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Wednesday 19 July 2017

Ten Health Benefits of Peanuts

Peanuts is one  of my healthiest snacks as at today.  When we talk of peanuts we are simply talking of our common groundnuts.  With increasing difficulty in getting netting protein for the entire family, including groundnuts in most of your family menu will help ensure you and your family are getting sufficient protein daily.  Besides, they are delicious, and could be prepared in various ways:

1.  Boiling
2.  Frying
3.  Roasting
4.  Peanut butter or even as
5.  Kuli Kuli ( local peanut snack from northern Nigeria

Whichever  way you prefer to consume peanut,  It is a protein rich nut that is  always handy. 

Ten Health Benefit s of peanuts.

1.  A source of protein
2.  A source of vitamin E
3.  Source of Healthy fats
4.  Good for the heart
5.  Fights free radicals
6.  Healthy brain
7.  Protects your skin
8.  A source of iron
9.  A source of selenium
10. Rich in Fibre

.1.  A Source of Protein:  Despite the efforts in trying to create awareness on the importance of including sufficient protein in our family's daily menu,  so many are still not knowledgeable in this area.  Protein is the building block.  The body uses protein to repair dead cell, and provide what new cells requires to come up.  Without protein wounds cannot heal.   This is especially important in growing children, peanuts also contain zinc. A trace mineral required for growth.  Without protein, blood sugar will go unchecked leading to diabetes and other health issues,  your liver needs protein protection, without protein, the liver can easily be damaged.  Without protein, free radicals and yeasts grow out of proportion.   Peanut is a cheap source of protein and nature knew we need it,  most likely the reason,  it is available all year round and affordable too.

2.  It is a source of Vitamin E.  This is a very important antioxidant rarely found in most foods but abundant in peanut.  It helps protect the mucus membrane and also fight free radicals.  It is important for healing of wounds, for brain health, reproductive health and many more, the more reason , you should include peanuts in your regular family menu.

3.  Source of Healthy Fats:
Peanuts is a source of healthy poly saturated, mono unsaturated fats necessary for maintaining healthy lipids and total cholesterol.

4.  Good for your Heart:  The heart is a very important organ and we must eat to keep it healthy.   Peanuts contain nutrients such as vitamin E for healthy heart and arteries.

5.  Fights Free Radicals:
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant for fighting free radicals and healing the damage caused by them. If free radicals are not checked, they can cause serious health problems.

6.  Healthy Brain:
Peanut is among the best foods for a strong and healthy brain.   Try some peanuts before bedtime and see how well your sleep will flow.  Just make sure you do not overdo it.  If you take in excess, the result will be negative.

7. Protects your Skin:  Everybody desires a healthy smooth and shiny skin.  If you are experiencing dry scaly skin, then its time to start consuming peanuts.

8.  A source of Iron.  Iron deficiency  is common among women and growing children especially teenage girls.  Every woman should work to ensure that her family gets sufficient iron.  You can use peanut butter to thicken some soups, so in so doing, you increase the iron in  your regular menus  like soups.

9.  A source of selenium.  This is particularly needed by women for strengthening the muscles and reducing injuries around the joints.  Though only a small amount is needed, its absence can affect the health in a lot of ways.

10. Rich in Fibre:  The fibre is peanuts are usually removed after frying and stocking in bottles to make them attractive.  However, if peanuts are boiled, the nutrients at the back i.e the fibre is retained and this  is the source of resversterol, a cancer fight part of peanut.  It also helps bowel movement.  Fibre in peanuts also help in regulating blood  sugar.

Peanuts are usually tasty,  we are advised to be cautious.  It may create acidity in the body and raise blood pressure if taken in excess.  It is best taken with alkaline foods like eggplant and cucumbers. 


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