lot of ways

10.  Boosts Immunity 

This is one of the top teas to embrace if you are suspecting low immunity.  Feelings  like coldness or fever symptomsare sings of low immunity,  blood thickness, weaknes,  pains.   Some of the hidden pains and inflammations at that early stage could be dealt with by consuming this tea, to ward off a lot of these symptoms and strengthen your immunity.   It  is best to take this as a preventive measure to strengthen immunity rather than as a cure.  When the  disease or sickness is already on ground or has brought you down, tye tea alone  may not be able to tackle it.  Best  to resolve it but when you suspect symptoms early symptoms is good to start taking the tea  to Ward it off it is very effective at this stage.

11.  Malaria and Fever:

 Early stage of malaria, or fever will benefit by taking the neem tea and consuming other immune boosters to ward if off.  It works well at this stage.

12.  Wounds, Ulcers

Managing things like acne, wounds,  athletics foot and similar conditions,  if you are experiencing any of these, consuming neem teamay speed up your healing or help bring some relief as I have also personally witnessed it,  if you are experiencing itching or skin problems acne or other   skin problems, that has to do with the skin,  Neem tea  is very very good in helping to address them, assist also in reducing  sugar in the body  generally as  most of these diseases feed on sugar.

How to Take Neem Tea

 Get the fresh leaves and boil about 20 leaves in a pot till it shows light green colour
  take in a glass cup after sieving.

You can also get the dried ground leaves in  powder form, I usually find it more convenient to get this as it  is easy to stock it and have it at home so anytime you want to take it you just put a pinch of it in a cup or half teaspoon in a cup, add freshly boiled water brew it and then it's ready for drinking or you can also just get the one that are in tea bags and use one tea bag in a cup of boiled water.  No milk or sugar required or any sweetener. 


It is also important to state that there are some side effects even though it's a natural drink.   Those who are pregnant women also should be careful especially during the first trimester they should also not take ir or seek their doctors advice.  Do not take for too long a few days is okay and if symptoms persists after 3 days, better to see a doctor or seek other solutions.  

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